Jets Free Agent Possibilities: Offensive Edition

For this Fanpost, I want to figure out the biggest weaknesses on the Jets and what Free Agents remain for those positions. I am going to write a short summary of what is going on at each position and how strong—or in many cases weak—that position is. I want to split this into two parts: offense and defense, mostly because I realized halfway through that this will take longer than expected to write out. At the end of the post I will decide which FAs are worthy of being signed and which ones should be signed. I will also try and guess who the Jets would sign, which may be very difficult. I will do my best with cap restrictions but let’s be honest, who actually understands the cap? Alright, here we go....


Well, who needs an explanation for the current state of affairs with the QBs? Turn on ESPN for five seconds and I guarantee you'll see some sort of reference to the competition. I'll break it down for you in case you don't have access to a TV, newspaper, computer, cell phone, Ouija Board, or telegraph: Mark Sanchez is awful and Geno Smith is struggling. Thankfully we just signed Geno to a contract so he will show up for the preseason games. Yay. No FA will prove to be a viable starter for the Jets. The only purpose I see in signing a QB is for competition, but frankly I can't see us signing one. I'll list them anyway.

Free Agents Available: Vince Young, Charlie Batch, Byron Leftwich, JaMarcus Russell (hah)

Wide Receiver

Wide Receiver is probably our weakest position. We have a 29 year old wideout coming off a Lisfranc injury (and may not be available for a few games), a sophomore stone hands, and a slot receiver coming off a solid year. The rest of our receivers are nobodies, some of which show promise. I see a good future for depth at the WR position, but not for this season. We recently tried out Austin Collie and Laurent Robinson, two injury prone average receivers. The only FAs available seem to be either old or injury prone.

Free Agents Available: Brandon Lloyd, Austin Collie, Laurent Robinson, Randy Moss, Braylon Edwards

Running Back

Our RB position might be one of our better positions on offense. Might. There's a lot of uncertainty around whether Chris Ivory can be a full time back with his injury concerns. Even if he is injury free all year, we are still not sure if he will be as good in a system where there isn't an amazing QB with great WRs and TE. Mike Goodson will probably be the third down/alternate back and Bilal Powell/Joe McKnight will probably have slightly similar roles as last year but with fewer responsibilities. Considering that we recently signed two 25/26 year old RBs that show promise, I doubt we will sign another FA. Here are the options, though.

Free Agents Available: Michael Turner, Peyton Hillis, Cedric Benson, Beanie Wells

Tight End

We recently signed a soldier to be a TE. Alright problem solved. Well, honestly I don't even know who will be our starter. Winslow can be a starter if his knees hold out, but Cumberland showed some promise last year. I think the two of them will really share time quite evenly, but I also think Cumberland will get some more time on the field. What am I basing this off of? Hearsay—comments in other articles by people suggest this scenario. From the looks at both of these players, we won't get too much blocking from our TE corps.

Free Agents Available: Dallas Clark, Randy McMichael, Kevin Boss


We didn't re-sign Matt Slauson and Brandon Moore last year (we also got rid of Jason Smith but no one is crying over that). Willie Colon will most likely replace Moore and either Brian Winters or Stephen Peterman will probably play left guard. Why Peterman was signed is beyond me. I would like Winters to eventually start at left guard. We have some depth at guard so I can't see anyone being signed as an OL this year. man. Brandon Moore, but only if Colon gets injured.

Free Agents Available: Brandon Moore, Eric WInston, Jammal Brown, Jared Gaither

My Picks

Brandon Lloyd, Brandon Moore, and possibly Braylon Edwards

I think Brandon Lloyd can be a solid starter. I know it's important to have young players contribute so they can be better in the future, but I think it's more important to give Geno everything we can when he is first playing in order to succeed in the future. Considering the fact that Holmes may be out, I think getting a better WR to at least replace Holmes for a couple of games is important. I don't think Lloyd would sign if it means he only plays until Holmes is back and I don't think he'll only sign a one year deal.

Just like I said in the O-Line section, I think Brandon Moore would be a good choice if Willie Colon goes down with injury. We will have to see how he plays in preseason and if he can handle starting. If Moore agrees to the right price then I would much rather have him play than Stephen Peterman.

Last but not least, I think there is still something in Braylon Edwards. Now I know that Scott loves the idea of bringing him back so there's another case for him. BUt he is not my top choice. If we can't get Brandon Lloyd and really need someone to help fill in for Holmes, I think Braylon can at least contribute a bit. he did seem to play better than expected at the end of last season. I just want to reiterate that I don't think of him as our first choice at WR.

Who do I think the Jets will sign?

Well, honestly....Braylon Edwards. That's really it. I can only see us signing Brandon Moore if he's available and if Colon is down for at least most of the year. For some reason I just don't see Idzik signing Brandon Lloyd. Robinson and COllie apparently didn't play too well in their tryouts. I keep hearing Braylon's name getting thrown around like we are about to sign him. He seems like he's the most likely pick.

There you have it. That's really it. I kind of expected more options before writing this post but we're at the bargain bin now. I think there are more options for defense which means you all can expect a much better second post! Hooray!

Let me know what you guys think and please let me know if you thought of any other FAs. Like I said, this is bargain bin so I don't know too much about how good everyone is and I also happened to get most of my information from the ESPN Free Agency Tracker.

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