Double .50 BMG

Aaron Lynch vs UConn (2013) (via Aaron Aloysius)

6-6, 245

2013: 11.5 TFL, 5 sacks

The numbers are not to be trusted in this case. Lynch's statistical paucity belies the storming ocean of talent that exists within. I think this guy's gonna be a player at the next level. He's long and athletic. He has a good burst. He's very active and intense. Plays with good leverage and has violent hands. He has a nice array of moves, but there's a rawness about him that makes me think he's gonna be a beautiful gem when polished. He gets a lot of attention on a pretty consistent basis. Lost of doubles and some doubles with a back there to chip just in case. But nothing seems to keep this guy from effecting the pocket. He seems to never let the QB get a nice, comfortable rhythm throw. He's always forcing him off his spot. I actually prefer a guy that's consistently disruptive, than the stat compiler that summons the will to get home once a game and then disappears for the rest of the contest. And he seems versatile. Looks natural with his hand(s) on the ground or standing up. Looks comfortable dropping into space. I think he would be a schematic fit and a disruptive force in a Rex Ryan defense.

Trent Murphy vs USC (2013) (via DCheeseB)

6-6, 260

2013: 62 tackles, 23.5 TFL, 15 sacks

Impressive numbers. Impressive athlete. Now don't get the wrong idea, Murphy's not winning any track meets any time soon. But within his 10-yard radius, dude's explosive. He reminds me of Aldon Smith. When Aldon was at Mizzou, he had this freaky knack for lining up at DT, giving a OG a jab step, and then blowing by him the other way without even being touched. It blew my mind how a big man could line up nose-to-nose with a guy inside of a phone booth, then just give him a quick move and go by him untouched. I saw Murphy do the same thing in two different games to OTs and TEs. I can't tell which impresses me more. Yeah, Murphy had more space to work with but he's also facing better athletes. He's got a ton of length, which gives him good leverage. He sets a good edge in the run game. He's got elite quickness in confined space. His hands are extremely active. I saw a beautiful swim move in the USC tape, above. The guy looks impossible to block. He's scheme versatile. Looks fine with his hands down or standing up. Doesn't look uncomfortable dropping into a zone. Playing in space is not his forte, and he's not going to trackdown plays from behind. But he dominates his 10-yard radius.

I did a combo profile with these guys because I think that if we were somehow able to acquire them both, we'd have an extremely formidable front. I envision a 34 front with Wilkerson on the nose; Murphy as a strongside OLB next to Richardson at DE; Lynch at weakside OLB next to Coples at DE. I want Richardson next to Murphy because he brings more athleticism and range to track down runs that go away from them. I want Lynch next to Coples because he brings intensity and constant activity. I think this front is freaky athletic. Coples and Richardson would arguably be the most athletic 34 DEs in the league and I think they would be extremely disruptive. And I don't think there's any center in the league that could handle Mo one-on-one. The OLBs have a lot of talent and play with a relentlessness. I could see those boys gettin after it as a group. It'd be tough to deal with.

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