SWTD Mock Draft Vol.6 (Season Finale, 7 Rounds)

So here we are. The end. We can FINALLY make mock drafts with CERTAINTY (Or the closest thing to it) of what this team needs going forward. This is my End of Season Mock draft after I take into account all that I have seen this year from all positions. Of Course, we are in the midst of bowl season, so this could & will change based on how prospects perform in their Bowl Games, Pro Days, and the Combine.

Based on what I have seen that we need this year, this is my Mock draft that I both see as realistic & logical.

Round 1: Jace Amaro, TE, Texas Tech University.


Height: 6'5" Weight: 260 lbs

2013 Season Stats: 106 Receptions, 1334 Rec Yards, 7 TDs.

Finally, a fix to our Tight End problem. Kellen Winslow is old and Cumberland is a #2 in my opinion. Jace Amaro has been compared to Jason Witten for his outstanding receiving ability. But has been compared athletically & physically to Gronk. I think its a mix. I do see the Witten comparison in play style, but athletically I see Jordan Cameron blended with Rob Gronkowski. Amaro is VERY fast, I would go as far to say him and Eric Ebron are about the same speed. Amaro is also an extremely violent blocker. Jace is taller, has better hands, better blocker, and more productive than Ebron. Actually, just tonight, Amaro broke the NCAA record for receiving yards in a single season by a Tight End (1334 Yards). I really don't think you can go wrong with him or Ebron, but when you look at it, Ebron is better in almost every aspect of the position. I think he's our guy in the 1st.

Pro Comparison: Jordan Cameron/Rob Gronkowski

Round 2: Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Floria State University.


Height: 6'5" Weight: 234 lbs

2013 Season Stats: 50 Receptions, 957 Rec Yards, 14 TDs.

Like Jace Amaro, Kelvin Benjamin is a mismatch NIGHTMARE. Hes gigantic, at 6'5", but has the speed of someone much smaller than him. This leads to a lot of long receptions and a lot of burnt defenses. He excels in making circus catches, but does not have the best hands. He catches the football well, but does drop more passes than some are comfortable with. He is young, and apparently has not been playing football long, so his skills & catching have time to improve. Regardless, I have still seen this guy make a handful of MINDBLOWING catches. He will either put you on your back or leave you in the dust. Pick your poison. Some have him rated as high as the #4 WR (Behind the big 3, Evans/Watkins/Lee).

Pro Comparison: Alshonn Jeffrey

Round 3: Ka'Deem Carey, RB, University of Arizona.


Height: 5'10" Weight: 207 lbs

2013 Season Stats: 322 Carries, 5.3 YPC, 1716 Rushing Yards, 26 Receptions, 176 Rec Yards, 18 Total TDs.

Crap! I feel like this is where I just lost a lot of you. Please, just here me out. Chris Ivory was a solid back this year, & I still love him as a player. But he has been banged up a lot this year. It is clear he does not have the durability to be a feature back that takes 250+ carries a season. He needs to be part of a committee (I see Bilal Powell as more of a 3rd option). In comes Carey. Ka'Deem Carey has been one of the premier backs in college football since becoming a starter. He fits so well with us because he can do everything Ivory can't. He is shifty, a deadly slasher, has explosive burst and he can catch out of the backfield very well. Him and Ivory would create one hell of a 1-2 punch. Honestly, in 1 or 2 years, I believe Carey would be better than Ivory. He reminds me of Lesean McCoy. Like McCoy, he doesn't have amazing top-end speed or size; but what he lacks in straight-line speed he makes up with mind-boggling burst, shiftiness, & a lethal set open-field moves. Also, he has never missed a game in his college career. In 2 years he has 600+ carries. That is AMAZING durability. Ka'Deem is a BPA pick.

Pro Comparison: LeSean McCoy

If you want to see him in action, check out this AWESOME Highlight Vid I found earlier. Eminem fans will also approve.

Round 3: Gabe Jackson, OG, Mississippi.


Height: 6'3" Weight: 335

Lets face it. It's a miracle Willie Colon held up for as long as he did. He has had multiple season ending injuries throughout his career, and while it looks like he is coming back, it is time to start grooming his replacement. Jackson is a HUGE guy with insane power. He is a true road-grader, who will be able to open up huge holes for our backs. He is said to be spotty in pass protection, but from the tape I have seen, he looks fine. He is not the best athlete, but makes up for it with great technique and power.. Jackson is also a BPA pick. He is not an immediate need, but will benefit from learning behind Colon, but is still good enough to step in for him if Colon goes down, which is very likely considering his injury history.

