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Hi There

Just another Mock draft evaluating latest news and based on a mixture of draft needs and draft class. I won't bring up a lot of names, as being European and living there, it's not as easy to follow NCAA. So i will choose the position to pick and when given name some Players.

For the Mock i'll try to give an idea what position could be drafted in specific rounds, barring that difference makers don't fall to the Jets when they pick, in which case they should draft talent before needs.


The Trade with Revis will take place. Contrary to many Mock drafts, i don't expect to get a 1st Round Pick this year. But the Jets should not settle for at least getting a 2nd Round Pick this year and a 1st next year.

UPDATE: Apparently the Bucs are willing to give away their 1st round pick. Still this mock gives an idea what to do, without taking account to the latest development. It only takes into account of having one additional 2nd round pick.


As for the needs i widely agree with the ongoing "GGN's Big Board" evaluations, which gives a need factor to the Positions:

  • QB: 10/10
    Even if the need is undeniable, i wouldn't draft a QB this year, with all the question marks on the board and the holes the jets roster provides. With assumption of getting an additional 1st round Pick next year (Revis trade), the chances are good to get a franchise QB in 2014. At this position it's all about quality, having 4 mediocre QB doesn't help anyone. It does somehow make sense, if fair or not, Rex having to go along in his with the QB he (or Tanny) drafted and supported. I know it's a questionable move and risky, but i feel that's what i'd do.
  • OL: 9/10 (mainly Guard)
    Widely discussed on GGN, one of the main issues with Slauson and especially Moore gone. An appropriate Guard would help the passing and running game, actual starting Guards are Colon and Ducasse. Ferguson and Mangold are without a doubt fine, Howard is more of a backup than a starter. Depth is very limited. Therefore one of the top needs in the draft. It would give the new RB corps an adequate preposition to show what their worth. And eliminate some excuses made for the QBs. There could be a stop gap solution through free agency (Peterman, UPDATE: No deal) but the jets still need to draft a guard. A stop gap solution although might give the Jets the chance to draft a project instead of a starter.
  • TE: 8/10
    Having Cumberland, Reuland and Smith is not something you'd go bragging about. Cumberland is a restricted free agent with a tender on him (afaik). I highly guess he'll come back, as i don't expect to go into the season with Reuland (slow) and Smith (unexperienced). UPDATE: Cumberland signed tender. Keller will be missed and the Jets not only need a weapon here, but TE with blocking capabilities as well.
  • RB: 6/10
    Not the worst position. Powell showed that he can at least split carries, without raising too many eyebrows though. Goodson could prove himself for the first time in his career to be a starter. Sure the Jets are still looking for a clear cut starter at this position. But then again, this guys could surprise. As for McKnight i can't come up with a full fledged opinion. Hard to say how this season will go for Joe.
  • WR: 5/10
    Given that Holmes might not be loved based on his attitude, but when healthy he is a legitimate weapon in the offense. Kerley stepped up nicely last year and can be accounted for. Hill instead has still a lot to prove, but judging him would be early. Lack of talent on the bench with Gates and White, maybe adding Edwards could solve this problem for a year.

Other Positions (Defense yet not covered by GGN's Big Board):

  • S: 10/10
    A glaring whole in the roster. Both stop gaps Landry and Bell left. If the Jets had a ton of picks, they'd double dip this position. I expect at least one Safety to be drafted, even if we get another one out of free agency. Actual starters are Allen and Bush.

  • LB: 9/10
    The heavy contracts of Scott, Pace and Thomas have been removed. That's three starters. Not all of them will be missed strongly. Harris and Davis might be ok for ILB, although Davis yet has to confirm what he brings to table and Harris wasn't spectacular (actually quite bad) last season. As for OLB McIntyre and Barnes might not be what you want as starters and the Jets still miss a consistent pass-rusher. In fact that would help to cover some issues on the Safety department.
    Depth is an issue too. Big need.

  • DL. 6/10
    Short term solution solved thanks the signing of Garay, but DeVito will still be missed. Depth might lack a bit. Can be addressed now, will be addressed latest next year.

  • CB: 4/10
    With the assumption of Revis leaving, adding some depth or better a viable starter wouldn't be the worst idea. Short-term is not alarming, Cromartie and Wilson did a good job and Jets know, they're still having a good pass defense even without Revis. Trufant, Lankster and Berry provide some depth.

Needs Overview:
QB: 10/10
S: 10/10
OL: 9/10
LB: 9/10
TE: 8/10
DL: 6/10
RB: 6/10
WR: 5/10
CB: 4/10

Draft Class:

Strong positions:

S: Throughout the draft many talents and prospects. Very Strong.

