Rex's Big Contradiction and Other Random Thoughts

Rex Ryan Has Some Splainin' To Do

Ryan being to loyal to Sanchez has been well discussed on this site, but here are some thoughts I'd like to contribute to the discussion.

During OTAs this year, Rex told the media after a session where Sanchez threw three picks that his performance was "unacceptable". Well yeah that's all well and good, makes sense right? The thing is, I don't remember him saying anything that harsh in the past, not after just a practice at least. What's taken him so long to do it now?

Skip to the 2:04 mark in this video to hear something interesting. Sanchez is doing an interview with NFL Network a few days after being shut out 9-0 in a game against the Packers back in 2010. When asked about something that Rex has said to him in the past that really shocked him, Sanchez referred to the previous game. Rex apparently came into locker room during half time and told Sanchez basically to get it together in front of the rest of the team. Sanchez then talks about how surprised he was to be called out like that.

What is strange though, is at the 1:54 mark in the same video , Sanchez says this about Rex

He is the epitome of blunt force trauma. He''ll never slip anything under the rug, he'll never hide anything from you. He tells you exactly what he's thinking. good and bad.

Now we also have this, a quote from Rex that same faithful summer day he called Sanchez's performance unacceptable.

."This is OTAs and things, but yeah, that’s going to be the pressure that we’re putting on him," Ryan said. "He did a lot of great things. It’s not that you try to cover up the fact you had some bad plays — no, no, no you flat tell him. We can’t have these and all that type of stuff. He knows.

",no you flat tell him"?????

Both of these quotes seem to contradict what Sanchez said about being surprised by being told he was under performing during a game. If Rex is such an honest guy, than why, after the first year and a half of his career, is Sanchez surprised at being called out like that? Why the heck hasn't he being called out pretty much everyday since he got drafted?

I don't remember Rex saying too many mean things about Sanchez his rookie year, when he was possible the worst quarterback in the league. He did get really pissed off at him in that year after he ate the hot dog against the Raiders. Rex said Sanchez "disrespected the game" in his press conference afterwards and he apparently gave him an absolute earful on the plane ride home. Which honestly, it's kinda humorous to me, because considering how bad Sanchez was that year, the only thing Ryan took issue with was him eating a hot dog. (Insert fat joke here).

The fact that it's taken Rex this long just to get frustrated enough with Sanchez's play to call it "unacceptable" (and not some of the more more colorful adjectives that could and probably should be used to describe his play to this point) speaks volumes. Maybe he's is finally making some progress as far as not playing favorites, but it's probably too little, too late by now.

Ryan has called out players in the past in order to motivate them. Coples, Kerley, and Hill come to mind. I'm assuming that was what he was trying to do with Geno too. And I do think that is the genuine reason why does that. But as I said before, why hasn't Sanchez received a lot more motivation at this point?

None of this may mean much, and I may be looking to far into it. But its evidence to me at least that Sanchez was/is just straight up being held to a different standard that everyone else, and also was/is being coddled, as LT and others have attested to before. And some people think the fans are wrong to boo this guy?

I really couldn't care less if Rex is an honest guy or not , a lot of good coaches aren't honest at all. I do think Rex is more honest than the most coaches, to a detriment at times. The problem is this honesty doesn't always seem to apply to Sanchez for God knows whatever reason.

Joe Namath was said to have his own set of rules too. The difference is that Namath has a ring to show off, Sanchez on the other hand, just has his ass.

Now that that rant is over, on to other things.

Ryan Spadola Is An Interesting Guy

From Rich Cimini's Corty Awards article

WAYNE CHREBET UNDERDOG AWARD: Ryan Spadola. Tell me if this story sounds familiar? Jersey kid from non-BCS school goes undrafted, signs a free-agent contract and turns heads in camp. Spadola has a good chance to make the 53-man roster. Shades of Chrebet in 1995.

Unlike Chrebet however, Spadola looks more like a pro athlete. Here are his Combine numbers

Height: 6'1

Weight: 204

Hands: 9.68

Arms: 30 3/4

40 time: 4.48

10 Yard Split: 1.55

33.5 inch vertical jump

Broad Jump: 119

3 Cone Drill: 6.72 (5th Best Among Wide Receivers)

20 Yard Shuttle: 4.07 Seconds

60 Yard Shuttle: 11.35 Seconds

While none of these numbers are exactly eye popping, they're certainly not bad and show some potential.

