Mock Off-Season Plan


Santonio Holmes

Mark Sanchez

Antonio Cromartie

Mike Goodson


Austin Howard

Willie Colon

Nick Folk


Muhammad Wilkerson

Jeremy Kerley

Holmes, Sanchez, and Cromartie are all overpaid and underproductive. The Jets can save a lot of money by cutting them, so it’s pretty much a no-brainer. Goodson barely made it on the field. I wouldn’t mind keeping him for another season, but I would prefer to draft somebody better.

Colon did a solid job so it makes sense to bring him back again on a minimum contract. Folk had a nice season so I would give him $3 mil over 2 years. Howard should get about $10 mil over 3 years. Wilkerson and Kerley should both receive contract extensions.


Brian Orakpo- OLB

Alterraun Verner- CB

Jacoby Jones- WR/KR

Shaun Hill- QB

I think that a pass rusher should be our primary target in free agency. They tend to be very hit or miss in the draft, and I believe this defense is very close to being elite again. A quality pass rushing OLB like Orakpo would be a huge addition and would essentially complete our front 7. I would give him about $8-9 mil annually. Verner is my favorite CB on the market and he is still on 25. He should get a contract in the range of $7-8 mil annually. Jacoby Jones shouldn’t get more than $2-3 mil per year. He can compete for a starting spot and will be a big upgrade in the return game. Hill is one of the better backup QB's in the league, and won't receive a big contract.



Trade back from 18 into the 25-30 range and pick up an extra 3rd round pick.

Trade our 4th, 5th, and 6th round picks for an extra 3rd round pick

*denotes compensatory picks

1st round: Jordan Matthews

Wide Receiver- Vanderbilt- 6'3 206

I’m not really sold on the idea of taking a TE at 18. I think there will be good options still available later in the draft. Our best option might be trading down and adding an extra high pick. If we go that route, I like Jordan Matthews at the end of the 1st. He is built like a prototypical #1 receiver, and produced a lot despite inconsistent QB play. If he runs well at the combine, I think he is likely to be a late 1st round pick.


2nd round: Lache Seastrunk

Running Back- Baylor- 5'10 210

I like Ivory and I think he is a solid starter. But the NFL has become a multi-RB league, unless you have a top 5 RB. Seastrunk is my favorite RB in the draft. His running style and build is very similar to LeSean McCoy. He isn’t going to run over linebackers, but he is so shifty that it’s very difficult to hit him cleanly, and this allows him to break a lot of tackles. He makes great cuts, has good vision, and is very explosive. He also has breakaway speed at the 2nd level and is a threat to score on any play. He needs to prove that he can catch the ball at the combine, because he wasn’t utilized as a pass-catcher in Baylor’s offense.


3rd round: Calvin Pryor

Safety- Louisville- 6'2 208

Pryor is the type of safety that Rex Ryan loves. He is versatile enough to play either FS or SS. He is a hard hitter who can makes plays against the run, but also has the athleticism to play more of a ballhawk role. Ed Reed is likely done, and if he does come back it will be in a very reduced role.


3rd round: Brandin Cooks

Wide Receiver- Oregon State- 5'10 186

If Cooks was a few inches taller he would be a 1st round pick. His size and speed won’t blow you away, but he does pretty much everything well. His style of play and his build is very similar to Santonio Holmes, and I think he will have similar success in the NFL. The Jets need a lot of help at WR, so grabbing two wide receivers early might be a good strategy.


3rd round: C.J. Fiedorowicz

Tight End- Iowa- 6'7 265

I think Fiedorowicz is a great value pick in the 3rd round. He is so big that he is pretty much always open, similar to Gronk or Graham. He is surprisingly athletic for his size, and will be a huge redzone target for Geno. He was used primarily as a blocker at Wisconsin, so he will also help out our running game.


3rd round: Bradley Roby

Cornerback- Ohio State- 5'11 192

He had somewhat of a disappointing year, but I think he can be very good with proper coaching. He has elite closing speed, good size, and is an aggressive tackler. He needs to work on refining his technique, but I think he has 1st round talent. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him starting in a few years.


*5th round: Spencer Long

Guard- Nebraska- 6'4 315

We took Slauson late in the draft a few years back and he ended up turning into a solid starter. Long is projected to go late in the draft, and has the size to develop nicely as an interior linemen.


*6th round: Colt Lyerla

Tight End- Oregon- 6'5 245

Lyerla is a 1st/2nd round talent with some very concerning off-field issues. Still, I think that with a 6th round picks its well worth the risk. Lyerla is very fast and athletic, and would compliment a bigger TE like Fiedorowicz perfectly. If he ends up in prison and we waste a late pick, so be it


7th round: Tom Hornsey

Punter- Memphis- 6'3 209

Quigley was mediocre. It makes sense to use one of our late picks to find someone who can compete with him. Hornsey is the highest ranked punter in the draft, with a net average of 45.2 yards per punt


7th round: Trey Burton

H-Back- Florida- 6'2 225

Burton doesn’t really have a position. But he is a good athlete and I think he can be a Brad Smith type swiss army knife if used correctly. He isn’t much of a blocker but is very big and physical with decent speed. His biggest contribution in the NFL might be as a wildcat QB, but I think he is worth taking a shot on at the end of the draft.


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