New York Jets Tweets of the Week: Volume 20

Mike Ehrmann

Jets-Dolphins Game Analysis

Jerome Boger is today's referee. It's his 13th Jets game as ref since '06, incl '09 PO game @ SD, '10 SNF win @ MIA, this yr's OT win vs NE.

— Randy Lange (@rlangejets) December 29, 2013

Surprise: Geno Smith (local) not a game capt. Rex sticks with vets -- Mangold, Ferguson, Harris, Landry, Reed, Pace.

— Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) December 29, 2013

In previous Mia game, Geno threw INT late in 2nd Q that got him benched. This time, he leads a terrific TD drive.

— Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) December 29, 2013

Still find it amazing that Geno ran for that TD after running into his own guy six yards behind the line of scrimmage.

— Erik Frenz (@ErikFrenz) December 29, 2013

Rex Ryan's defense has had a 4th down stop, INT and forced a punt in the second half so far. #nyj

— Manish Mehta (@MMehtaNYDN) December 29, 2013

Some #Dolphins fans are leaving Sun Life Stadium early.

— James Walker (@JamesWalkerNFL) December 29, 2013

Nick Folk is the leading cause of death amongst human watermelons and people who wonder if your mom is a prostitute.

— Patrick Daugherty (@RotoPat) December 29, 2013

Thousands of #Dolphins fans exit Sun Life Stadium before the end of the game.

— James Walker (@JamesWalkerNFL) December 29, 2013

Ed Reed just moved into 6th place by himself with 64 career INTs, getting out of a 3-way tie with D. Sharper and R. Lott. Thanks Charlie.

— Eric Allen (@eallenjets) December 29, 2013

The Dolphins' radio broadcast sounds like a suicide hotline right now.

— Bart Hubbuch (@HubbuchNYP) December 29, 2013

Rex can't help himself. Running his best defender out of the backfield at this point with DBs diving at his knees. Beyond stupid.

— PatriotsXLVIII (@PatriotsXLVIII) December 29, 2013

Also, if Geno Smith doesn't throw 3 picks in 4th quarter of #jets Wk 2 L to NE, we'd be talking about them clinching a playoff berth today. — Sigmund Bloom (@SigmundBloom) December 29, 2013

Jets finished 8-8 overall and 3-3 in the AFC East- same record as Miami. Fins had huge free agent splurge. Jets had Geno Smith — Jason La Canfora (@JasonLaCanfora) December 29, 2013

Nothing beats the feeling of driving out of another teams stadium being sent off by a host of middle fingers...means u got the job done 😬ha — Damon Harrison (@BigDame900) December 29, 2013

Rex credited Ed Reed's arrival for Dee Milliner's improved play. (Both had INTs today.) — Kimberley A. Martin (@KMart_LI) December 29, 2013

The Jets just won consecutive games for the first time since Weeks 13 and 14 of the 2012 season. #TeamOnTheRise

— Erik Frenz (@ErikFrenz) December 30, 2013

No sacks for the Jets or Dolphins yesterday. #nyj

— Seth Walder (@SethWalderNYDN) December 30, 2013

Jets-Dolphins Post Game PFF Numbers

First green grade of the season for Brian Winters at +2.4 with just one hurry allowed in 34 pass blocking snaps. #Jets

— Gonzalo Estradé (@PFF_Gonzalo) December 30, 2013

Geno Smith in the last two games: total grade of +7.3; +3.9 in passing, +3.0 in rushing. #Jets

— Gonzalo Estradé (@PFF_Gonzalo) December 30, 2013

Green grades for the top three wide receivers: David Nelson (+1.6), Jeremy Kerley (+1.1) and Santonio Holmes (+1.1). #Jets

— Gonzalo Estradé (@PFF_Gonzalo) December 30, 2013

Damon Harrison with a solid game: led the team with 4 defensive stops and graded at +2.3 vs. the run. #Jets

— Gonzalo Estradé (@PFF_Gonzalo) December 30, 2013

Milliner got his best coverage grade of the season at +3.8. Also performed well vs. the run and earned a total grade of +5.2. #Jets

— Gonzalo Estradé (@PFF_Gonzalo) December 30, 2013

Season Recap

#Jets have 2 players with 10+ sacks (MoWilk, Pace) for the first time since 1981 (Klecko, Gastineau). 32 years.

