My first post and happy to join....2014 NY Jets Mock Draft

Okay so I see a lot of people saying we should go WR first and TE 2nd and double up on WR in the 3rd. Personally when looking at this year's draft prospects, I do not think it would be wise to get a WR in the 1st. Because of the depth in WR and the lack thereof in TE, I think it is a must that we go TE 1st WR 2nd. amaro, ebron, and seferian-jenkins are the only TE's worth taking in the first 2-3 rounds in my opinion.

**Disclaimer: The WR for USC is Marqise Lee, there is no "u" lol.**

1st round:

jace Amaro or eric ebron

2nd round:

best available WR. whether it is allen robinson, jordan matthews, brandin cooks, devante adams, or kelvin benjamin, it really doesn't matter. whoever is atop our scouts' draft boards

3rd round: (TB) + our own

this is where the draft gets interesting. the jets have needs at FS, OG, OLB, and 3rd down RB. i think the best bet here would be best available OG and OLB. i like gabe jackson out of miss st for OG and jeremiah attaochu/dee ford/jackson jeffcoat for OLB.

4th round:

this is the round where i say we got FS. i like tre boston as well as ty zimmerman or craig loston.

5th round:

this is where we grab that fast 3rd down back our offense desperately needs on screens and other passing plays. i think getting a RB who can also help out on ST for KR and PR would be a huge bonus as well. this is why i like dri archer or de-anthony thomas. i know many of you don't think thomas will be there but I think he will be due to lack of durability and ability to run between the tackles. (similar to another former RB from oregon kenjon barner who fell to the 6th where carolina got him)

6th round + 7th round + comp picks:

i firmly believe we will get an additional 5th, 2 6th's, and a 7th based on previous comp picks handed out. maybe laron landry lands us a 4th but i doubt it. so for these other 6 picks i see us going 3-4 DE, QB, couple of WR's, offensive lineman, and maybe another safety as well. this is where we can truly build depth, whereas previous years under tannenbaum we only had 4 or 5 picks.

So let me know what you like, what you don't like, and let's discuss. obviously this mock does not take into account the signings, re-signings, and/or cuts that we may or may not have. anyway happy to join this site and other passionate NY Jets fans.

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