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The 2013 football season is coming to a close, and soon we will all be suffering from football deprivation. Its most of a month until the combine, and then another 3 before the draft. So what is a football fan to do? Make mock drafts of course!

However, I believe that making a mock draft by your self is boring. It takes away the mystery and the tough choices when you already know ahead of time who you want the Jets to take. So, I’d like the Gang Green Nation community to come together and make choices for the teams from around the league. As the one setting this up, I’d like to be drafting for the Houston Texans to get it started quickly, but if one of you really wants it I can give it up, just be sure to show up quickly!

When you pick, I would like you to give a small explanation for why you picked the way you did. A little write-up about what makes your player the best choice for your team. This may involve a little research and some communication with the fans of the team you’re picking for. The other SBN sites are good sources for this, but nothing is better than doing a little personal scouting.

Trades are allowed; just try not to give away your entire draft to move up 2 spots or something equally ridiculous. We may go as far as the third round if we maintain interest. You will be open to sign-up for a 2nd team if there are still any available by the start.

Keep in mind that the Washington Redskins and the Indianapolis Colts do not have a first round pick this year! The Rams and the Browns own each respective team’s pick.

Sign-up for which team you want to draft for here:

1. Houston Texans (TommyGG, for now)

2. St. Louis Rams

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

4. Cleveland Browns

5. Oakland Raiders

6. Atlanta Falcons

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

8. Minnesota Vikings

9. Buffalo Bills

10. Detroit Lions

11. Tennessee Titans

12. New York Giants

13. St. Louis Rams

14. Chicago Bears

15. Pittsburgh Steelers

16. Baltimore Ravens

17. Dallas Cowboys

18. New York Jets

19. Miami Dolphins

20. Arizona Cardinals

21. Green Bay Packers

22. Philadelphia Eagles

23. Kansas City Chiefs

24. Cincinnati Bengals

25. San Diego Chargers

26. Cleveland Browns

27. New Orleans Saints

28. Carolina Panthers

29. New England Patriots

30. San Francisco 49’ers

31 & 32: The draft will start after the Superbowl so we’ll see who ends up where for the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks.

The draft starts Saturday February 5th, if there are enough signed up. It will be a separate thread.

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