Round 4: Aaron Colvin, CB, University of Oklahoma.


Height: 6'0" Weight: 192 lbs

2013 Season Stats: 40 Tackles, 6 TFLs, 3 Passes Defended, 1 INT.

We all know how Rex loves his corners. With Cromartie's medical & financial future cloudy, combined that with Kyle Wilson entering the final year of his contract, Rex will look to pick up another Corner. At the start of the year Colvin was projected to be with a 2nd round pick. He was a bit banged up this year, and his production fell way down from where it was in 2011 and 2012. Combine that with scouts now questioning his athleticism, Colvin is very close to falling into Day 3 of the draft. If you want to see him at his deadliest, watch his game tape against our very own Geno Smith (It's on Youtube). Colvin absolutely embarrassed him. He is long and extremely physical. Also has good ball skills & big play ability. Decent recovery speed and very fluid hips. Rex could get a very very good cover corner out of Colvin.

Round 5: Hakeem Smith, S, Louisville.


Height: 6'1" Weight: 190 lbs

2013 Season Stats: 42 Tackles, 4 Passes Defended, 3 INTs.

Not really too much to say about Smith. Sure tackler and has very good speed. Has 3 Picks but inst exactly a ball hawk. Ball skills aren't the best and he doesn't take too many big shots. We already have a lot of bodies at Safety, and the Safety comp seems wide open. So a fundamentally sound & intelligent player like Smith is welcome to come and fight for one of the spots.

Round 6: Colt Lyerla, TE, University of Oregon.


Height:6'5" Weight: 250

2013 Season Stats: N/A (Left team for "Personal Reasons").

"Huh? What? Are you insane? This guy is a head case!"

This people, is the beauty of the 6th and 7th round. Players like Colt are what these rounds are MADE FOR. Colt has serious off the field concerns yes, but he has been training for the combine ever since his release. He has massive on the field talent and would be a Top 5 TE prospect had he played this year. He possesses explosion and speed that guys this size just should not have. He is EASILY the FASTEST TE in the draft. Excellent hands and can also run the ball as a power back. Also has the speed to line out wide if necessary. An excellent TE and a great Joker player if we need him to be. Look at it this way, if he screws up, we cut him and lose a 6th round pick. Big deal. If he turns into what he has the potential to be, we now have to Fastest and most Explosive 2 Tight End set in the NFL with Colt & Jace. That's worth the gamble of a meaningless pick to me. SIGN. ME. UP.

Round 7: Keith Wenning, QB, Ball State.


Height: 6'3" Weight: 220 lbs

2013 Season Stats: 65% Completion, 3933 Passing Yards, 34 TD, 6 INT.

With Sanchez, Garrard, and Simms all possibly being done as Jets, its time to fill out that spot of the roster. We should bring in a competent veteran backup and add one of ur own guys through the draft. Do not let his small school fool you. Wenning is the prototypical QB prospect and has great numbers to back it. Would be a nice project for the coaches. Doesn't seem like a bad pick to round out the roster and end the draft.

Explanation: This draft is built around building up the offense around the QB. While I am not sold on Geno, this talent will also help benefit a 2015 Rookie if Geno falls on his face. We get 3 dynamic receivers. All being 6'5 and all possessing great speed. With Jace, Colt & Benjamin our Offense just went from a joke to a mismatch nightmare. An arsenal of basketball player built receivers is the last thing a D Coordinator wants to have to worry about. We go pure BPA in the 3rd round to add Ka'Deem Carey. A RB with extreme amounts of upside and the potential to be our premiere back. Then we get him and the QB some pass protection and holes to run through by picking a road-grader in Gabe Jackson. The best part is with Colon coming back, Jackson will not be thrown into the fire. Even though he is so talent and fundamentally sound that he is ready to rock if we ever needed him. By 2015 I'm confident Jackson would be a QUALITY starter at right guard. In the 4th we add a CB with 2nd round potential who lost his way this season. I trust Rex and Thurman to coach up corners. Colvin is very similar to Milliner in play style. If Colvin can be coached up correctly, by 2015 we would have a very long and terrifyingly physical stating CB tandem. Lastly we add a late round safety and QB to fill out the roster and compete for spots.

This will probably be my last mock until the Combine. Once the Combine hits in February, we will have a very good idea of how the board will shake out.

What do you guys think?

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