My Quick Notes On Preseason Game 1 - Detroit

These aren't comprehensive, just quick sketches.

1. Wow, Sanchez looks EXACTLY the same as last year. The guy can't throw a short pass and has a bizarre affinity for making the game-turning play, this time a pick 6 attempting a throw to a receiver that was not anywhere in position to be open at anytime of the play. But we not only have that glorious play, we have the requisite "almost" INTs that Mark is also great at due to being so inaccurate with short passes.

People may say Powell should have had this grab, but look where the ball was, look how open Powell is. Bad things happen when you are off target - yes, my friends, even the play on which Holmes was injured was off target, and forced adjustment that probably lead to the freak injury. In this play the ball was batted up as Powell tried to turn back and reach for it, and was just a few feet from being high enough for a pick 6. People might think this is nit-picking, but consistently being off target, especially on short throws not only kills any YAC, it also produces more INTs and injuries.



This was a completely unforced bad throw, Sanchez throws with his usual on-the-move aplomb. People will just call this a drop, but in the world of Sanchez this is something much more - regular, unforced inaccuracy on simple throws that could result in very bad things.


And then of course this beauty to Winslow, below. Sure he may have thought he was leading Winslow, but his touch is incredibad. He still has no appropriate loft or feel for the short pass, and again it almost lands in the hands of a defender.


And like last year Sanchez ends up with decent big picture stats that tell absolutely nothing about how poorly he managed the game.

2. Geno looks great. Maybe it was just the affect of watching Geno step in after watching those horrid lollypop throws by Sanchez, but his athleticism and arm, his purpose in the pocket is seriously and dramatically different. Night and Day. There is a lot more to QB than that, but it was positively fantastic to see him back there. His throwing motion is so odd. It looks like he is going to make a long slow windup, but then the ball explodes out like a laser. Have no idea about how much of the offense he gets, but he GETS throwing the football, unfortunately something Mark does not.

3. Coples at OLB, meh. I know a lot of people have this fantasy that Coples is going to be some kind of OLB beast, some kind of unstoppable athletic force. He was my visual key for every Defensive play of the first half and I saw exactly what I expected. He just is not a dynamic, explosive athlete. He was handled pretty regularly when on the outside, one one one. He is a big, strong, long player, who pushes on every play, but he lacks serious fierce motor. He is more a kind of wear-you-down guy, with strength, not really made for the outside (though that was a nice pass deflection, which was cool, and used his size). The moved him to the inside on early pass rushing downs like 2nd and 8 and he seemed to be more effective, sometimes drawing a double team. Inside is where I've always seen him most effective, but still he really wasn't blowing anyone off the ball, or using angles to knife past. He started getting some push inside, maybe it was the beginning of the 2nd half (or the end of the first), but I just am not seeing that monster that everyone is dreaming of. My guess - and may I please be wrong - is that by mid-season he's going to be rushing on the inside more than anything else. But let's see.

4. Milliner is not the tackler that Revis was, and does not have his strength. Just an impression. He plays kind of "light", which isn't great since we already have 2 feathers at CB in Wilson and Cromartie. It may be called the 3 Feather Defense.

5. Richardson looked like a disruptive athlete. Again, just an impression. I did not get a chance to see a lot of Richardson as I was firmly following Coples around the field. The few times I looked for him he had an odd wrecking ball action on the offensive player in front of him.

6. Rex looked despondent - but quite tanned and trim. It may very well have been because the Detroit feed only cut to Rex when bad things were happening, but I saw this look a lot last year and it has become something of a habit for him. The quiet head shake, the small frown, the head down. As the leader of the team - or as "a" leader, as he seems to have stopped thinking about the Offense - the team takes cues from you when things aren't going well. It may be one thing to be disappointed, but you can't keep moping after miscues that in the end are your responsibility. He has gotten into a rut, the fire is out of him. You can't just have intensity when great things are happening on the field. Players feel this stuff. As long as he is concerned with his outside appearance, maybe he should check how he appears during team struggles.

7. Ben Obomanu was refreshing. Don't know much about his upside or history, played with the scrubs, but it was nice to see a nice sized, athletic player on the offense looking spry, competent, confident, making plays, looking like he belong on the field. Along the same point, where the hell is our Calvin Johnson clone Stephen Hill? Targeted twice, two catches for 16 yards? The guy is a vapor. How come he never impresses himself on the field. He just has flashes, and then I actually forget he is on the team.

8. McElroy came close to looking like a better option than Sanchez. Which actually says more about Sanchez than McElroy. Sanchez has this optical illusion going for him. He'll look great for 4-6 passes than then regress into bet-you-didn't-imagine-I-could-do-this mode. McElroy just struggles along, hits some passes if he's given time, fights for plays, nothing special, but he doesn't throw the game.

9. Was way more positive about Winslow JR. than I thought I would be. I've been down on the Winslow signing, mostly because I felt fans were going way over the top on his likely productivity, and also because I think Cumberland is better than a lot of fans think he is, but I came away impressed. But it wasn't his great pass catching, it was his presence on the field, the attitude and lean he played with. It makes a nice compliment to Cumberland's bulk and speed. I hope he stays healthy.

10. Whoever told Sanchez that this was the next look to go for, probably also consulted with Miley before she changed her look.


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