What is Leadership?

According to Wikipedia: Leadership has been described as “a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task".

For those of us who are into our careers, we know the importance of leadership. Proper leadership can accomplish goals, can improve performance of peers, can help with turnover. Your boss has objectives, and a good boss will align your goals with theirs. They will ask for feedback. They will generally stay positive and not be demoralizing. They get the best out of their employees. And if you hate your boss, and have other options, you probably won't stay very long.

Leadership is intangible quality, and it doesn't show up in the stats. At the same time, it is difficult to define what makes a good leader. There are so many theories and techniques which professionals will present that can cost thousands of dollars! To be fair, I don't know much about those theories, but I will do my best and use my limited experience both on the field, on the ice, and in my professional life to determine what I perceive makes a good leader.

A good leader has:

-Respect. I believe a good leader needs to have respect for for themselves, their team, and coaches. This can even go deeper and have respect for things such as society, and the law.

-Effective Communication. Sometimes it's about understanding what needs to be said. It is about understanding how to motivate and understand that you can't always be someones friend and being a leader at the same time. Sometimes people need to hear something that may upset them.

-Focused Driven/ Work Ethic. Understanding what it takes to get to the goal. There are two types of goals: Strategic Goals which require a long period of planning and training and Tactical which are generally short term and an adjustment can help. This could be having the discipline to train, add muscle, get in shape, or it can be about studying in the film room, or making adjustments on the field.

-Dedication. Prioritizing things in your life. Willing to continuously improve and willing to take that extra step. Being passionate and willing to share your dedication to help others improve.

A few things. I think despite his comments in Hard Knocks, I think Rex Ryan is a very good leader. I have never interacted with him at a personal level, but if he positively reenforces and communicates to his peers as he does to the media, I think he has it. I sincerely hope that the Jets are able to realize good talent when they have it, and create some stability and less turnover: both in the front offices (Once Izdik has trust in his staff), and roster turnover (again once we have a respectable amount of talent and to be fair we are starting to get decent depth)

Mark Sanchez is at a position where arguably leadership comes at a premium. I think he is lacking in the communication and focus driven aspects.

Geno Smith... we will see.

Johnny Manziel... sorry kid.

How would you define a good leader?

Would you agree leadership ability is important at premium positions, and more importantly, traits that should be strongly considered in the first two days of the draft?

Does Rex Ryan possess those qualities you defined as being essential for leaders?

Which offensive and defensive players has the ability to be a leader in the locker room and on the field?

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