— PatriotsXLVIII (@PatriotsXLVIII) December 29, 2013

Sheldon Richardson's 2 rushing TD are most in season by a defensive lineman since William "The Refrigerator" Perry had 2 for the 1985 Bears — ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) December 29, 2013

8-8 is not pretty. But the New York Jets finished the season playing 4 straight competitive football games. 3-1 in December. — FBXII (@FlightBoyXII) December 29, 2013

Geno and Milliner...two of this year's biggest targets for criticism...finish the season on a high note. Optimism is refreshing. #NYJ — Chris Lopresti (@CLoprestiWFAN) December 29, 2013

#Jets were 6-0 when Geno Smith ran for a TD, and his 366 yards rushing are 2nd in franchise history by QB. (Al Dorrow 453 in 1960)

— Dennis Waszak Jr. (@DWAZ73) December 29, 2013

Jets leading rusher: Chris Ivory 182 rushes, 833 yards. 3 TD. Leading receiver: Jeremy Kerley 43 catches, 523 yards, 3 TDs. #nyj

— Brian Costello (@BrianCoz) December 29, 2013

Jets finish 19th in points allowed, 29th in points scored. Lots of work to do: Need upgrades at QB/WR/TE/G/RT/OLB/ILB/CB/S.

— Chase Stuart (@fbgchase) December 30, 2013

But had they gone 3-3, and started the year 4-10 instead of 6-8, my guess is Rex would be fired. Keeping him b/c of 6-8 start is maddening.

— Chase Stuart (@fbgchase) December 30, 2013

Oh and I guess the Jets too, but whatever. They take over for the 2011 Broncos as the worst 8-8 team in NFL history.

— Scott Kacsmar (@FO_ScottKacsmar) December 30, 2013

Things I didn't think of in August: Bilal Powell would have more pass completions than Mark Sanchez. #Jets

— Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) December 30, 2013

Per @PFF all 59 tackles that played over 600 snaps either gave up 3 sacks or committed 3 penalties ... apart from @AustinHoward68.

— Jake Steinberg (@Steiny31) December 31, 2013

The Jets were outscored by 102 points in road games this year, worst in the league.

— Chase Stuart (@fbgchase) December 31, 2013

Per @PFF, @BigDame900 finished as the number one DT/NT in the NFL against the run, 2nd in stops and 2nd in run stop percentage. #KeepDunbar

— Jake Steinberg (@Steiny31) December 31, 2013

#NFL 2013: Best turnover diff: #Seahawks (+20), #Chiefs (+18), #Colts (+13), #Eagles & #49ers (+12), #Panthers (+11), #Buccaneers (+10)

— Russell S. Baxter (@BaxFootballGuru) December 31, 2013

Why did Rex Ryan earn his job back? 8-8 record with team that had expected win-loss of 5.4-10.6.

— Erik Frenz (@ErikFrenz) December 31, 2013

Final 2013 AFC East rankings, sack % (NFL rank): #Bills—9.2 (2); #Patriots—7.5 (6); #Dolphins—6.8 (11); #Jets—6.5 (14).

— Erik Frenz (@ErikFrenz) December 31, 2013

We paid Sanchez, Quinn and Garrard a combined $9.8 million this year for 0 snaps played. Oh Sanchez you expensive bugger!

— David Wyatt (@D_wyatt13) January 3, 2014

Wilson gave up 24 receptions, 2nd only to William Gay (23). He's pretty good at what he does.

