The Ballad of Crockett Gillmore

There seems to be a pervasive notion around GGN that the wide receiver class is deep and the tight end class is not. While it certainly seem to be true that the wide receiver class is quite a deep and talented class this year. The tight end class may not be quite as thin as we think.

Everybody knows the three names at the top. Ebron, Amaro and Seferian-Jenkins have all three garnered mention as possible first round picks. This kind of attention for tight ends is certainly remarkable. It is very unlikely that all three go in the first, but not outside the realm of possibility. The last time three tight ends went in the first round was 2002, when Jeremy Shockey, Dan Graham, and Jerramy Stevens all went in round one.

The other name a lot of people know is CJ Fiedorowicz. After that it seems like there's no one else sometimes because we don't know their names. In fact the tight end class may have some good depth to it and certainly with the Notre Dame tight end Troy Niklas declaring, the rest of the guys got a lot more interesting.

There are a couple of tight ends that project to go later that I have taken a shine to such as Marcel Jensen of Fresno State and Chris Coyle of Arizona State. I want to discuss another guy tho. Crockett Gillmore of Colorado State.

I was first turned on to him today while perusing the measurables of draft prospects from the East/West Shrine Game Weigh-ins. You can see that he weighed in at 6 feet 5.625 inches and 253 pounds, but what really caught my attention was his arm length of 33.88 and his hand size of 10.25. Those are the kind of numbers you expect to see from an offensive tackle or defensive end. Since I hadn't even heard of him before not having had the opportunity to watch any Mountain West football, I decided to do a little digging.



First of all, this guy has a terrific name. Then you take a look at his picture, and he looks like a frontiersman. I like that dedication to playing the part.

Reading the bio, I see that he switched over to defensive end as freshman to fill in for injured players, and he apparently did an admirable job considering his lack of experience at the position. I like to see that kind of versatility in a resume. It shows that he has the athleticism and intelligence to pick up a new and challenging position. And if you take a look at his one cutup available over at, you will see a smooth athlete who looks quite slim for 253 pounds. In fact he looks to my eye, like a wide receiver. That suggests that he has a lot of "good" weight with a low body-fat percentage.

Watching the tape of San Jose State game, I see a player who shows good technique blocking in-line and from the backfield a couple of times as well. He displays good hands and good technique on a couple of catches which is what I was hoping to see considering the length of his arms and hands. Admittedly, it is a small sample size, but I came away impressed. In fact, most impressive to me is simply the way he moves. As a baseline when I watch a guy his size or even smaller players, I like to see how smooth they are running routes or just moving. Crockett Gillmore more than impresses in that way, whereas a bigger guy like CJ Fiedorowicz or even Jace Amaro seem to have a little bit of that rumbling movement you get from big guys.

Anyway, I wanted to share a little profile on an under the radar prospect. These postseason college all-star games are a good chance to get to know some "other" prospects, so I encourage everybody to follow the practice reports and check out some of the prospects mentioned. A couple of other tight ends at the Shrine Game worth mentioning are Alex Bayer of Bowling Green and Jordan Najvar of Baylor. I saw some good mentions particularly of Najvar who unfortunately does not appear to have any cutups available at my go-to source. Over at CBSSports, they have Crockett slotted as their 10th tight end with a Sixth round projection. He's certainly a guy to keep an eye on as a third day tight end prospect.

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