Mocking the 2014 NY Jets offseason Activities. Playmakers and Competion

Playmakers, Competition, and Upgrades are the fundamental base of this Mock offseason as I see it. We have a young defensive line with potential to grow into an even more fear unit than this past year, but our secondary specially our safeties were dreadfull, but I feel with some new personell additions we will be much improve, therefore complementing our front 7. In addition I think Quaterback needs to be an all out competition between all the participants drafted or free agent signing. May the best quaterback win.. We have lots of cap space to maneuver with and should create it even more with a few cuts of unproductive and rather irrelevant players. well here it is.


D.Revis 3rd

D.Keller 3rd Comp

LA.Landry 3rd Comp

S.Greene 4th Comp

M.Slausson 5th Comp


M.Sanchez QB. It’s just time.

S.Holmes WR Good riddance!

A.Cromartie CB Sign him at a lower price

D.Landry S My Opinion he is very replaceable I think he was a weakness and surely no Yeremiah Bell.

M.Goodson RB Good luck dealing with law enforcement in the future. You know it’s going to happen again.


N.Mangold C Good soldier.

D.Harris ILB Same as above.


Rafael Bush FS for Kyle Wilson. Hard hitting Free safety. Receivers will think twice coming over the middle ask Percy Harvin lol.

Josh Norman CB for Stephen Hill. Bust Bust Bust! get something for him asap before it’s too late.


M.Wilkerson DE. Team defensive stud and catalyst.

Free Agents Signings

TJ Ward FS. Must go all out to get this playmaking safety.

Walter Thurmond CB. See you Kyle welcome your new playmaking nickel back.

Josh Mccown QB Competition Competition and what did we said competition!

Jeremy Maclin WR Low buy with potential to be a very good Playmaker.

Terrell Suggs OLB Still hungry and mean. 10 sacks 81 tackles, but most importantly he can’t stand Tom Brady.

Brandon Pettigrew TE. 2 Tight End sets are in. High potential to be part of a high power pair with either Ebron or Amaro.

Free Agents Resigning

A.Howard RT. Had a good year, but I’m hoping to see improvement across the board next year with new contract.

N.Folk P. Our offensive MVP. Deserves a 2 year Contract on par with a top kicker salary.

N.Bellore ILB. Good special teamer.

Le.Douzable DE. At the beginning of this past season I couldn’t spell his name. trust me he taught me how with his play as part of the D line rotation.

W.Colon RG. Good year although he needs to cut down the penalties. Provides sound leadership.

A.Cromartie CB. I’m counting he is totally healthy next year with something to prove, and his pride hurt after been cut.

K.Ellis DT NT

E.Lankster CB


1st Eric Ebron TE or Jace Amaro TE. I prefer Ebron, but wouldn’t be mad with Amaro

2nd Davante Adams WR. Young talented Receiver with lots of potential to be special.

3rd Jarvis Landry WR. Tough, hard nose , reliable hands playmaker.

3rd Zach Mettenberger QB Competition competion Geno is ok , not a franchise QB to me but...

3rd Comp Ahmad Dixon SS. Hard hitting, good cover safety.

3rd Comp Tre Jackson G. future replacement for Colon.

4th Ronald Powell OLB. Potentially a pass rusher health permitting.

4th Comp James Wilder Jr RB. physical runner, good pass catching back. Good bloodlines.

5th Wayne Lyon CB. Good athlete with Potential to add depth to secondary

5th Comp Dri Archer RB WR Ret. Offensive Weapon. Fast and then faster.

6th Max Bullough ILB. Time to groom a replacement for Harris. Spartan captain for three years.

7th Cody Webster P. Competition Competition and comp... anyways

Roster Offense

QB Z.Mettenberger, G.Smith, J.Mccown

RB C.Ivory, B.Powell, J.Wilder Jr, Dri Archer

WR J. Maclin, Da. Adams, Ja Landry, J. Kerley, D.Nelson

TE E.Ebron or J.Amaro, B.Pettigrew, Z.Sudfeld

OL D.Ferguson, B.Winter, N.Mangold, W.Colon, A.Howard, D.Freeman, T.Jackson, B.Ijalama, O.Aboushi, C.Schladerauf

K N.Folk

Roster Defense

DL M.Wilkerson, D.Harrison, S.Richardson, L.Douzable, K.Ellis

LB T.Suggs, D. Davis, D.Harris, Q.Coples, A.Barnes, N.Bellore, M.Bullough, R.Powell

CB A.Cromartie, D.Milliner, W.Thurmond, W.Lyons, I.Ras Dowling, E.Lankster

Saf TJ Ward, Ah Dixon, R.Bush, A.Allen, J.Bush

LS T.Purdum

P Co Webster

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