My First Mock Offseason Ever Attempted (Version 1.0)

Hey everyone. While the UCONN game is on commercials, I decided to make my version of a mock offseason. It's the first one I've ever made so hopefully it's ok. Note that I will include the third round pick from Tampa Bay, but not any compensatory picks because we don't know what rounds, if any, we will get them in.

Offseason Cuts

Mark Sanchez

This one's pretty obvious. I might give him another shot cheap, but we definitely aren't keeping him for 8 million.

Antonio Cromartie

Like Sanchez, I'll let Cro test the market and resign for cheap. We do need a veteran corner this year and Cro wants to return, but he's being paid too much for the play he put up last season.

Santonio Holmes

What is he being paid, 8 mil? for one TD all season and his horrid locker room attitude? I'll pass. Get him out of here soon!

Mike Goodson

We can get someone like him for a better price. Besides, he's recovering from injury and has been convicted of crimes countless times. See ya.


Nick Folk - 4 years 12 mil

Easy enough, right? He'll be paid like he wants.

Austin Howard - 3 years 15 mil

He was one of our best offensive lineman last year and must come back. Give him a good amount of cash and he'll return.

Willie Colon - 1 year vet minimum

After coming off an injury, if he wants more than the minimum, I'm letting him go. We'll give him a one year deal and go from there.

Calvin Pace - 1 year vet minimum

He had a good year last year but should only earn this. We will see how he does this year.

Ed Reed - 1 year vet minimum

Again, he'll go cheap. I want his leadership on this team, but I'm not giving him a lot of playing time.

Darrin Walls - 2 years 1.5 mil

He was a good backup last year and played well. I'd like to see him develop some more and maybe become a solid role player.

Free Agency

I see the Jets trying to improve both sides of the ball. After those cuts and resignings we'd have about 30 million in cap space, enough to bring in some key players.

Jairus Byrd - 5 years 35 mil

Finally! We have a ballhawking free safety to pair with a growing star in Antonio Allen. TJ Ward could be an alternate option here, but we decide to go for Byrd based on his more free safety-like play. Although he was injured last year, I believe he will come back and make a big difference. Remember until the final couple of games we didn't have a lot of interceptions. This guy will help change that.

Jeremy Maclin - 3 years 18 mil

It's no secret we need help at wide receiver. This guy's comin off an injury and although being heralded as the #1 receiver on the market by the media, I think this guy is flying a bit lower on NFL teams' radars. We'll give him 6 mil a year which if he does what I think he will do, will be cheap.

Fred Davis - 2 years 6 mil

We also need TE help. This guy isn't wanted in Washington anymore with the emergence of Jordan Reed, and he'll be cheap coming off an injury-riddled year. I think he will provide Geno with a nice target when he needs it.

Brian Orakpo - 5 years 42 mil

Here's the big surprise. We need OLB help and this guy would instantly help out. We have the money to make it happen too. This would really help Calvin Pace as well.

I can also see us bringing in some other, smaller name guys to help out. These are just the big names.

NFL Draft

Ah, here we are. The draft. We'll do what we can to improve key spots.

Round 1: Eric Ebron, TE, UNC

Round 2: Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt

We trade our later 3rd and a 6th to get back into 2nd round.

Round 2: Odell Beckham JR, WR, LSU

Round 3: Ty Zimmerman, S, Kansas State

Round 4: De'Anthony Thomas, WR/RB, Oregon

Round 5: Andre Williams, RB, Boston College

Round 7: Colt Lyerla, TE, Oregon

Yes, the draft was pretty much offense. If this happens you can expect a huge offensive pickup this season from last season.

Please discuss in comments how it is and what we could do better! Thanks.

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