Game Recap: Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets

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Let's take a look at the game, quarter-by-quarter.

Let's take a look at the New York Jets' victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars, via my stream-of-conscious thoughts.

First Quarter

  • Stephen Peterman is out with an injury, quickly. Stinger? Concussion? Well, guess he's fine, he's back in by second drive.
  • The offensive line looks phenomenal, and Mark Sanchez looks crisp.
  • The wide receivers are open, like all the time. Thanks, Marty Mornhinweg!
  • The defense is still having trouble making the tackle. Taking bad angles, not wrapping up, etc. David Harris in particular looks terrible.
  • Clyde Gates looks good as a kick returner. He's so fast.
  • Bilal Powell with a run through a wide open hole. The offensive looks so good.
  • Tommy Bohanon with a nice catch, but tried to get to cute with east-west movement. Needs to go north-south.
  • The run defense looks soo bad. They’re really struggling against the no-huddle and quick passes.
  • Except Muhammad Wilkerson. He’s still amazing.
  • Dee Milliner is struggling against Justin Blackmon. His coverage is actually pretty decent, he's just having trouble closing.

Second Quarter

  • Chris Ivory has looked okay. Not doing amazing, but he’s definitely getting more yards up the middle than most running backs would.
  • The wildcat has been really effective with Powell running it. If the preseason is any reflection, we'll see a number of direct snaps to Powell this year.
  • Sanchez looked like had learned a lesson by grounding a ball instead of risking a screen. Then, two plays later, he throws a pick in the end zone. He’s thrown 20 picks in last 17 games. He’s so frustrating, always been so inconsistent. Should we really expect anything different now?
  • Quinton Coples has looked good, except when setting the edge. He's pushing too far into the backfield, which makes him easier to avoid.
  • Bohanon’s had some nice catches, some good blocks. I like the way Mornhinweg is using him. If the preseason is any indication, he'll be a big player this season.
  • Coples just murdered Chad Henne #RIP #NeverForget
  • Jaiquawn Jarrett just had a nice tackle from behind. Gotta think he's close to locking up the starting free safety position. Rex Ryan seems to really like him.
  • Let’s just say the defense looks "brutal."
  • Jets capitalize off the muffed kick, Jets recover close to the endzone.
  • Sanchez tries to run it in, but Gates was WIDE open in the end zone. Sanchez has really struggled since the interception. He wasted a lot of time on the clock, and the Jets leave with no points.
  • Sanchez is so mentally frail.
  • Wow, Sheldon Richardson has had six tackles? They were pretty quiet, I barely even noticed him.

Third quarter

  • Looks like Sanchez will start the half? Good. Make this the third preseason game, give Geno Smith all of next week. Make the quarterback decision based off that.
  • The first team defense looks good against the second string Jacksonville offense. Good to know.
  • Braylon Edwards finally makes an appearance. Nice catch with almost no separation against a backup CB off of a bad pass. He's amazing, you guys.
  • More like LEGEND Douzable (amirite?) with the nice batted pass.
  • Ryan Spadola has a nice catch and run. Braylon Edwards looks meh against backups. I’d rather see what Spadola can do.
  • Kahlil Bell has looked good as well, has had some nice runs before scoring a touchdown.
  • If Gates can stick at KR and Bell keeps running this way, Joe McKnight is gone.
  • As a side note, Vlad Ducasse has looked very good in this game.
  • Where is Ricky Sapp?
  • Great leaping interception by Danny Lansanah.
  • Bohanon has looked good running the ball. Lot of fullback action by Mornhinweg.
  • Bell has had two touchdowns now, grinding out some tough yards. He’s playing for a spot on this roster, especially if McKnight doesn’t shape up. How does Ivory, Mike Goodson, Powell, Bell, and Bohanon sound?
  • Welp, Sapp finally does something against a backup with a sack.
  • Ellis Lankster has had a good game. Some good tackles.
  • Sanchez just threw a bomb to Edwards, but Edwards can’t get separation. He just doesn’t have that third gear anymore.
  • Rich Cimini is joking about blaming Idzik for Sanchez playing at end of the third, and seems to be making fun of Manish Mehta.
  • Sanchez throws across the body, bad decision against backups. Almost picked. Man, Sanchez started off really strong but ended poorly. Had a chance to lock up the week one start, now it’s still cloudy.
  • Nick Folk with a good kick, 54 yards.

Fourth Quarter

  • Our backups are pretty much dominating the Jaguar’s backups. Both offense and defense.
  • Oh man, Darrin Walls almost had a great pick. ATTACKED the ball.
  • Welp, Ricky Sapp with an offsides. I’m so tired of him. Get rid of him, he's useless.
  • Walls almost had another pick!
  • Matt Simms finally comes in at the beginning of the fourth.
  • Mossis Madu is in, now we’re really in backup land. He’s keeping his feet churning.
  • Oday Aboushi has been a pleasant surprise. He looked pretty terrible last week, but is playing much better this week.
  • Spadolaaaaaa. He’s had a few great catches.
  • Chad Spann just had a good blitz pickup.
  • Simms looks really good. Lot of arm strength, good decisions, accurate.
  • Edwards has played a lot with the backups. Really struggling to make the roster.
  • Rontez Miles with a good tackle. Gotta think he’s a practice squad contender.
  • Ryan Quigley has looked good out there as a punter with Robert Malone not playing tonight.
  • Mike Edwards recovers a botched snap in the end zone.
  • I like what Junior Aumavae has done. He’s been stout in the run game, and had a good pass rush around the right tackle. Moves quickly for a huge man. Practice squad material?
  • Royce Adams with a nice D.
  • Adams with another good knock down.
  • Madu has gotten the brunt of the backup snaps. I imagine Chad Spann is on the outs.
  • We win, 37-13!

Well, those were my thoughts. Overall, very good game. Sanchez had a chance to clinch the starting role for week one, but he really struggled against backups. Next week, let's see what Smith can do.

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