Thoughts on the Rookies & Free Agents so Far?

So through training camp and 2 weeks of preseason how do you feel about the Rookies thus far?

Geno: I just don't know man. Hes been very inconsistent the past couple of weeks. Looks okay, then gets hurt, then practices horribly, and then had a near perfect day of practice. I do not believe the Mehta report about the Giants game. I think he will have to play lights out PLUS not turn the ball over to nail Sanchez Coffin. Even though Geno has more upside, I don't think they will start him week 1 if they don't think he can be consistent. I HOPE Geno wins it Saturday, but honestly, I think Sanchez has just got the better of him the past couple of weeks. I mean hes gonna have to BALL OUT to get it done, in my opinion at least.

Richardson: Not gonna lie, kinda had a Rex moment here. I've seen both games and really just haven't been paying attention to Richardson. For acouple reasons. 1. I expect him to be good, and am not really worried about him, so I'm not really looking to analyze him. 2. He just really hasnt made any splash plays that have stood out to me.

Milliner: I'm not very optimistic about him at this point. Not even from a skill standpoint. I think he has the skill and athleticism to be as great as he wants to be. But the guy seems like hes being held together by paper clips and bubble gum. I'll give him credit, he doesn't miss games, but look what happens when he plays hurt. Justin Blackmon mopped the floor with him. It seems like every week there's something else breaking down on this guy. Shoulder, then his thumb, now his calf that Rex says "Isn't getting better". Nothing major yet, but I'm starting to wonder if he will ever be completely 100% healthy.

Winters: Hasn't played yet, so no opinion so far. I do want him to start, even though I know that is unlikely. I have no interest in Peterman, or Duccasse starting.

T-Bo: Needs to work on his blocking. I like him. Looks like hes the starter anyway, with Lex out.

Ivory: Was not impressive against Jacksonville. Also didnt play that much though. I dont think it would be fair to judge him until the season. He might be preserving his energy. He didnt even seem to be really trying to be honest.

Colon: Improved alot the 2nd game. Looks really solid, and is becoming a leader. I like it.

Goodson: ....................... Does anyone know the deal with this guy?

What do you guys think about the Rookie/Free Agent class thus far? What do you expect from those guys this season.

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