Which Jets Do You Think Have a Chance to be Pro Bowlers in 2013-14?



Hey GGN! My first ever post here, so don't be too harsh on me, or what the heck, just tear me a new one if you dislike something. Anyways, I always keep an eye on our Pro Bowlers each and every year, and have cherished every single one we've had. However, the Jets seem to have been running dry recently on Pro Bowlers, and I don't like it. Since Sexy Rexy took over, we've seen a gradual decrease in our pro bowlers, even resulting in some of the usuals (Mangold, D'Brick) not making it last year. However, as an optimistic fan, I want to see who has the best chance to make it this season to the Pro Bowl team. Starting off with a brief overview of the last few years:

In 2006 and 2007 we had NO pro bowlers...

We had a "win it now" roster that Mike T. assembled with massive free agency spending resulting in an explosion of 7 Pro Bowlers - and that was in 2008 when Revis, Leon Wahington, Brett Favre, Kris Jenkins, Thomas Jones, Mangold, D'Brick, and Alan Faneca made it the AFC roster. However, due to awful coaching by the Man Genius, we failed to take that roster to the playoffs. Shocking, I know. .

In 2009 Rex Ryan drafts Sanchez and the saga begins- Shaun Ellis (replaced injured R. Mathis) made it in with a sub par stat line of 6.5 sacks, 35 tackles, 1 FF, and 1 INT. He was accompanied by more deserving selection of Revis, Faneca, D'Brick, and of course Mangold. We finished 9-7, barely making the playoffs, and squeaking on through to the AFC championship game.

In 2010 - Mangold, Revis and D'Brick made it, and the Jets had one of their better season finishing 11-5, 2nd in the division behind the Patriots (Can't Wait!!), and made it to the AFC championship game.

In 2011 - Mangold, Revis, and D'Brick had repeat pro bowl seasons, and Brandon Moore finally got the recognition he deserved and accompanied them to the Pro Bowl. However Sanchez and the offense crapped on the season and we missed the playoffs, going 8-8.

In 2012 - Our train wreck, buttfumble, GM firing, injury plagued awful season. Sanchez went from crapping on the season to full on diarrhea-ing on it. We somehow managed to squeeze through 2 Pro Bowlers in Cro and Landry. Surprisingly, the usuals of Mangold, D'Brick, and Revis (injury), did not make it.

Our last QB to have made the Pro Bowl (I don't think he really deserved it) was Brett Favre with 3,472 yards 22 TDs and 22 INTs and before that was Vinny Testaverde in 1998.

Our last RB to make the Pro Bowl was Thomas Jones in 2008 with 1,312 rushing yards to lead the AFC and 15 total TDs. Makes me giggle and blush to think one of our offensive player led the AFC in some sort of major statistic.Before him was the HOF Curtis Martin in 2004.

Our last WR to have a Pro Bowl season was Keyshawn Johnson in 1999.

Our last LB to have a Pro Bowl season was Jonathan Vilma in 2005, and before him was Mo Lewis in the 2000 season.

So, that being said, who can make it to the Pro Bowl in this new upcoming season, featuring a much changed roster? Here are my over-optimistic predictions:

1) Nick Mangold - has a comeback season, refocused, and with a new and energized QB competition, this will excite him to play much better than last year, where Tebow would get subbed in and out, and the offense was often frustrated. Also the exciting backfield of Ivory and Goodson will be a great change for a blocker like Mangold to get some recognition from the voters in comparison to the boring, unproductive running of Shonn Greene. Not to mention, the West Coast Mornhinweg offense will have a huge role placed on the protectors of the QB, in comparison to the silly Tebow wildcat crap run by Sporano.

2) D'Brick - Given his proven ability to be a top blocker in the NFL, and having been one of the regulars in the AFC pro bowl roster before the train wreck 2012 season, I predict D'Brck will make the pro bowl due to pretty much the same reasons I stated for Mangold.

3) Antonio Cromartie - I don't think 'Tone had a lucky season last year, I believe he enjoys being considered as the best on the team for something, whether it's WR or CB. However, now he knows he's our #1 CB and he loves it, and that will result in him having a repeat pro bowl year. He plays with a different level of passion and intensity when he believes the team is depending on him, and this season, we very well are.

