A Mocking of the draft

Right this is going to be my first attempt at a mock draft for us (I was inspired by the mock draft article David Wyatt put up, so if this sucks its his fault). Im going to start by doing a first round complete mock of how I see things happening (and how they are almost definitely not going to happen), so I can show you some of my reasoning behind the jets pick, and then im going to do all the jets picks up to the 7th round however i will not include our comp picks as i dont know where they will come in.

So here it goes my amazing - and totally accurate - mock draft (NO TRADES).

1. Houston Texans - Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville - This pick is a no-brainer for me. the Texans need a young talented and pro ready QB to select in the draft and with Bridgewater that's what they get. The guy is an incredible talent, he threw for just shy of 4000 yrds at 3970, 31 TDs against 4INTS and had a pass completion rating of 71%. and lets face it what QB wouldnt love to throw to a guy like andre johnson.

I can however see the Texans exploring trades for this pick and trying to accumulate more picks from a team like Cleveland (who have been known to make a trade or 2), Oakland or Minnesota. All these teams are in desperate need of a QB and may all be willing to make a big splash to try and land Bridgewater. Cleveland is the most likely one for me as they have the ammo in terms of picks to go after the top pick.

2. St louis - Jake matthews, OT, Texas a&m - This is a pick that I can definitely see being traded to a team like oakland looking to skip ahead of jacksonville in search of a QB.

But with no trades in this draft the Rams select the best OT of the last couple of years in Jake matthews. I believe that Sam Bradford has the talent to be a good QB in this league but he cant do anything taking hits all day and getting injured every other game. so with Matthews protecting him hopefully Bradford can step up and do something to show us why he warranted a no.1 pick.

3.Jacksonville Jaguars - Blake Bortles, QB, UCF - Bortles is a high risk pick at this spot for me, but he seems to be one of those players that is picking up a ton of steam since the end of the college season. Hes been consistent 65% accuracy passer in college and put up some big numbers last season. Im not sold on him but i do think that the Jaguars will be a team that thinks the rewards can outweigh the risks on this guy and pull the trigger. Whatever happens if the Jags stay in this position I dont see them picking anyone other than a QB and a guy like Bortles could be someone you develop for a season behind Henne.

4. Cleveland Browns - Johnny 'Football' Manziel, QB, Texas A&M - I love this guy! How can you not? he is by far one of the most entertaining players to be in the draft for a few years and is a danger on any play. Whether that translates to the NFL level remains to be seen but the kid is accurate and buys an insane amount of time for his offense with his scrambling and creativity. Im sure I read somewhere that the Browns are a team that love Johnny and can even see them trying to move up from this spot for him if thats the case. However in this mock hes here for their taking.

5. Oakland Raider - Jadeveon Clowney, DE, SC - the raiders manage to get arguably the best player in the draft almost by default. Yes they need a QB but a QB i like for their system in this draft is Tajh Boyd who can be had in the 2nd round. Clowney will add a great threat to defense in sore need of one.

6. Atlanta Falcons - Anthony Barr, DE/OLB, UCLA - This pick can be a pick that goes in a few ways. The falcons need help desperately in the pass rush and on the Oline. They may even go for a talented one of the extremely talented TE's in the draft. but here they go for Barr. This is a very Raw pass rushing prospect who has tremendous upside. His first step is incredible for someone so new to the position and racking up 10 sacks on the year isnt such a bad total either.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson - Watkins is a match up nightmare and is the perfect compliment to Jackson and williams. His speed can stretch the field for the offense and create one on ones for his other recievers. Yes the Bucs need a pass rush but Watkins is too good a prospect to pass up here.

8. Minnesota Vikings - Kony Ealy,DE,Missouri - Ealy is a very good pass rusher and with the vikings likely parting ways with Allen and/or Allen hitting 31 then they are in need of an upgrade at this position. Ealy is a guy who consistently pressures the QB and has the potential to be a great pass rusher.

9. Buffalo Bills - Khalil mack, OLB, Buffalo - The bills get one of the more talented edge rushers in this draft almost by default. Mack is a physically gifted and talented player. He doesnt have the upside of a player Like Barr, but is a much more polished player at this point and at ( he is a steal for the Bills.

