Jets First Round Version 2.0

It has been a month since my last update. I figure I'll do this once a month because I got some decent replies and discussion. The first round is slightly based of Mock Drafts. Usually, the top 10 guys picked are pretty accurate, so I can take them off the list. After that, I move down to about 5 before and 5 after to get the players who may be around. Certain players fall and others are "reached" for in every draft making all of these guys somewhat possible. Rankings shown are now of CBS and Scouts Inc. in that order.

First Round:

Mike Evans WR (13th overall, 13th overall): Tall, physical receiver with good hands. The dude can get up and grab the ball too. 65 receptions, 20.3 yards/catch, 12 TD. Creates very good physical separation which is key for coming up to the NFL. Fights hard through tackles but lacks break away speed after shedding one. Acceleration is not good. Which is typical for receivers his size. But, his top speed (once his legs get to full stride) is deceptive and will burn. He relies on being so much bigger to catch the ball right now. That won't work against #1 corners he may draw or the physical safeties some teams have. Clearly a great Red-Zone target.

Drafting: I've seen him go to the Bills at 9 and Ravens at 16. He barely makes the list of being within 5 spots. I don't think it's likely he will fall to 18.

Eric Ebron TE (14th overall, 22nd overall): Most of you know all too much about this guy. 62 catches, 15.7 average, 3 TDs. Big guy coming in at 6' 4", 245 lbs. Very agile for a TE. Even for NFL caliber linebackers that will be forced to match up with him. Uses his hands to catch and with a large radius. He plays with high confidence and awareness. Right now, has limited work lining up. He played mostly in the slot. He doesn't use his size enough because right now LBs can't keep up with him. He'll need to learn some "box-out" type moves. Blocking needs developing for sure. Has some focus related drops. Mostly because he's looking up-field too early. A lot of what you read is how he hasn't scratched his potential yet. Which is exciting.

Drafting: Well, everyone and their sister has him going to the Jets. It looks like he'll be around during their time to go. Is he the best player at that time? Probably not. But he might be the best fit.

Kony Ealy DE (17th overall, 26th overall): A really solid 4-3 DE it would seem. Quick explosion, with a good spin move. Seems to be a bit of a speed rusher. Can use this speed to catch ball carriers from behind. Stands up a bit too high so is susceptible to the cut block. Doesn't disengage very well. Needs coaching in the hand-to-hand battle.

Drafting: Everything points to him being there when the Jets draft. Doesn't truly seem to fit the system though. Plus with Mo and Richardson, I don't see him playing.

Louis Nix DT (19th overall, 17th overall): Top DT prospect in the draft. Has the weight of a NT, but is a little short. Moves extremely well for being near 350 lbs (on paper). Initial moves are very strong. Bull rushing or using swim type moves. Keeps his eyes on his target and works to make an impact on every play. Needs better secondary moves. After stopped, he rarely fights through and beats his man. Knee injury hinders him a bit. If that pans out, I think 17th quickly gets moved to a better number.

Drafting: I really like Nix. I think he is a good prospect if healthy that would be a steal at 18. Harrison has the spot locked down though. I don't see them shaking up the DLine chemistry even if he is a top 10 prospect in the end. But, I do see the value of him at the 18th pick. If injury lags in any way, big pass.

HaSean Clinton-Dix FS (20th overall, 16th overall): He's the best Safety in the draft which I think we definitely need. He got in trouble for taking a loan from an Alabama assistant. Seems to be a very good pass coverage guy. Closes well, moves fluidly, reads QBs with consistency, and has strong hands (for a safety) to come up with INTs. Does not tackle with power or shed blocks. He does seem to anticipate the run well and gets involved. Once wrapped up, he brings the ball carrier down.

Drafting: I really like this guy. A lot is said about his pass coverage and QB reading ability. With such a stout run defense up front, I think he fits in well with being such a pass defense oriented guy. Our coaching staff I think suits him well (Thurman was a DB coach so he basically has 2 of those now). I would like to see us keep Reed if he is picked. Having a Hall of Fame ball hawk around for your young ball hawk is hugely valuable. Reed would make him compete too because that man wants to play.

