My Quick Game Notes: Game 3 vs the Giants

Just my quick thoughts on Game 3. Nothing precise, just impressions after watching.

Geno Smith

I really didn't see the disaster that several other people saw in Geno. I saw a QB that I much would rather watch this year than Sanchez, even if raw and unsteady at times. I saw a nice arm, nice improvisation, a feel for game momentum, competitive fire, the ability to throw on the move, excellent short pass touch, and some drops. Not going to breakdown pass for pass, but while there were a few inaccurate throws, throws a touch late, we know he has the accuracy to improve in just those areas. He was like a young colt out there (not the football team), just let him play I'd say.

Chris Ivory

I really don't see the "cowbell" "beast" that lots of people thought the Jets were stealing from the Saints, at all. (Yes, Carl Banks did refer to it as "bell cow" on the broadcast). It isn't like he can't slice through and burst through holes if they are there, he can. But his first acceleration step really isn't very electric as it was assumed to be, and though he runs hard he really doesn't run with thump. In short, he runs lighter and not quite as fast as we might have dreamed, though likely a good back for us. On the other hand Powell looked nicely complete, and has been interesting in the Wildcat. I would be surprised if this is anything but running back by committee.

Kyle Wilson

I also did not see the nightmare others saw in Wilson, mostly because the to PI calls in my mind were questionable. Yes, he should have turned back to the ball, a problem he has always had in his technique, and the very thing that the refs were picking on, but in both I saw the offensive player pushing off first, and Wilson was caught in retaliation against the larger, more physical receiver...a very tough cover for Wilson. I'm not saying he was good, but he was not as terrible as is being written.

Sheldon Richdarson

The guy is like Earl Campbell on Defense. He just moves in a different way somehow, bouncing off and exploding past players. It's hard to describe, but I think special.

Stephen Hill - Its not his hands

Sorry guys, all this time I thought maybe the thing holding Hill back was his hands, but it turns out it might be his brain. I actually liked him fighting back a bit on the penalty - at least he was awake and having a presence - but then when it came to putting his money and mouth together he is stripped while making a move. What can I say? It's just an impression i get, he doesn't have it between the ears to make use of all that physical talent. We are going to see flashes that make us get super excited, but he is going to keep blundering. Putting him and Sanchez together is like opening up a rift in the space-time continuum, out of which fumbles, drops, INTs and penalties will tumble.

Leger Douzable

Who the hell is this guy? (Sorry, I'm not paying close enough attention.) He seems to play with a mean streak and some power burst. I kinda like him.


Hey, I like what I'm seeing. Never do I get the feeling like I want to slap my palm to my head. I enjoy seeing the offense unfold, especially on that last Geno draw to TD, even if we don't have the horses to make it all happen.


I'm not really sure what I saw on Defense. The first screaming play down the sidelines just reminding me how much this team is going to suffer against the run, maybe both inside and outside, but then they settled down. It looked by scheme that it was going to cause problems for offenses, but it also appears as if there are personnel holes that are going to produce big breakdowns, and I suspect that teams are going to get better and better at producing the isolations they want as the year goes on and they see Rex's tendencies. It really hurts to not have Coples in on this early experiment.

Dee Milliner

Don't really love that he was out for this game. He already has an injury history. He has played very light (light-bodied) when out there, and is out again with a calf issue. We need big things from Dee but I'm at least a tad concerned we are going to have the 3 Feather Defense with Cro, Dee and Wilson out there.

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