#8 New York Jet of All Time...

Honorable Mention: The first round of the NFL draft has often had more "wide rights" than not. In 1980 the Jets chose WR bust Johnny Lam Jones over Hall of Famers Anthony Munoz and Art Monk. In 1990 they chose Blair Thomas ahead of Emmitt Smith. And of course there's Vernon Gholston - drafted #6 overall but failed to make a single sack in 3 years before leaving the game. But the next player on the countdown was a 1st round pick that all would agree the Jets got right...

The Number Eight New York Jet of All-Time:

Darrelle Revis

In 2007 the Jets chose Pittsburgh CB Darrelle Revis. In his rookie year under Eric Mangini he was above average, in his second year he was a Pro Bowler. But when Rex Ryan got his hands on him in 2009, he helped Revis have the most dominant year of any CB in NFL history.

In 2009, Darrelle Revis was named All-Pro after having a season in which he intercepted 6 passes, returned one for a TD and had 31 defended passes - the most of any player (by far) in the previous 5 years. He came just shy of winning NFL Defensive Player of the Year and helped the Jets reach the 1st of two straight AFC Championship games.

In the last game of the 2009 season, Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco challenged Revis to prevent him from catching a ball the entire game and promised to change his name back to Chad Johnson if Revis succeeded. In a stunning performance, Revis completely erased Chad from the game and helped clinch the Jets a spot in the 2009 playoffs. In the 2009 AFC Divisional game against the Chargers, Revis made an interception on his back of a pass deflected from WR Vincent Jackson's shoe/

In 2010, despite missing 3 games, Revis was All-Pro once again without any interceptions to his stat book. Why? Because QBs simply stopped throwing at his direction. Revis had become so dominant by 2010 that QBs could no longer risk being picked off and having the pass returned. In the 2010 Wild Card game against the Colts, Revis held All-Pro WR Reggie Wayne to 1 catch for 1 yard in a 17-16 victory.

In 2011 Revis returned a Matt Moore interception 100 yards for a TD, the longest of its kind in Jets history, in his 3rd straight All-Pro season.

So why is Revis at #8 on the list?

Unfortunately, the relationship between Revis and the Jets front office was always very tense. He held out the first 21 days of the 2007 training camp, as well as the entire 2010 pre-season while negotiating a new contract after being only 3 years into it. When he was injured in 2012 and missed the rest of the season, Revis demanded a massive contract do-over, but couldn't communicate with the office and was traded to Tampa Bay.

While Revis' accomplishments for the Jets are unrivaled by most players in team history, his time with the Jets was simply too short to properly establish him on the Jets All-Time list. His numerous injuries, holdouts, and (to many people) selfish attitude caused him to leave New York under very unfortunate terms with an uncertain future in the NFL.

If the Jets and Darrelle Revis ever work out their differences and work together again, maybe his spot on this list will change. But for now, Darrelle Revis is the Number Eight New York Jet of All-Time.

Next: Is this Jets pass rusher being rated way too low, or way too high?

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