4) Quinton Coples - Yup, I truly believe it. He will be much better playing LB than on the DL. I believe is just intimidating with his physical attributes and I want to compare them to some of the top OLB in the league. Tamba Hali is 6'3 and Aldon Smith is 6'4. Coples is a towering 6'6, comes in handy in pass rushing and in coverage. Hali had a 4.87 40 time and Smith had a 4.74 40 time. Coples had a 4.78, falling in between both of these elite OLB's. Hali had 18 bench press reps and Smith had 20. Our Coples had 25, so strength will definately not be an issue. There is no reason, other than mental ones, that he should not be a monster OLB. I predict double digit sacks, 2 or 3 INTs and FF, and about 50 - 60 tackles. That is if he remains healthy and a full time starter.

5) Christopher Ivory - It seems the team is set up for an exciting run game. Willie Colon and Austin Howard and the young Brian Winters (who has a very pro Bowly name kinda like "Brian Waters" can only dream) will gel very well together with the Pro Bowl veteran O-linemen D'Brick and Mangold and with an improved Jeff Cumberland having a full season of starting under his belt, our RB will have to just remain healthy and run with a passion. Chris Ivory definitely has the burst, power, speed, vision, and maybe lacks a bit of elusiveness. However if Shonn Greene managed to compile 1214 total yards with 8 TDS, and he was the least elusive runner I've seen, not to mention a terrible receiver (what else would he learn from our receivers), then a much more capable Ivory should flourish under new management, better offensive coaching, and a refocused and renewed team. I feel he can compile more TDS than both Spiller and Charles due to his power, and I feel Arian Foster isn't the same dominant runner of the past 3 years and that he is beginning to slow down, especially with Ben Tate taking over more of a share in the Texans' backfield. So Ivory has a good chance to make it on the AFC Pro Bowl roster as a RB.

6) Austin Howard - for having only one game of starting under his belt, Austin Howard played beautifully last season and gave me hope that he, at 26 years of age, only has room to grow and get better and he will. He was rated by the bleacher report as the 13th best right tackle in the league, and that's after he was shoved into a starting role almost immediately after the disastrous preseason games by Wayne Hunter. He is a powerful run blocker at 6'7 and 333 pounds and has quick enough feet to maintain decent pass protection, which should only improve even more in the offseason given how much it improved during the regular season. With a quick passing Mornhinweg West Coast offense, and Rex's run 1st mentality, everything in the team's offensive mentality seems to be fitting to suit Howard's strengths while undermining his weaker aspects.

Honorable Mention:

1) Mo Wilk - He is already a force, and will only improve, but I feel like his style of play does not appeal to the pro bowl voters. He is more of a dominant presence, instead of a dominant stat sheet stuffer like Quinton Coples can potentially be. Almost like Kris Jenkins, however, Kris was a much BIGGER presense and a much bigger personality on the field, and was thus recognized, where I doubt Mo Wilk will be. Regardless, I know he will play on an elite level, but to make it to the pro bowl as a DE, you need a bit of flash, and that's where I doubt Mo Wilk will impress the voters.

2) Dawan Landry - the Jets drafted the best CB in the draft by far, and I believe Milliner will be a monster in the NFL. We also have pretty darn good #3 corner in Wilson. We already know that the Jets' major strength is going to be the D-Line. So with a weak linebacker crew, it sets the safeties up with the chance to shine. The D-line will provide pressure in pass plays, and with Cro, Milliner, and Wilson, glued to the recievers, a decent and experienced safety could gather up a bunch of interceptions, tackles, and disrupted passes, not to mention big hits (ask Laron). With our weak linebacking corps, runners will get past to the secondary often, and Dawan is a proven tackler and in the last three seasons he's had 100, 97, and 111 tackles. I expect those numbers to rise as well as interceptions. However it'll be tough to see Dawan be recognized past his brother Laron or Troy Polamalu, but anything can happen if he outperforms them.

Hopefully my predictions come true, what are yours? Also give me a follow @davyengo626, thanks dudes!

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