10. Detroit Lions - Marqise Lee, WR,USC - This draft is stacked at the WR position, everyone knows it. and the Lions are in need of a weapon opposite the best WR in the game in Megatron. Lee gives them a dynamic and talented threat on the other side for stafford to throw to.

11. Tennessee Titans - Haha Clinto Dix, S, Alabama - the titans are in sore need of a talented hard hitting safety to marshall their defense and Dix provides just that. he is just the latest in a long line of talented DBs to come from the roll tide.

12. new York Giants - Greg Robinson , OT/G, Auburn - Robinson is a strong OT whoi could easily shift inside and protect the giants porous middle. However he also gives the option of playing OT and allowing justin Pugh to shift inside to his arguably more natural position of G.

13. St louis Rams - Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M - The rams need weapons on Offense and Evans is just that. people argue against evans due to playing with Johnny Football and his seeming lack of speed. But Evans put up monster numbers against two of the better defenses in college in Alabama and Auburn and this bodes well for him in the NFL. If he has a good 40 time and the combine he could go much higher than this.

14. Chicago Bears - Louis Nix,DT,Notre Dame - Nix is a beast, the guy has no.1 overall talent and is a dominant DT. The bears are in desperate need of Dline help and Nix is a fantastic value pick for them at this spot.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers - Darqueeze Dennard, CB, Mich State - the steelers secondary is OOOOOOLD and I mean OOOOOOLD. Dennard is a physical corner who can fit perfectly into the steelers scheme and immediately give them a boost of youth in their secondary.

16. Baltimore Ravens - Odell Beckham Jr, WR,LSu - This is a pick I dont see happening as it doesnt represent Value, so I definitely see Baltimore trading down to try and Get Beckham however WR is their biggest need and Beckham is by far the most talented left on the board with the big three gone.

17. Dallas Cowboys - Stephen Tuit, DE,DT, UNC - Tuitt is a lengthy talented Dlineman and can play either DE or DT. he has the Size and athleticism despite his weight that a team like the cowboys will fall in love with.

18. NEW YORK JETS - ERIC EBRON, TE,UNC - Let me start by saying I friggin love this guy. Hes an absolute monster in the passing game and a matchup nightmare for any defense. Geno needs weapons if he is going to prove to us all he is our QB of the future or not. Ebron is my 10th rated player in the draft - thats how much i love him - and one of the best TE's to come out in the last couple of years. This year he caught 62 balls for 963 yrds, thats insane for a TE no matter what league you play in. I Could however see us trading down in this draft, there is still tremendous talent on the board and any team wanting to go after a guy like Ebron, a Lb like mosley or beasley, a OT like Lewan or even someone trying to get back into the first to go after a QB like Carr, could be willing to give us some serious compensation for our pick at 18.

Heres a link to some highlights of Ebron

19. Miami Dolphins - Cyrus Kouandjou (not sure if thats right), OT, Alabama - Kouandjou is an extremely talented OY and the dolphins Oline situation has been laughable all year. They may decide to take a shot at a guy in free agency or via trade but if not I could easily see this pick happening.

20. Arizona Cardinal - Dereck carr, QB, Fresno St - Carr is the type of QB that could benefit greatly by sitting for a season or two, and with Carson palmer in place the Cardinals are in a perfect position to groom Carr for the future. They need help at OT but i think Carr represent great value at this spot.

21. Green Bay Packer - Jace Amaro, TE, Texas Tech - there is very little difference between Amaro and Ebron in terms of talent. Amaro is an athletic pass catchin match up nightmare and is a perfect target for Rodgers to throw to.

22. Philadelphia Eagles - Justin Gilbert, CB, OK ST - The Eagles Pass defense is atrocious, Gilberts is a player that can help them straight off the bat and represents good value at this spot.

23. Kansas City Chiefs - CJ Mosley, ILB, Alabama - Mosley becomes the Marshall of an already stout defense and represents a fantastic value pick at this spot.

24. Cincinnati Bengals - Vic beaslye, DE/OLB, Clemson - james Harrison is getting old so the Bengals need to add some youth to the pass rush. Beasley is a tremendously talented player and would represent great value at this spot.