— Scott Salmon (@ScottSalmon48) January 4, 2014

Keeping Rex

Sheldon Richardson just told me Rex Ryan means everything to him. He'd cut off his two arms for him. Int on #SNY #nyj #jets

— Jeane Coakley (@JeaneCoakley) December 29, 2013

It's such a disheartening sign to see Woody Johnson making this announcement about the head coach. Where is John Idzik?

— Chase Stuart (@fbgchase) December 29, 2013

Rex knew before the game, Woody said. Players just found out Rex would be back a minute ago.

— Seth Walder (@SethWalderNYDN) December 29, 2013

Rex deserves to be back, unreal job considering how this team played. How far they've come since Geno-Sanchez deal in preseason

— Jay Glazer (@JayGlazer) December 29, 2013

Klecko making a great point. Best thing to happen to Rex was Tanny being replaced. The safety net was gone. Idzik is the boss. #Jets

— Drew (@DrewfromJersey) December 29, 2013

Not saying Rex didn't do a good job this yr. Pay attention outside the firey talk and fist pumping. 0 Division Champ. 0 Conf Champ. 5 yrs.

— Chris Carlin (@ChrisCarlinSNY) December 29, 2013

Good move Woody-Rex has matured as a HC over the last year and if he continues to mature he will be the HC of the Jets for a long time.

— Joe Bommarito (@AskTheScout) December 29, 2013

If a new coach was brought in, Sanchez would be out. But with Rex? After throwing him behind a preseason OL, does Ryan owe Sanchez a shot?

— Jane McManus (@janesports) December 29, 2013

Rex is right. He & Idzik did a great job of bringing in veteran players that really embraced being #Jets, despite having little $$ to spend.

— Deb (@LilMissNYJet) December 29, 2013

Rex was vague about whether he has complete control over his coaching staff. Coaches are still in the dark about their futures. Odd #nyj — Manish Mehta (@MMehtaNYDN) December 29, 2013

Rex is making Woody Johnson lick his boots right now. Dolphins put $8-$10m extra into Rex's pocket today.

— PatriotsXLVIII (@PatriotsXLVIII) December 30, 2013

Ryan on contract extension: Won't comment. On asst coaches: Meetings ongoing. @espnnewyork.

— Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) December 30, 2013

Given Woody Johnson's historic distaste for eating coaching contracts, it's in his best interest to give Rex a one-year extension. Not more.

— Erik Frenz (@ErikFrenz) December 30, 2013

It was actually NINE coaching changes before 2009 season. (Forgot Mangini to Browns). And 2 interims made full-time. Rex only one left.

— Dennis Waszak Jr. (@DWAZ73) December 31, 2013

Looking ahead

Westhoff: "I coached there all those years, but I'm still a fan...this is the most excited I've been in the past three, four years." #nyj

— Kristian Dyer (@KristianRDyer) December 29, 2013

Douzable is an unrestricted free agent, would like to return to the Jets next year.

— Kristian Dyer (@KristianRDyer) December 30, 2013

Goodson told me that based off his talks with Idzik, Rex that he expects to be back next year with the Jets.

— Kristian Dyer (@KristianRDyer) December 30, 2013

Geno Smith: As long as I'm in this league, I expect to compete for my job. #jets #newsdaysports

— Kimberley A. Martin (@KMart_LI) December 30, 2013

Ed Reed says he will have MRI on surgically repaired hip. Calls it "maintenance," not a new injury. #Jets

— Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) December 30, 2013

Remember when the media criticized the Jets for not naming a starter in the preseason?

Other Jets Related Tweets

Former Jets RB Jonathan Grimes has 16 carries for 50 yards & 1 TD + 4 catches for 35 yards today. Coulda been great in West Coast Offense.

— Kristian Dyer (@KristianRDyer) December 29, 2013

Hey, remember when everyone thought we were insane for giving the Jets a mean projection of 7.5 wins? They end 8-8.

