Scouting the NFL Draft: Under the Radar Slot Types

The pair I am about to review might not even be mentioned in the Jets War Room. After all they already have Jeremy Kerley.

And as SmackDaddy so nicely summarized, the Jets might not be into the smurf, slot types.

But you never know....

And since the Patriots love the Wes Welkers, Danny Amendolas, and Julian Edelmans of the world, it might be worth filing away the two below, for scouting if nothing else.

Again as a side note my responsibilities on State of the U give me more looks at ACC receivers so I apologize in advance for any perceived bias or omissions of similar players outside of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Alex Amidon, Boston College. 5-11 186 40 time: 4.53

Projects as a 7th rounder or UFA

Amidon is quicker then he looks and catches nearly everything tossed his way. As a junior set school records for single season receptions (78) and yards (1,215) but production dropped off as a senior (67-895) as BC shifted their attack to a more ground oriented offense that landed Andre Williams as a Heisman finalist.

Strengths: Very good at running after the catch and extremely tough. Outstanding hands, and a very good route runner. Ideal skill set for a slot receiver.

Weaknesses: Not a great blocker. Smaller target so won't catch poorly thrown balls. Limited athletically and does not project as a deep threat on the next level.

Summary: In a draft so deep with elite WR's I do not think Amidon gets drafted. But in a situation where a team needs a slot guy, could easily steal a roster spot or stick on someone's practice squad. Reminds me a lot of Edelman because of his shiftiness and ability to run after catch.

Michael Campanaro, Wake Forest 5-11 195 40 time:4.54

Projects as a 5th or 6th rounder

Hauled in 67 catches for 803 yards despite playing in just 8 games his senior campaign. Finished as incredibly productive career with 229 career catches.

Strengths: Precise route runner who knows how to get open. Stronger then he looks with a nice stiff arm. Despite smaller stature showed good ability to play on the outside and work the sidelines as well as play the slot. Very smart player who knows how to get open. Decent shiftiness. Solid PR abilities.

Weaknesses: Not a burner by any means. Can he get the same separation on the next level, particularly when he plays on the outside? How healthy is the collarbone he broke his senior year?

Summary: Campanaro will be exactly what you think he is (Denny Green voice). He's not ever going to produce big plays on the next level but will get you 6 on 3rd and 5. Reminds me a lot of Welker, but not nearly as good.

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