Top Ten New York Jets: #1A

The Number 1A New York Jet of All-Time

Jets Fans

No list of greatest Jets of all-time can be complete without acknowledging the one entity that makes the Jets the Jets: the Jets Fans.

From firemen to movie directors to people with fish for their last names to coonskin hat-wearers, people from every background can find the Jets and become attached in a way that strafes the line between religiously and obsessively.

For over four decades Jets fans have been the one and only staple that keeps the franchise together. Through thick and thin Jets fans watch season after season end in heartbreak without even coming close another Superbowl.

Jets fans spend their hard earned money to see a franchise get lazy when they need to pick up the pace (see Fake Spike Game), to get some of the greatest players get traded away for peanuts, to seeing their quarterback regress from back-to-back playoff appearances to diving into his own lineman's ass.

Anyone who has the intestinal fortitude to keep watching this team year after year is as tough or tougher than many of the people that put on the uniform.

Do you think that just because fans don't step on the field and take a hit it means they're not a Jet? No no no. By virtue of paying Leon Hess/Woody Johnson to attend the games or buy the merchandise, fans are the ultimate Jets.

In many senses being a Jets fan is like watching a season of "24" - there will be good moments, there will be bad moments, but ultimately something really terrible is going to happen. And that's part of why 24 is one of the greatest dramas of all-time - it keeps people on their toes.

Struggle is real. Conflict and trouble is real. It's what makes the Jets a team for the everyman. Fans that keep fighting, insisting that things will get better in the face of near impossible odds - that's only a part of what being a Jets fan is all about. If Job were still alive he'd be so proud (biblical reference).

Jets fans can wear whatever jersey they want - even retired ones. Fans are a part of the team, and deserve to be acknowledged as such.

That's why Jets Fans rightfully take a spot as the Number 1A New York Jet of All-Time

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