Dream On (Until Your Dream Come True)

Tis' the season for mock drafts, and it seems like pretty much everyone who breathes air puts one out. Also, just like everyone who breathes air, I can't get enough of reading mock drafts despite the fact that I actually can't stand them. On GGN we've obviously seen our fair share of posters posting mock drafts listing who they think the Jets are gonna take. The problem is that basically everybody forgets that there are plenty of other teams out there who probably like these players as well, and may end up drafting those players before they even get to the Jets. So all it ends up really being is just people giving lists of which players they wish will be available when the Jets selection comes up. All it really becomes are "wish lists" rather than "mock drafts".

Thing is, wish lists are pretty great. I love reading passionate and knowledgeable (Jets) fans list which players they think will be great for us, and their rationale why. Frankly, this is a much better exercise than just reading the same old drivel from "experts" stating who they think will be good for the Jets. I think though that we can have a good streamlined process to see who GGNers actually like. Without further ado, here are good possibilities for Jets Draft Wish Lists. Keep in mind that (at least as of now) the Jets hold picks in the first 3 rounds of #18, 49, 69 and 80.

Wish List #1 (Conventional)

Which players that you really like do you think will reasonably be available when the Jets pick. Sure, these players will very likely be gone by the time the Jets pick, but this is a "wish list. You hope against hope that these guys last till our pick and the reality is (at least based on what the "experts" think) that these players will be picked somewhere around that spot. This wish list is "conventional". It is a wish list that most people would think to be fairly realistic.

For the record, my conventional wish list would be Jace Amaro at 18, Allen Robinson at 49, Troy Niklas at 60 and Terrance West / Lache Seastrunk at 80 with the Jets fully reloading their offense and having an absolutely dynamic TE situation. Who's on your conventional wish list?

Wish List #2 (Fallers)

These are the players who realistically the Jets probably have no chance of picking because they'll probably get picked well well ahead of the Jets. Still, we see players that fall every single year, and theoretically this guy may possibly fall to the Jets. Boy do you hope that one of these guys falls to the Jets. It doesn't even necessarily matter whether this guy is at a position of need or not, if the Jets got these players you'd be dancing down Times Square stark naked out of of pure happiness and joy.

My guys, at least in the 1st round, are Khalil Mack and Anthony Barr. I know that these guys will probably go much earlier, and in reality the Jets need offensive weapons more, but man I would love for those guys to suit up in Green and White.

Wish List #3 (Unconventional)

In reality, these guys are probably not the guys you want the Jets to draft. While plenty of people are BPA guys, most want BPA at a relative position of need. As we saw last year though with the Sheldon Richardson pick, the Jets don't necessarily give a flying darn about what conventional wisdom says and maybe go and draft a freak monster boss hogg of a DL even when the DL is stacked. The question becomes, what players do you absolutely love that if the Jets were to go the unconventional route, you'd want THAT guy. I don't care whether this player would fall into the "conventional" or "faller" labels. Which player, who probably would not be viewed as a "conventional" pick for the Jets do you flat out have a crush on? My guy is DT Aaron Donald from Pitt. Who's yours?

Will your dream come true?

Aerosmith - Dream On (via AerosmithVEVO)

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