The Mystery of Mike Goodson

This was based on my reply to another post. However, since my reply was late in being posted and there are so many questions about Goodson's situation I thought it should be a post by itself. For many, what is going on with Goodson is a mystery with unanswered questions. This post has been expanded and clarified. I hope this may answer any questions you have.

There is every reason to believe Mike Goodson is in Rehab. The team knows where he is, and have no problem with it. They do not talk about it, since as his employer it is illegal to do so. The media is also quiet about this, there are no “where is he” investigations. Mike Goodson of the New York Jets is just not that big, so there is no money in it for gossip tabloids who are willing to pay reporters and paparazzi. While a bona fide journalist has protection under the constitution, from the non-disclosure laws, the person who leaks a story or provides information to the reporter does not have this protection. Whoever gave the reporter information is doing something illegal. They are at risk for punishment by the state, their employer or whoever.

It seems that the case for the gun charges against Goodson is weak, since the driver, who is also the owner, of the car told the police the gun was his. So if Goodson has already completed Rehab it is likely there will be no jail time for the Pot found on him. Goodson is being proactive rather than reactive, the team knows this, that is why Rex is not frustrated. Completing Rehab also means the NFL is less likely to suspend him for more then one game, if that.

I use to make referrals to Rehab programs in my job so I would like to explain some things about Rehab programs. You did not have to be an "addict" to go to rehab. All you had to do was feel that your abuse of a substance was causing a problem in your life and you wanted help to stop using it. In theory, addiction only occurs when there is a physical dependency like heroin or alcohol. But a person could have a psychological dependency, and not be considered an addict. Yet they are having problems because of the abuse. That person should also go into a rehab program, although not an addict.

The problem may be getting drunk once a week on Saturday nights. But if you missed work on Sunday, to this extent it was causing problems in your life. If you can not stop this behavior on your own, you should go to rehab. But rehab is very, very expensive since you are an inpatient, so self-help programs, such as AA, exist for problems with a dependency. But these programs can not work with a true addiction, since the body has a physical need for the substance and will exhibit symptoms of withdrawal. Self-help programs rate of success are not as high for a dependency as are formal Rehab programs.

A program can be as short as 28 days and as long as a year. It depends on the type and severity of the problem. In Goodson's case there is an indication that it is for both pot and alcohol with alcohol being the greater problem. By law, the Jets can not say he is in rehab, it is a medical problem. The Rehab programs can be modified for special situations, a trainer can be brought in, in fact some type of physical activity is a part of most programs. Goodson has a lot of time for reading and studying the playbook. A program is not prison, and it is not meant to punish, but is client-centric and meant to improve the quality of life. Including running the ball since that is Goodson's job.

People think Rehab is a bad thing, it is not. Rehab is short for rehabilitation and is vindication of a person’s character and the re-establishment of that person’s reputation. It is a good thing not a bad thing. Rehab is nothing more then a period of time for isolation from the people and triggers that cause you to abuse the substance. It is also a chance for the substance to drain from your body and your body to adjust to once again being substance free. Doctors are there so that if you have a physical addiction, not just a dependency, they can treat the side effects of withdrawal (DT's or "delirium tremens in the case of alcohol). These are combined with psychological counseling and an education program in order to learn how to avoid the abuse of substance in the future. When completed it is followed by an outpatient self-help program for support and reinforcement.

The most important thing is the client wants to change their behavior, it can not be forced on someone and be successful. Goodson wanted to change, because of the character defects his usage caused, and that is a good thing. It is possible, except for the classroom work with the team, Goodson is doing the exact same things as Ivory is doing. I would not be amazed if I saw both of them standing side by side on the training field next week.

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