mock offseason


Mark Sanchez - Go eat hotdogs on someone else's bench

Antonio Cromartie - Hope you saved up for child support

Santonio Holmes - Have I ever hated a jet more than you? I think only Tebow

Mike Goodson - Really? Hollow-point cop-killers? I'll keep him if he is exonerated from the gun charges. He has a lot to prove, and I like that, and I like his home run ability. Might be a candidate for restructure.


Austin Howard - Giant RT that can keep Demario Williams off the QB, and is an above average run blocker? Not only do I lock him up, but I seriously consider grooming as our next LT for Brick's inevitable deteriorating play.

Folk Hero - Give the guy a couple years. He is a true Jet and he made some big game winners this year. He isn't going to command a ton of cash.

Jeff Cumberland - Didn't wow me in his contract year, but if he can be had for a cheap one year deal, I would do it, with the hope that we can draft someone to unseat him, but knowing he can get it done if the pick isn't ready.

Calvin Pace - Great year for Calvin. I'd bring him back for sure. Like Cumby, I am drafting his replacement, but I think he has a few years left in the tank. I think he will come back to us, despite getting higher offers elsewhere.

Leger Douzable - I really like 78 and I would love him back, but he might want to head out of town, knowing he is behind Mo Wilk and Sheldon Rich. Although, rex does do a fair amount of DL rotation, at his age, he may be looking for more snaps, before it is too late!

Ellis Lankster or Isaiah Trufant - Continuity on Special teams and secondary depth. We need talent at CB quickly, but we should keep one of these guys to be the 5th or 6th corner and cover kicks and punts for the vet min.


Aquib Talib - The one position where I spend big is Corner. We need a top notch guy to pair with Miliner, to give rex the flexibility to be creative. It doesn't have to be Talib - I would take any number of this incredibly strong free agent class. Grimes, Ridgers-cro, Shields, David, Munnerlyn, Verner. I like grimes the most, but I think he will command too much money! In either case, I'd love to steal one of these two from a division rival.

TJ Ward - Everyone is focusing on Byrd, but I love Antonio Allen and want to see him play more. I think that we need a guy to play SS much more, and everyone raves about ward.

James Jones - I think Jones wants to catch more balls, and behind Nelson and Cobb, he will not get as much action. I think he will see the jets as the best opportunity to have the most playing time (how could he not with our WR corps). Side note - I think we will see a lot of WRs get released in the coming months, so it is very possible we end up getting a guy that is under contract currently.

Jon Asomoah - I would let willie colon walk, and try to get younger and healthier. Sign Asomoah and hope he gets unseeded by Aboushi or Cambell. I think this guy is going to be angry that he got passed over in KC and he will have a serious fire under his fanny this offseason. I'd prefer someone bigger, and I am also hoping we see someone bigger and better get released, but as it stands right now Jon is my guy.


Round 1 - Jace Amaro. This guy can do it all. He could be our Gronk, and he is a devastating blocker. Love watching him toss DBs to the ground every other running play!

Round 2 - Jordan Mathews - I would love to someone a little better here, but I think that he will be the best WR available at this point. Maybe Kelvin Benjamin will get arrested for something minor, and he will fall to rd 2!

Round 3 - Trent Murphy - Will he go in the 2nd? I like him as our new edge rusher, but I will also take a Van Noy or Kareem Martin

Round 3 - Loucheiz Purifoy - grooming him to replace K wilson.

Round 4 - Jeremy Hill - I think Goodson is history, and I like Hill for our offense.

Rounds 5 - 7 with so many picks I go BPA down the line, and build the depth of this team

Draft Note: I could easily swap the top two picks for a WR in RD 1 and a TE in RD 2 - especially if Marquis Lee, Kelvin Benjamin or Mike Evans are available!

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