Favorite Prospect: Lache Seastrunk

Postion: Running Back

College: Baylor

Height: 5-10

Weight: 210

2013 Stats: 158 ATT 1177 YDS 11 TD 7.4 AVG

2012 Stats: 131 ATT 1012 YDS 7 TD 7.7 AVG

The Jets had the 6th most rushing yards in the NFL this year, and were 10th in YDS/A. However, with the exception of a few long runs by Ivory, most yards were tough, hard fought yards. Ivory is a solid starter who is good for 15-20 yards per game. But I don’t believe that he is an every down back. If Ivory is going to be our 1A back, then we still need a 1B. Most teams in the NFL use a running back by committee approach. I believe that it might be a good idea to take a running back early in the draft. This draft has a number of running backs projected to go in the 2nd or 3rd round. Seastrunk is my favorite of these running backs.

When watching his film, its difficult not to draw LeSean McCoy comparisons. Seastrunk doesn’t have the biggest frame at 5’10", 210 so it has caused people to questions his ability to be an every down back. The major criticism with McCoy in 2009 was that he would try to go off tackle instead of trying to pick up the tough yards up the middle. That is also the biggest criticism I have seen of Seastrunk’s game.

I believe that Seastrunk will have success in any type of offense, but will be a perfect fit for Marty Mornhinweg. He has remarkable balance and cutback ability, which allows him to evade hits and break off big runs. He isn’t going to truck a linebacker or anything. But he is so shifty and has such good balance that it is very difficult to square him up and deliver a hit.

Seastrunk also has elite speed for the position. He was timed at 4.36 during the off-season. Once he gets past the defense, good luck catching him. He also held his own as a blocker, and showed good technique. The one part of his game that is a mystery right now is his pass catching skills. He had zero receptions in 2013, largely because of the type of offense that Baylor ran. However prior reports were that he has good hands and receiving skills. He will need to prove it at the combine, but if he does, I wouldn’t hesitate to take him in the 2nd round.

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