Breaking Down the Roster, the Offense

Now that the Jets Regular Season roster has been set with only minimal cuts and pickups at the different positions, it's time to analyze each player and what his role will be for the team this year. We'll start with the seemingly moribund offense:


Geno Smith (Starter) - the starter going into the season, Smith will likely start each game this year unless he starts playing too poorly to bear watching.

Mark Sanchez - the Golden Child turned pariah has been regulated to backup duty, and not entirely because of his own play. He will most likely not be activated for the first 2 games due to injury, but should hold the clipboard for a majority of the season unless/until Smith's struggles indicate a lack of NFL talent.

Matt Simms - the undrafted QB with minimal college experience, but a famous New York father earned a spot on the roster with a strong preseason performance. Simms will spend the year learning on the sidelines but probably won't suit up for many games unless either Smith or Sanchez is injured.

Brady Quinn - just added on Monday, he's insurance in case Sanchez's injury turns out to be severe.


Bilal Powell (Starter) - had an average preseason but never wowed anyone into giving him the start. Nonetheless, he is currently #1 on the depth chart. Should get 15-20 carries per game.

Chris Ivory - originally penciled in as the starter, but has been battling injuries all pre-season. Not likely to get more than 10 carries per game, but should still provide a little more talent in the running game than Shonn Greene did.

Alex Green - a recent addition to the Jets off waivers from Green Bay, Green will probably see 1-4 carries per game. Has decent speed which should compliment the power of Ivory and Powell. Overall, Green's contribution should be minor.

Tommy Bohanon (Starter) - earned a spot as the Jets starting fullback and has shown off a lot more talent than previous Jets FBs John Conner and Lex Hilliard. Bohanon could play a big part in the success of the running game.

Wide Receivers:

Santonio Holmes (Starter) - considering the severity of his injury kept him out of preseason, I don't think we'll really know until September 8th if Holmes will play much at all this season. If he can stay healthy he'll be the only hope Smith/Sanchez/Simms has of putting up NFL-caliber passing numbers.

Stephen Hill (Starter) - he may be the #2 WR, but Hill has a lot to learn about being an NFL wide receiver. If he can play like Braylon Edwards did in 2010 - making just enough plays to keep the ball moving, the Jets might actually win a few more games because of him. Wishful thinking, but not too realistic based on what we've seen.

Jeremy Kerley - after leading the Jets in receiving last year, Kerley will return to his ideal position, the slot receiver. Kerley may not have the explosiveness of a true slot receiver, but Kerley has probably the most reliable hands on the roster next to Santonio Holmes. He'll play an important role for the Jets on 3rd down and on Special Teams.

Clyde Gates - his performance in the KR game allowed the Jets to get rid of problem-prone Joe McKnight. He'll get a decent amount of time as the 3rd-5th receiver, but all expectations should be tempered a bit.

Ryan Spadola - after a great training camp and great preseason - leading the Jets in receiving in the last 3 games, Spadola earned a spot on the roster. With his size and speed Spadola will probably be an important redzone weapon, and could see a lot of time on the field considering the injury histories of Holmes, Hill and Kerley.

Tight Ends:

Jeff Cumberland (Starter) - not really what you would call an impressive tight end, but Cumberland can do his job well enough. Not likely to see the ball 10+ times per game like Graham or Gronkowski, but should still average about 4-5 receptions per game, with some heavy run-blocking in between.

Kellen Winslow II - trying to resurrect his career, but he's in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong personnel to experience a turnaround like that. Winslow might only get 1-2 catches per game, if the team even elects to play him in that many considering his injuries.

Konrad Reuland - also the team's backup FB, Reuland will mainly be a run blocker, but has demonstrated more talent for it than the other tight ends. He'll make a very good open field blocker.

Offensive Linemen:

D'Brickashaw Ferguson (Starter) - after a bad 2012, Ferguson will have his work cut out for him trying to earn back his reputation as one of the top Left Tackles in the league. No injury history, so should remain the starter for the entire season.

Willie Colon (Starter) - a veteran brought in from a successful, yet injury-filled career with the Steelers, Colon should be very effective in the run game - in the passing game, not so sure. Long injury history will probably limit his productivity this year.

Nick Mangold (Starter) - probably the only Jet on offense in no danger of losing his roster spot any time soon, Mangold missed the Pro Bowl last year for the first time since 2007. In the prime of his career with very few injuries so far, Mangold will be the glue that keeps the line together.

Austin Howard (Starter) - earning his spot on the roster in 2012 by erasing Mario Williams in Week 1, Howard has held the RT job with an iron fist ever since (if only because the Jets never looked for anyone slightly better). He likely won't get benched unless the QB is literally murdered because he missed a block.

Vladimir Ducasse (Starter) - the term bust isn't generally applied to 2nd round draft picks, but when it comes to certain players it can. Ducasse has failed to start at any consistent position since being drafted in 2010, but now seems poised to start at LG mainly because he has more experience than the 3 rookies the Jets have available.

Brian Winters - as the highest drafted OL since Ducasse, Winters came in with somewhat high expectations, but failed to show much in the preseason. He will most likely be relegated to backup duty behind Colon for the season - which could mean a few starts later in the year.

Caleb Schlauderaff - picked up by the Jets in a trade in 2011, Schlauderaff has rarely seen the field and has been designated as the backup Center to Mangold this year. He's not likely to see the field too often.

Oday Aboushi - will spend most of this year as a backup LT or a goaline blocker.

William Campbell - made a quick transition from DL in college to Guard in the NFL, much like longtime Jet Brandon Moore. He's a work in progress that shouldn't see the field at all in 2013.

Ben Ijalana - picked up off waivers from the Colts after 2 ACL tears in 2011 and 2012. If he can get healthy, he could develop into a good backup over time, but like Campbell, he shouldn't see the field in 2013 either.

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