Justin Gilbert CB (21st overall, 11th overall): Freak of an athlete at CB. Definitely has the size to play on the outside. Strong bump skills as well as starting off his man. I can't find much on his man to man vs zone abilities. "Has the skill set to start in the NFL". His technique is lacking. Being the biggest and fastest has let him get away with this.

Drafting: I kind of like Gilbert as well. Again we have the coaching staff to help him out. Do we really need another young CB though? I say no. We do need one, but this really needs a FA addressing. Plus, clearly we have a pro-bowl caliber Cromartie on the team. .___________________.

Timmy Jernigan DT (23rd overall, 5th overall): Well that's a huge disparity. Plays the 4-3 DT. Good movement and good hand work. A little slow off the line. Very good once engaged though.

Drafting: Doesn't fit with our scheme. If moved to DE, he's not replacing Mo or Richardson. Pass.

Darqueze Dennar (9th overall, 18th overall): Hard nose corner. Very aggressive which can lead to penalties. Not insanely fast or quick, but plays with good technique, instincts, and recognition. A tiny bit on the small side.

Drafting: Doesn't seem to me to have a high ceiling. On an established passing defense, I think he flourishes. On one like ours that is being built, he suffers. Pass

Zack Martin OT (12th overall, 19th overall): A bit undersized for NFL tackle. Move to guard is likely. Maybe can hold his own at RT. Really good quickness and balance. Does not explode very well. The quickness helps him in getting to the second level as well as in pass protection. Dealing with a bull rush may be tough for him. His foot technique is rather odd but still effective in the pass protection.

Drafting: Hmmmm. I like some things about him. Plus we could really use a lineman to fill that Guard spot. Good technique and speed. Really only his size is what hurts him. I'd be okay with this pick.

Cyrus Kouandijo OG (24th overall, 24th overall): 6-5 and 310. Reportedly with a 16% body fat. That's scary impressive. So it seems, he's a very muscular 310. That gives me nightmares. Light on his feet and flexible. Lateral agility is impressive. He is athletic in pass protection but his run blocking is phenomenal. During pass protection, he tends to drop his head and can get choppy. Those two have improved since being at Bama. Won't pancake anybody but really gets out and is effective on run plays.

Draftings: Again, I think we need a Lineman. After reading up on him, I like him more than Martin. He just seems NFL ready and has the great size. All of his negatives are coach-able to me.

For the first round, the apparent QB craze seems to really help the Jets out. It helps some players slide down to us.

After fulling writing this up, I found myself thinking back to a few players... Evans (duh), Clinton-Dix, Gilbert, Nix, and Kouandijo. Now, I like Gilbert and Nix, but I don't think they fit right now. That leaves Evans, Clinton-Dix, and Kouandijo. I'm not sold on Ebron, and he's been talked about enough. So gonna ignore him.

Evans is a big target for our Redzone woes. Problem is, it's unlikely he'll be around.

Clinton-Dix just makes sense to me. I'd prefer an offensive player, but he really would help round out our defense to being tops in passing too. I mean, if he and Dee work out, you now have that young beastly line, and the DB foundation to build with. LB will be the last piece at that point but I think Harris and Coples are solid.

Kouandijo is my safe pick. Not sexy but I think he will be a strong NFL guard. Sure we need to get Geno tools. But, giving him time and 2nd and shorts after solid running is a pretty big tool. I think our O-Line is deteriorating. Ferguson didn't stay dominant and Mangold is getting up there in age. I fear that one year (not too far away) we are gonna turn around and not have a line that can do a thing.

All of this depends on how FA is attacked and seeing how aggressive Idzik is. And of course, things change right up until your team is on the clock. Who knows? Maybe we trade up for Watkins. Maybe the Jets favorite player in the draft is a bit lower than what people have him projected. Cough, cough, Richadson, Cough. I like this part of football almost as much as the game itself.

Round 2 (which i find more fun) will be on its way soon. HAPPY SUPERBOWL (Broncos 34, Seahawks 20)

Thoughts? Concerns? Insults? Anecdotes? Horror Stories?

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