Other Teams Trash - Jets Treasure? Part I

As we all know, the Jets are set to have a vast amount of cash available to spend this offseason. The main reason for this is that the Jets will very likely release Mark Sanchez, Antonio Cromartie and Santonio Holmes thus allowing much greater flexibility against the cap. So while the Jets at the present moment only have a relatively decent amount of money available against the cap, they in reality will have much much more to spend.

This got me thinking. There has to got to be many other teams in similar situations to the Jets with veterans that are likely to get cut. In many cases, these veterans will actually still be effective, unlike our Jets trio. So while we're all sitting here debating which free agents the Jets should pursue, there are actually many other good players lying under the surface who many don't realize will actually be available. As Jets fans know from Alan Faneca a few years ago, players who were cut can turn out to be great for teams that pick them up.

As it happens to be, the excellent site has a handy list of players who have a decent likelihood of being cut. While many of the players are not ones worth pursuing, there are definitely quite a few who the Jets should at least consider, should they be cut.

Vince Wilfork, NT, Pats

Cap Savings if Cut: $8 million

I'd actually be kinda surprised if the Pats don't bring him back by somehow working out a deal with him. Then again, Bill Belichick has never been one for sentimentality and it wouldn't be shocking for the Pats to jettison him like they did with Richard Seymour. Considering the Pats really don't have much cap space to play with this offseason, it really would be a big boon to them to save themselves $8 million against the cap. Meanwhile, Wilfork is 32 and coming off a huge injury, so at this point his salary may be more trouble than it's worth.

I don't really know whether it would make so much sense for the Jets, with their loaded DL and all, but frankly, I am just drooling at the thought of pairing Wilfork with these guys. Would Rex and Co decide to stick it to the Pats and sign Wilfork if he is released?

Antrelle Rolle, S, Giants

Cap Savings if Cut: $7.25 million

There's a pretty good chance that the Giants will release Rolle, considering he has a really large salary and they don't have a lot of cap room (just over $10 million available). The Giants had a pretty rough year this season so they need all the help they can get. Saving more than $7 million would be a huge help for them. Meanwhile, the Jets desperately need safety help and Rolle can be a good fit.

Chris Snee, G, Giants

Cap Savings if Cut: $7.25 million

Snee pretty much the same situation as Rolle, except that he's coming off an injury plagued year and isn't as excellent as he used to be. Due to his age and injuries, the Giants very likely will dump him. Considering that the Jets LG play this year was so dreadful, it might be worth it to sign Snee to a smallish deal and hope that he can be a big improvement, similar to Willie Colon this year.

Davin Joseph, G, Bucs

Cap Savings if Cut: $6 million

Much like Snee, Joseph is no longer the player he once was and was even benched this season. He'll almost for sure be cut, since he wasn't particularly good and has a very high cap number for a guard. Still, even if he doesn't regain his old form he's probably better than Brian Winters, and if he does, he's certainly better. The Jets need help at G, so it wouldn't shock me if they'd be interested in Joseph.

Carlos Rogers, CB, 49ers

Cap Savings if Cut: $5.1 million

The Jets CB performed pretty horribly this year for the most part so they can really use some help. I'm honestly not a huge fan of Rogers, but he's still pretty decent. The Niners don't have much cap space available, so Rogers is a pretty likely cap casualty.

Roddy White, WR, Falcons

Cap Savings if Cut: $5-8 million

Obviously, if White somehow becomes available, I would LOVE to get him. That being said, I have a hard time believing the Falcons would let him go. Overthecap seems to think it's possible since White is coming off an injury plagued year and has an at least $3 million salary escalator coming his way on top of his $6.325 million salary ($1.325 million of which is dead money). Especially considering how bad Atlanta was this year even with White and Julio Jones, and how bad there defense was, they may just decide to save the money and let him walk.

Zach Miller, TE, Seahawks

Cap Savings if Cut: $5 million

He's almost for sure going to get cut as the Seahawks are in an awful cap position and he's making way too much money. The Jets may want to look at him since their TE situation is dire and the TE market in FA (sans Jimmy Graham) is really thin. That being said, the fact that the TE market is so weak will probably mean that Miller will receive a far bigger contract than he deserves, as he's a pretty mediocre player. I think the Jets should look into him, but not for a big salary. He's just not worth it.

Owen Daniels, TE, Texans

Cap Savings if Cut: $4.5 million

The Texans stunk and need a ton of help. Kepping an injured 32 year old on the roster at this price probably isn't a good idea. Daniels is a better TE than Miller, though obviously older and coming off an injury. Since he has that going against him though, I think he could be signed for cheaper than Miller. I think Daniels is someone the Jets should look into if he is cut.

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