As Cimini noted, he is a Jersey kid whose father also took him to Jets games as as a kid. He is second all time in receiving yardage and receptions in Lehighs school history, at 3,611 and 232 respectively. His best season came during his junior year, when he caught 96 balls, for 1614 yards and 22 touchdowns in 12 games, all of this coming against inferior competition of course.

His numbers dipped in 2012 due to a couple of reasons. He contacted Mononucleosis, which kept him out of two games and affected him for three more. He was also suspended one game due to forwarding a tweet that contained a racial slur, which can be found easily by typing his name into Google Images. Obviously a poor use of judgement on his part, but something he at least manned up too.

Will Spadola amount to anything? Who knows. But he's at least he's got an interesting story.

A Trend In The Recent Personnel Acquisitions Made By The Jets?

It seems like their has been more of an emphasis on acquiring tough and/or high energy players the last couple of years. For instance, last year the Jets drafted Stephen Hill and Demario Davis. It was apparent from the minute he got drafted that Hill had a lot of enthusiasm to his game. Davis also being known for his energy and strong personality. Both of whom have also been said as to have as a good a work ethic as anybody.

If you take a look at this years draft you'll notice something similar. Milliner is known as a hard nose player, and it's well documented what kind of motor Richardson has. Winters also seems to have a county strong attitude and Tommy Bohanon definitely is tough guy with good intangibles. Depending on what you you're willing to believe about Geno, him too. You can even see it with a couple of the the free agent signings. Barnes plays with an up tempo, Ivory is rhino, and Colon has the grittiness you always want to see in an offensive linemen. Even Landry this year, and Landry last year to an extent.

There a some obvious exceptions to this, Coples being the main one. But it seems to me the Jets are both trying to prevent more locker room problems and rebuild around guys with these kind of mentalities. Though, I could be looking to much into this too.

Just How Much Does Jeremy Kerley Enjoy Playing Fair?

People like to crictiize the guy for making bad decisions and fair catching too much. But I wonder how much that has to do with the fact that we led the league in special teams turnovers last year. Considering just how much of an issue it was last year, it wouldn't surprise me if the coaches drilled it into his head that he needed to play it safer.

Kevin Armstrong also had this quote from Kerley after he muffed a punt that was recovered by Seattle in Week 10 last year.

Jeremy Kerley on muffing punt: "I gotta fair catch it.

I couldn't find any stats on the matter, but it seemed to me that the fair catch rate seemed to spike during the second half of the season, but I could be wrong. I don't remember it being much of an issue his rookie season, tough I could be wrong about that too. How much of it is due to Kerley being too hesitant on his own, or the coaches preaching that to him, I'll probably never know. My guess is that both are a factor though.

Manish Not Held In High Esteem By More Than Just The Fans?

Check out this tweet from before the start of the Detroit game.

Also this from Rich Cimini's Corty Awards article

MOST OVERPLAYED STORY: Sanchez hearing boos in the scrimmage. A turnover-prone quarterback gets booed for throwing an interception? Oh, my God, what's happening to society?

Manish, of course, being the man who lead the charge against Jet fans for being classless when Sanchez got booed at the scrimmage game. Which I found to be funny, because he grew up an Eagles fan and said they would be his first choice of teams to cover. There was also this gem, where he appears to refer to Kimberly Martin as a stenographer.

You see a lot of the beat writers interact with each other on Twitter, not so much with Mehta however. I also used to see some national writers come to his defense when the heat was on, which also doesn't seem to be happening any more. Considering how thin skinned the dude is, he probably would hold a grudge against one of his colleagues for years if they didn't pick up his pen cap or ate the last slice of pizza in the press box. This isn't really important, just something I've noticed.

Update: Now we have this tweet from Cimini that came during the Jaguars game.

Manish was staunch on saying that Idzik was trying to rig the QB competition in Geno's favor. Something he appeared to base on absolutely nothing. I would assume this tweet is referencing that .

Well that's all I got, you don't have to comment, but please answer the poll.

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