Why The Braylon Edwards Fanclub Will Never Be Truly Over

For a long time many people here at GGN have been outspoken in saying that Braylon Edwards is done, washed up, and/or capable of making the team. And these statements are most likely true.

However, the reason that Braylon Edwards still has so much support among Jets fans is that he is/was the only consistent offensive playmaker at the height of the Rex Ryan era.

People love playmakers, impact players, guys who make the highlight reel time after time after time. As far as I can tell, Braylon Edwards had more big plays in his games with the Jets than Santonio Holmes has in his.

Braylon Edwards single handedly saved the Jets or kept them alive in several games: Buffalo (2nd) in 2009, Miami (1st) in 2010, Houston in 2010, the Wild Card game against the Colts in 2010, the Divisonal game against the Pats in 2010.

The best highlights of the 2009-2010 seasons not held by Santonio Holmes or Thomas Jones were held by Braylon Edwards. Despite his inconsistency in terms of being open or being an intelligent human being, he was a fun guy to watch.

Complainer: But MachlinT, those days are long gone. Response: The player may be gone, but the memory of those plays is the only thing that allowed guys like Mark Sanchez, Brian Schottenheimer, Mike Tannenbaum and even Rex Ryan to keep their jobs.

It was the initial efforts of Edwards and his playmaking ability that made Sanchez appear serviceable (if only for a few moments). A lot of people in the Jets organization owe their jobs to Edwards and I'm willing to bet that without him the Jets would've much less success in the first 2 years of the Rex Ryan-Mark Sanchez era.

In all honesty, in the last 4 years of watching the Jets, the only offensive player that I looked forward to seeing the ball in his hands was Braylon Edwards. And I have a feeling a lot more people feel the same way even if they wouldn't admit it.

So even if the Edwards we knew and loved is gone forever, he had a much bigger impact for this franchise than he is given credit for. And that is why there are so many people that are still a fan of him, and why so many people will still welcome him back with open arms and open wallets.

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