Re-Sign or Release (IE Don't Re-Sign)

So listed the 23 impending free agents the Jets have upcoming and I wanted to know who should stay and get re-signed and who we should let go. I gave my personal views with each player.


QB David Garrard - your 3rd QB should be someone who you can develop over time (i.e. Matt Simms). Honestly the Jets need to find a QB that can potentially start over Geno Smith or be a suitable backup if/when Geno struggles or gets hurt, and then make Simms the #3. Verdict: Release

RB Lex Hilliard - the Jets drafted his replacement Tommy Bohanon and he was just as effective if not more as a FB. Verdict: Release

RB Darius Reynaud - signed to fill the injured KR/PR position. No significant contributions in any other facet of the game. Verdict: Release

WR Josh Cribbs - getting old, but still has some playmaking ability in the offense and a little bit of burst left in the KR game. Compared to the rest of the team he has some value as a backup WR or RB or KR exclusive player. Verdict: Re-sign (1-year, minimum)

TE Jeff Cumberland - Doesn't do anything particularly well. Should really be a #2 TE, not the starter. I find it hard to believe there are no better options for the Jets to find and work with. Verdict: Release

TE Kellen Winslow - I think we can all agree he's not going to have a Tony Gonzalez-type resurrection at this point with this offense. Verdict: Release

G Willie Colon - played very well in run-support. Getting a bit old, but plays a position that has a very long life-expectancy for top players. He's worth at least another year while draft picks Campbell and Aboushi develop. Verdict: Re-sign (1 year, $2-4 mil)

G/T Vlad Ducasse - Time to cut another one of our many losses from the Tannenbaum era/error. Verdict: Release

T Austin Howard - 4-0 against Mario Williams, easily the best blocker on the team in 2013 (not saying too much though) Verdict: Re-sign (3/4 years, $6-8 mil/year)

DL Leger Douzable - played decent in spot duty but can't match the production of the Sons of Anarchy or Kenrick Ellis. Worth having around for training camp probably. Verdict: Re-sign (1 year, minimum)

LB Josh Mauga - haven't seen him play often enough to make an informed opinion, but seems to lack speed for a young LB corps. Verdict: Release

LB Calvin Pace - tough choice. Had a productive 2013, but more-so from the blockers the Sons ate on a daily basis. I would feel far more comfortable with him on the team as a coaching intern than as a starter. Verdict: Release

CB Aaron Berry - Too bad he injured his leg and was out for the year - we could've used him when Milliner struggled. Too little, too late now that Darrin Walls is looking like a keeper. Verdict: Release

CB Ellis Lankster - has a lot of speed, good on special teams and effective enough in dime/quarter DB packages. Verdict: Re-sign (1 year, minimum)

FS Ed reed - Took time away from Antonio Allen which may have prevented team from making the playoffs. Has little-to-nothing left to offer as a player, should get a coaching internship to make the most effective use of his Hall of Fame caliber knowledge. Verdict: Release

K Nick Folk - set multiple franchise records for accuracy, kicks of 40+ yards, scoring and game-winning field goals. Currently hold the 2nd highest 4th quarter FG% in NFL history - so he's worth having when the game is on the line, and deserves to be paid as such. Verdict: Re-sign (3 years, $4-5 mil/year)

Restricted Free Agents:

CB Isaiah Trufant - See Lankster, Ellis. Verdict: Low Tender

LB Nick Bellore - Very good special teams player. Verdict: Low Tender

LB Garret McIntyre - may need to replace Calvin Pace as a starting LB this year. Verdict: Low Tender

CB Darrin Walls - very good backup corner who was effective in mop up duty when Milliner was benched. Verdict: Low Tender

Exclusive Rights Players:

RB John Griffin - didn't show too much in the preseason, and by preseason he'll be at best the #4 RB on the depth chart. Verdict: Release

WR Vidal Hazelton - impressed everyone in preseason before getting hurt and missing the season. Hopefully he enters preseason 2014 with a bang. Verdict: Re-sign (1 year, minimum)

TE Konrad Reuland - too much effort put into such meager results. Verdict: Release

So that's all of the players and my opinions on what their status for 2014 should be. Out of 23 impending free agents I only found 11 worth re-signing, and only 2 worth giving a deal extending beyond 2014.

Who has a different view on the subject?

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