How Upset Would You Be: Draft Edition

Below I will outline a series of hypotheticals that the very least I think many fans would not be too thrilled with. Obviously some moves would be more unpopular than others, and in fact many of the moves would probably be viewed positively by many fans. Nevertheless, I am curious to see how most fans would react to many of these moves.

The Jets Don't Draft Offense Early

1) The Jets draft another DL - The Jets have an excellent, young and fearsome DL already and a ton of holes throughout the rest of the roster. Let's say though that the Jets decide to go down the path that the Giants took a few years ago and continuously draft excellent DL's in early rounds. It worked out for them, didn't it?

2) The Jets draft a CB in the 1st round.....again - The Jets have now drafted 2 CB's in the 1st round over the last few years, and neither Dee Milliner nor Kyle Wilson has worked out nearly as well as hoped (at least to this point in time). It would not be altogether shocking to see the Jets go this route early on; considering that CB play is incredibly important to Rex's defensive scheme and that poor CB play was a significant factor in the Jets defense somewhat underperforming this past season. Nevertheless, would you really want to see the Jets draft another CB early? Again?

(Full Disclosure - at the exact same time I was watching the Jets draft Milliner last year, my laptop was hit with a Blue Screen of Death. I took this as a very bad omen.)

The Jets Draft Offense, But.......

3) The Jets Draft an OL in the 1st Round - In truth, the Jets could probably really use new blood on the OL. The performance by the OL on the whole this year was pretty awful, with Brick and Mangold seeing severe downturns in effectiveness and Brian Winters basically being awful. The only saving graces this past season were Willie Colon and Austin Howard, and both of them will be free agents. So, yeah, it would kinda make sense for the Jets to draft an OL........but seriously, with so few playmakers on the offensive side of the ball, does it really make sense to use an early pick on an OL?

4) The Jets Draft a QB High - Many fans would actually be pretty excited if this happened (of course, depending on which QB it would be that they picked) but it still would be a pretty divisive pick. While many feel that Geno has got to go, there are many that would definitely not want to draft another QB that high (particularly if it wasn't, say, someone of the caliber of Teddy Bridgewater or Blake Bortles). Such a selection would definitely make some folks in the fanbase upset. Would you be one of them?

5) The Jets Draft an RB in the 1st Round - RB's should really never be drafted in the 1st round unless they're deemed to be exceptional, unbelievable talents. Such a talent doesn't appear to exist in this draft. So while the Jets probably do need a lead RB (even if you really like Chris Ivory, as I do, he's not really a lead back), drafting one that high would probably be a pretty foolish mistake.

6) The Jets Draft Kyle Brady Ahead of Warren Sapp - Too soon? Yeah, I don't think that will ever not be "too soon".


7) The Jets Trade Up - The Jets desperately need playmakers. As such, it would make a lot of sense, if they thought there was an amazing talent that they just could not pass up, that they would trade up to nab such a talent. All things considered though, that could be viewed as a major mistake, as the Jets have so many glaring holes on their roster that one player would not bee able to cover them up. Additionally, trading up would require surrendering many other picks and the Jets, due to having so many holes, are not really in a good position to be going around shipping those picks out. So while it may be nice to have a supremely talented player, it may not be worth trading up for one.

8) The Jets Trade Down - This may very well happen. If the Jets do indeed covet a WR, they may decide to trade down. This draft is incredibly deep at the WR position so the Jets may decide to gain extra picks from trading down, all the while still drafting an excellent WR. Many fans hate trading down though, as it's a pretty conservative move. They may be even more upset if that possibly means passing on some talents that many here at GGN seem enamored with (i.e. Jace Amaro, Eric Ebron, Marquise Lee etc.).

9) The Jets Don't Draft Terrelle Pryor in the 2nd Round of the Supplemental Draft, Don't Trade 2 High Picks for Carson Palmer, Don't Draft Kai Forbath in the 5th.......and thus Allow the Buffalo Bills to Become THE GREATEST TEAM EVER - You probably run a dating website and your name is Nikolai C.

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