— Aaron Schatz (@FO_ASchatz) December 29, 2013

You could argue Milliner is the best rookie CB like Rex said, Richardson should be DROY and Winters didn't have bad plays.

— Gonzalo Estradé (@PFF_Gonzalo) December 29, 2013

The two players who had the strongest finishes for the #Jets this season? Dee Milliner and Geno Smith. Whodathunk?

— Erik Frenz (@ErikFrenz) December 30, 2013

Mark Sanchez, Antonio Cromartie, Chris Ivory were not in the locker room today. Holmes walked quickly out, Reed gave long interview. #NFL

— Jane McManus (@janesports) December 30, 2013

Jets fans are like a year late with all this M Wilkerson love. He was great last year, but this year arguably 3rd best DL on the #Jets.

— Sam Monson (@PFF_Sam) December 30, 2013

Mike Westhoff on 98.7FM: "We gave away the middle of the draft for Stephen Hill. ...I walked out of the building." (!!!)

— Kimberley A. Martin (@KMart_LI) December 30, 2013

Perception in Jets bldg 2 wks ago: brass contacted O'Brien, Lovie Smith camps. Not saying they did or didn't. But that was what staff heard. — Jenny Vrentas (@JennyVrentas) December 31, 2013

Today in 1965, the #NYJ signed @RealJoeNamath to a 3 yr, $427,000 rookie contract, a record at the time (h/t reddit).

— Scott Salmon (@ScottSalmon48) January 2, 2014

There were questions about how Lovie Smith would use Darrelle Revis. I’m told he has big plans for Revis. Absolutely has a future in TB

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) January 4, 2014

Random Tweets

There's a reason teams with turnover every two years at the head coach position aren't competing for Super Bowls.

— Benjamin Allbright (@AllbrightNFL) December 29, 2013

The competition committee debated what Reid, KC is doing today. They agreed - you work for the right to rest your guys the final week. — Mike Pereira (@MikePereira) December 29, 2013

Sometimes NFL offensive coordinators need to be kept on a short leash by HC. Guys call plays to get a shot at a head coaching gig. — Bucky Brooks (@BuckyBrooks) December 29, 2013

It's bad for the NFL when a team treats a real game like it's the preseason. Reward winning and that won't be a problem. — Scott Kacsmar (@FO_ScottKacsmar) December 29, 2013

Games with 4+ TD passes aren't supposed to be this easy. Manning has 9 this season. He had 24 coming into 2013.

— Scott Kacsmar (@FO_ScottKacsmar) December 29, 2013

Santana Moss was asked to sum up the #Redskins' 3-13 season: "It's been some shit man."

— Grant Paulsen (@granthpaulsen) December 29, 2013

There have been just 5 #NFL head coaches who have been fired after one season in the past 10 years, according to Elias Sports Bureau. — Nate Ulrich (@NateUlrichABJ) December 29, 2013

Might be best final regular-season Sunday NFL has had. Usually this day is an anti-climatic. Today anything but. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) December 30, 2013

Brees 5000 yards for the 4th time in his career, that's just absurd

— RGTree (@BeauxJaxson) December 30, 2013

Worst records in week 17 since 2000: Dallas Cowboys 2-11, Jacksonville Jaguars 3-11.

— darren rovell (@darrenrovell) December 30, 2013

Wow. Only six DPI calls across the entire league today. I don't remember a week with that few.

— Aaron Schatz (@FO_ASchatz) December 30, 2013

Think it's all about QB now? Drew Brees has lost to these QBs in playoffs: Chad Pennington, Rex Grossman, old Matt Hasselbeck, Alex Smith.— Scott Kacsmar (@FO_ScottKacsmar) December 30, 2013

Black Monday isn't about the big names you hear about. It's about the low-level coaches/execs that are attrition that don't have contracts.

