Other Team's Trash - Jets Treasure? Part II

In Part I, I noted quite a few notable players who may be cut whom the Jets may be perhaps be interested in looking into should they become available. I will now post some other names that may strike the Jets fancy should they hit the open market. Most of the players and background information presented below is courtesy of Jason at

Eddie Royal, WR, Chargers

Cap Savings if Cut: $4.5 million

Royal was fantastic as a rookie in Denver but hasn't really done much since. He had a decent year in 2010 and another decent year this season for the Chargers. In between all this though, he has put together three pretty lousy campaigns. Right now, he's making a heck of a lot more than he really deserves and the Chargers are in a pretty rotten salary cap situation, so he'll probably get cut. I can definitely see the Jets taking a flier on him if he comes pretty cheap. He's probably a better #4 WR option than Hill or Nelson.

Matt Schaub, QB, Texans

Cap Savings if Cut: $4 million

Schaub will almost certainly get cut as the Texans are almost for sure moving in another direction and there is no point in keeping Schaub around, particularly at his salary (remind you of any other teams former starting QB's?). He's an interesting case though because if he gets cut after June 1st, the Texans will save $11 million against the cap, for additional savings of $7 million. They still may cut him prior to June 1st though, just due to the fact that they don;t really have much wiggle room when it comes to cap space. Either way, Schaub, despite his struggles this past season, is still probably more competent than the other scrubs available at he QB position. I wouldn't at all be shocked if the Jets take a sniff around when he eventually ends up being released.

Jermaine Gresham, TE, Bengals

Cap Savings if Cut: $3.6 million

Gresham makes a lot of money for a player who is pretty mediocre. Additionally, he's now 2nd banana at TE in Cincy ever since the Bengals drafted Tyler Eifert in the 1st round. If the Bengals do end up releasing him I think he'd be a pretty good option as a 2nd TE for the Jets.

Vonta Leach, FB, Ravens

Cap Savings if Cut: $1.75 million

The Ravens may cut him since he makes a lot of money for a FB and considering how bad the Ravens run game was this year even with him in the lineup, it may not make sense to keep him. That being said, he's long been considered to be one of the premier blocking fullbacks and Tommy Bohanon wasn't exactly a particularly good blocker for the Jets this season.

Miles Austin, WR, Cowboys

Cap Savings if Cut: $5.5 million (post June 1st)

There's no chance that Austin gets cut before June 1st, since the savings he'll net if released before then are next to negligible. However, he will 1000% be cut after June 1st since the Cowboys are in absolute cap hell and Austin has a brutal contract. I think the Jets should definitely look into Austin has a low risk/high reward type signing once he gets released. He'll probably come cheap due to the injuries he's accrued, but if he can get back to anything resembling his old form he'd definitely be an upgrade over the Jets current WR's. That being said, June 1st is after the draft, so it's very possible that by that point in time the Jets won't need more receivers (one can hope).

Brandon Carr, CB, Cowboys

Cap Savings if Cut: $7.5 million (post June 1st)

Carr is a dabu7 special, as overthecap doesn't list him as a potential cut, but I think there's a very real possibility that Dallas parts ways with him. As mentioned above, the Cowboys are currently situated in Ultimate Cap Hell so anyone who will save them good money if cut has to be very very scared of the chopping block. So while Carr is purportedly a very good player, the fact that he would save the Boys a heck of a lot of money means that he's a prime candidate. Not helping his case either is the fact that the Cowboys had a beyond putrid pass defense this year, thus implying that Carr wasn't exactly earning the big bucks he's being paid. Now, Carr is only a candidate to be cut after June 1st, since doing so beforehand would actually cost Dallas north of $4 million against the cap and obviously they're not going to do that. If Carr is indeed released, he is most certainly a player the Jets should look at.

Darren Sproles, RB, Saints

Cap Savings if Cut: $3.5 million

Pierre Thomas, RB, Saints

Cap Savings if Cut: $2.9 million

The Saints are in a really really awful cap situation and can use all the help they can get. Enter the RB situation, which is not of a huge importance to the Saints (aside from RB's catching passes). The Saints have 4 RB's (Sproles, Thomas, Mark Ingram and Khiry Robinson) and 2 of them make a lot of money for an RB. I think the Saints will for sure release one of them. Sproles is probably a better player than Thomas, but he's more one-dimensional (only receiving), is 1.5 years older, and is making more money (neither of these players is mentioned by overthecap, h/t to Smackdad for alerting me to Sproles). If either of them is released, they may be good options for the Jets as Geno could definitely use receivers who can catch passes out of the backfield.

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