Jeremy Maclin: Potential Jets


Jeremy Maclin is one of the top wide receivers set to hit free agency. He also played under Marty Mornhinweg in Philadelphia for five years. Since the Jets are in desperate need at the wide receiver position, he might be a fit.

Maclin missed the entire 2013 season after tearing his ACL in training camp. In his first four seasons, he was pretty consistent. He had between 56 and 70 catches every year and 773 and 964 yards every year. This kind of production tells the story of somebody who is a quality starter but not the kind of guy a team can run a passing game through.

Maclin seems to profile as a possession receiver. You might think of possession receivers as typically big and slow. Even though their games aren't entirely the same, Maclin is more of the Santonio Holmes school of speedy guy who can challenge you vertically but is at his best working the short stuff, running good routes, reading coverages, and making plays with the ball in his hands. He isn't very physical. One of the big knocks on him from Eagles fans is the idea he is soft. He also earned the nickname "Self Tackling Jeremy Maclin" for his propensity to go down before he is tackled.

Even though he is coming off a major injury, he seems like a pretty decent bet to be ready for Week 1. Since his injury happened so early in training camp, Opening Day will be at the 13 month point.

At this point it is unclear whether Maclin will actually hit the market. There have been rumors for weeks that the Eagles and Maclin are going to work out a new deal before free agency starts. At this point they are only rumors. If he does become a free agent, he seems like an ideal target for the Jets. Coming off an injury, he might be amenable to a LaRon Landry type one year deal to rebuild his value. If not, he would be a good value on a contract around $5 million per year. I think the Jets should make a play if he becomes available.

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