— NFL Philosophy (@NFLosophy) December 30, 2013

Most Head Coaches Since 2000 Raiders 8 Redskins 7 Dolphins 7 Lions 7 Browns 7 Bills 7 >>Includes interim

— Louis Riddick (@LRiddickESPN) December 30, 2013

(in)famous marty schottenheimer quote: "ownership has its privileges."— Jim Trotter (@SI_JimTrotter) December 30, 2013

You have to have tough skin if you want to work in the NFL.

— NFL Philosophy (@NFLosophy) December 30, 2013

Since John Harbaugh's first season with #Ravens in 2008, there have been 38 coaches fired in the NFL.

— Jamison Hensley (@jamisonhensley) December 30, 2013

Show me an owner who's ok with Losing Money but winning 12 games a year and I'll show you a guy that isn't an owner...

Trevor Pryce (@Trevor_Pryce) December 30, 2013

When you're picking games in August/September, you never expect things like Aaron Rodgers broken collarbone. Obviously a big impact in 2013.

— Scott Kacsmar (@FO_ScottKacsmar) December 30, 2013

Tim Tebow hired by ESPN for SEC Network show. It’s Black Monday everyone!

— Will Brinson (@WillBrinson) December 30, 2013

Most defensive-minded coaches subscribe to same philosophy (strong D+powerful run game+ conservative game management approach=wins)

— Bucky Brooks (@BuckyBrooks) December 30, 2013

Is there a bigger lie in any commercial than "Just know the NCAA is always there for student athletes"

— Thomas Melton (@TMeltonScouting) December 30, 2013

Gets old hearing argument for offensive coaches over defensive coaches and/or the opposite when talking HC Candidates. Focus on identifying

— Louis Riddick (@LRiddickESPN) December 30, 2013

One NFL source on Kirk Cousins, his last performance was in a rain storm w/ teammates who had quit. It won't kill his value

— John Middlekauff (@JohnMiddlekauff) December 31, 2013

Worst W-L rec. #NFL since 2010: #Browns (18-46), #Jaguars (19-45), #Bills (22-42), #Rams (23-40-1) #Vikings (24-39-1)

— Russell S. Baxter (@BaxFootballGuru) December 31, 2013

Atlanta has the North team in the Senior Bowl, #Jaguars get the SEC, er, South team. — Ryan O'Halloran (@ryanohalloran) January 2, 2014

Players bust primarily due to character mis-evaluations, and bad program fits. Scouting with context has to be priority #1 IMO.

— Louis Riddick (@LRiddickESPN) January 2, 2014

Nick Saban pretty much said, "We win so much that sometimes we forget that winning is actually considered a hard thing to do."

— Thomas Gholson (@GatorHater3) January 3, 2014

As a reminder, 2nd-team All Pro selections are close to meaningless, especially until you see the vote counts. Manning unanimous 1st team.

— Chase Stuart (@fbgchase) January 3, 2014

With Weddle/Chancellor/Byrd/Ward/McCourty/Rolle all being named 2nd-team All-Pro safeties, you can bet they each got 1 vote.

— Chase Stuart (@fbgchase) January 3, 2014

There was no 2nd team All Pro QB. Indicates Manning got all 50 votes. Might do same w MVP.

— gregg rosenthal (@greggrosenthal) January 3, 2014

Keep in mind re suites: The Super Bowl teams haven't even been determined yet. That could dramatically effect market. #NFL

— Jane McManus (@janesports) January 3, 2014

Though 3 of 4 wild-card games this weekend faced blackouts, all sold out. Last blacked-out playoff game was Ravens at Dolphins in 2002.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) January 3, 2014

#UCF QB Blake Bortles received mostly first-round grades from the draft advisory board, per source.

— Jeremy Fowler (@JFowlerCBS) January 4, 2014

Meeting between new coach and old assistant lasts 1-2 minutes. Coach says he has someone else in mind, assistant says good luck.

— Andrew Brandt (@adbrandt) January 4, 2014

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