Brandon Coleman, The Odachi

Brandon Coleman vs Arkansas 2012 (via JPDraftJedi)

6-6, 220

2013: 34 for 538 yards (15.8 per), 4 TDs

2012: 43 for 718 (16.7 per), 10 TDs

I know right... Those stats crinkle your nose like light somebody that was drinkin beers all last night let a long, silent one slip out to marinade your nostrils. But bad QB play will do that to a receiver, unfortunately. This dude's tape don't lie, however. He's tall and very athletic, and he makes plays when he's given the chance.

The Odachi is a Japanese sword that is very rarely made due to its length. Apparently its very difficult (and expensive) to heat the steel and control its temperature evenly across the entire blade, both during the shaping and hardening process. Therefore, its rare to find the odachi outside of ceremonial uses. Finding a six-foot-six fluid athlete receiver is also a rare find.

Coleman has the quickness to shake free at the line and beat jams with a single move, and also to catch quick screens and cut up field with some pop. That kind of burst from such a large man is special. He's not just tall, but he knows how to use his body advantageously to wall off defenders. He seems to naturally pluck the ball with his hands, rather than trapping it with his body when he makes catches. Nothing annoys me more than a tall WR jumping up in the air and catching the ball against his stomach. I did see some drop issues, but its hard to say how much QB play has had a hand in that. Sometimes you lose focus when the ball often doesn't arrive where its supposed to when its supposed to. I also noticed that he seems kinda terrible at making the Willie Mays over-the-shoulder catch, which is pretty freakin hard so I can't knock him all that much for it. But this kid oozes talent.

If he has a good combine (I think he will), I wouldn't be surprised if he crept into first round consideration. His tape seems to indicate that he should be. Guys like that don't come around often. He reminds me of a young Plaxico Burress. And he's smart too; a two-time conference all-academic team selection.

BenSchneier22 also had some thoughts on Coleman a while back, which you can check out here.

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