25. San Diego Chargers - Gabe Jackson, G, Miss st - jackson is the best G prospect in this draft. There are others such as Robinson who can switch to G who are better but Jackson is the best natural G prospect. The chargers need help on the interior of the Oline and this pick is a no brainer.

26. Cleveland Browns - Brandin Cooks, WR, oregon St - Cooks is a quick small reciever that would compliment Josh gordon very well. The selection of Johnny Manziel earlier in the draft means this pick is a perfect fit for a QB that likes to extend plays to Manziels extent.

27. New Orleans Saint - Trent Murphy, DE/OLB, Stanford - Murphy is a lengthy talented pass rusher. The only knock against him is he doesnt have that quickness you look for in the elite pass rushers. However the saints are still in need of pass rush help and Murphy would be a great pick for them at this spot.

28. Carolina Panthers - Kelvin Benjamin, WR, FSU - Benjamin is one of the most talented receivers in a draft class full of potential first round receivers. Cam Newton needs more weapons as Smith is getting on a bit and he is the only real passing threat they have, so a big fast WR like Benjamin could be the thing that takes this talented panthers team to the the next level.

29. New England Patriots - Ife Ekpre-olomu, CB, Oregon - The Pats need a good corner and have for a number of years. Ekpe-Olomu is a bit of a need over value pick at this point but is a very big need for this team. This could be a spot that is traded to a team looking to come in for a talented OT like lewan who is still left on the board despite his talent.

30. San Francisco 49ers - Allen Robinson, WR, Penn state - crabtree and Boldin are great possession receivers but do not stretch the field enough. Robinson has good speed and would be an ideal compliment to these two on a 49ers team that has very little holes.

31. Denver Broncos - Taylor Lewan, OT, Mich - Somehow Lewan falls to the broncos who run to the podium with his name. Manning is getting on a bit and he needs more protection than ever. This is one of those situations where need meets tremendous Value.

32. Seattle Seahawks - Zack Martin, OG, Notre Dame - So russel wilson gets better protection and has more time to do something... Scary.


JETS 2ND ROUND PICK - Jared Abbrederis, WR, Wisconsin - This kid put up over 1000 yrds recieving despite having sweet eff all at the QB position, he has the speed and size at 6'2 to be an extremely good reciever in the NFL and at this spot represents great value. in any other year I think he's a lock to be first rounder.

JETS 3RD ROUND PICK (FROM TAMPA) - Kyle Van Noy, OLB, BYU - Van Noy is a talented pass rusher, across from Ansah two seasons ago he put up 13 sacks but his play hasnt been the same this year due to injuries. Because of this i can see him falling to us early in the 3rd and we can snatch up one of the more talented pass rushers this year.

JETS 3RD ROUND PICK - Davante Adams, WR, Fresno St - Adams has put up massive numbers this yr amassing over 1700yrds receiving. But many people point to the level of competition and the fact his QB was Dereck Carr. And for that reason he will likely fall somewhere in the 2nd to 4th round range. He is a raw prospect but the talent is definitely there, we double dip at WR and grab another fast 6ft 2 receiver for Geno to throw to.

JETS 4TH ROUND PICK - Rashad Reynold, CB, Oregon state - Reynolds is a good Cb prospect with a nose for the ball which resulted in 6 INTS this year. The jets look likely to part with cromartie and even if we dont he has started to lose a step. Reynolds has the talent to be good shutdown corner.

JETS 5TH ROUND SELECTION - David Fales, QB, San jose st - At the begining of the year everyone was talking about fales as a potential 1st rounder.... not anymore after a disappointing season. However the talent is still there and for a 5th round pick is a steal.

JETS 6TH ROUND PICK - Billy Turner, OT, North Dakota st - Turner is an intriguing prospect, He dominated his level of competition in college - and admittedly it was a low level - and shows to be a very good pass protector. he needs to show he can match up against the big boys at the senior bowl.

JETS 7TH ROUND PICK - Colt Lyerla, TE, Oregon - This pick is a controversial one. Lyerla is an absolute idiot. He quit the Oregon team in the season and then got busted for drug possesion. However for a 7th round pick he could be a steal. Rex could kick the kid into shape and he does happen to be a bonafide 1st round talent. He will be lucky to even get drafted due to his off the field stuff, but for a 7th round pick id have no hesitation in taking a chance on the guy.


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