Over/Under- 2013 New York Jets Edition

Hey, I finally got off my butt and wrote a fanpost! Anyway, I think most of you know what's coming, so let's go ahead and try to predict what's gonna happen with this extremely unpredictable team.

1. 30th ranked offense in the league

I'm gonna say over for this (meaning better than 30th) simply on the merit that I have a really hard time believing that we're going to be that outstandingly bad for a second season in a row. Also, the improved running back corps, improved offensive coaching, and hopefully improved quarterback play are bound to make some sort of a difference.

2. 1000 rushing yards for Chris Ivory

I'm gonna say under here. I'm well aware of how talented of a runner he is and that if he could stay healthy he could easily go for 1200+ yards. That being said, I'm not terribly optimistic about him being able to stay quite healthy enough to get 250+ carries without having to miss some time here or there. That being said, i'm excited to have some real explosion in the backfield for once with him and Goodson in there.

3. 8 sacks for Coples

Over. Even with this so-called position change, he'll have plenty of opportunities to get after the quarterback, and he's still effective on the outside. I'm quite sure he'll also get plenty of chances to go on the inside against the pass protection-deficient guards of the league as well. Considering he only played about half the snaps last year and he still managed 5.5, i'm sure we'll see a jump in production.

4. 10 starts for Geno Smith

I'll go over. Maybe this is moreso something that I hope happens as opposed to something that will happen, but I don't think anyone should be surprised that there were a couple of bumps in the road during OTAs and minicamp with Geno trying to get a hang of the new offense. Going from a college spread offense to any pro offense is a monumental task, let a lone a west coast offense that's heavily predicated on footwork which was never emphasized in his old program. I think he'll get the hang of things soon enough. Also, even if Sanchez is supposedly in the lead so far, I'm willing to bet it won't last once the preseason rolls around. And even if he does end up being the opening day starter, I think he's getting pulled pretty quickly. I'm almost getting the impression that even Rex is sick of Sanchez now.

5.5th ranking pass defense

I'll go under. I still think we'll put up a pretty strong pass defense since I have a lot of confidence in our cornerbacks, but I think our safeties are going to hurt us here. Dawan Landry isn't much of a coverage guy at this point in his career and if Josh Bush wins the starting job, i'm honestly not particularly confident in him. Giving the starting job to a 6th round pick from a year ago generally isn't a recipe for success. Especially in a defensive scheme as complicated as this one. The 2nd ranking from a year ago was probably a bit deceiving since teams didn't have to throw against us that much since they could just run the ball out after getting ahead.

6. 30 catches for Stephen Hill

I'll go over. Just a little over though. I'm expecting something similar to Demaryius Thomas's second season. I think some time to look back on what went wrong for him last season and to keep working on all of the subtleties and nuances of playing receiver in the NFL, as well as just getting used to what it means to be a pro is going to help him out. I expect him to show some improvement.

7. 10 catches for Hayden Smith

Over. I think he might be able to carve out a small role in the offense, but that's purely a guess.

8. 3 pro bowl berths

Under. This team's reputation is in the toilet right now and the pro bowl is a glorified popularity contest so I think that's enough to not get people on our team to the pro bowl. As far as players that could conceivably make the pro bowl, there's Cromartie, Wilkerson, Ferguson, Mangold, and possibly Ivory.

9. 6 wins

I'll push on that one. Considering how many questions marks surround the team, it's hard to tell how exactly things are going to pan out. It's probably safe to say it isn't going to be very good though. The difficult schedule and lack of top-level talent doesn't paint a pretty picture. I'm gonna say if we go about half-and-half with things breaking good and bad, we'll end up at about 6 wins.

What do you guys think?

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