DL: Vast Talent in early Rounds. Very Strong.

OG: Elite talent in early Rounds, good Choice in middle Rounds.

TE: Few Elite Talents, vast choice in middle and late Rounds.

Mediocre Positions: OLB, OT, RB, C, WR

Weak Positions: CB, ILB, QB

The priority draft needs of the Jets fit very nicely with what this draft class offers, except the aforementioned QB-Class. It's said to be the weakest position in this draft and weakest QB Class in many years.

It reads like this, if you can get a Guard early, do so as this might be known as a Class of its own. Safeties can be found all over the draft with obvious risks the later you pick. If you don't want to pick a tight End early, you should be able to get some nice production in the middle rounds or add some depth in the late rounds. Same if you want to draft a DL.

As for OLB and OT there some nice players in the early rounds, gets more difficult to find some later on. Opposite to WR and RB, there are only so many players on top of the board, but quite some gems in the middle rounds. Since it's not a primary need, i wouldn't advise to draft RB or WR before the middle Rounds.


Round 1: Pick 09
Round 2: Pick 07 (#39)
Round 2: Pick 11 (#43) from TB
Round 3: Pick 10 (#72)
Round 4: Pick 09 (#106)
Round 5: Pick 08 (#141)
Round 6: Pick 10 (#178)
Round 7: Pick 09 (#215)

If the Jets could trade back a few spots with the first Pick, i would do so. But it's just not possible to foresee that this would happen. Therefore the Mock goes without any trades besides the Revis Trade.


Round One (Pick #9)

Given the situation with QB in this Class, i'd still hang with Sanchez and Garrard and not draft a QB. Only based on the unwritten rule of drafting a QB every year, i would eventually draft one in the late rounds. Safe the ammo here for next year, where we hopefully have two 1st round Picks and have a shot getting a franchise QB.

Sorted that out, in the first round we should go either with a Linebacker or a Guard. So far i figure this is overall consensus. Now, with all the holes we have to fill, we should not go for raw talent, like we did sometimes in the past, but with safe, low-risk pick. Granted there's no sure thing, but we need every capable player on the field an not on the bench hoping for fast development.

If we choose to go for a Linebacker the 9th Pick might be ok, most named players are Jarvis Jones and Barkevious Mingo. If we choose to go for OG, Cooper or Warmack are the players Jets fans name most. In many mocks at least one of the four mentioned players should be available. It's not excluded that all these player could be available when the Jets draft. If given the chance we should consider to trade back.

Since it's said that Ezekiel Ansah could work as a 3-4 OLB, his name should be mentioned even tough i believe we could not afford to wait till he masters the new position.


Round Two (Pick #39 and #43)

Depending on what position was drafted in Round One, the open position between OLB and OG should be covered with one of the picks. OLB to be considered are Arthur Brown, Alec Ogletree if still available. As for OG most named available at this stage is Larry Warford, which should be a dependable starter.

Covered OLB and OG, next pick should be leaning more towards BPA but definitely within the positions S, TE, DL. If based on BPA players don't fall, like say Matt Elam (S, see analysis of David_Wyatt), or TE like Ertz or Eifert are gone, Vance McDonald should be available if you think you're not reaching.

Should for some reason neither a Safety or a Tight End be available that wouldn't be classified as a reach, one out of those DE could be drafted: Carradine, Hunt, Okafor.


Round Three & Four (Pick #72 and #106)

By now the Jets should have drafted a Guard, a pass-rusher and most probably a TE. In that case now it's about time to provide some value at the strongly needed safety position. Maybe there is Phillip Thomas available, but Bacarri Rambo (anaylsis of tinley24) seems to fit the Jets and is projected to be available in the third, some might argue he could be there even in the forth round. In any case it's imminent to have a safety drafted within the fourth round.

If the Safety Spot is covered, it might be just the case to draft a TE. Notable names could be: McDonald, Kelce, Escobar. Some TE could be drafted even in 4th. If the Jets actually feel they could add a TE in the late Rounds, some of them analyzed here at GGN, they could with Lutzenkirchen, Fauria, Stoneburner and Hybrid FB/TE Kyle Juszcyk.

As stated above if the Jets decide to add a TE in the late Rounds and having already picked a safety, there's a variety of moves that can be done at this point. Presumably the Positions DL, RB and WR would be best added at this point. As DE/OLB Corey Lemonier would be a nice addition, as DE Malliciah Goodman seems available. If John Jenkins might fall to early third round, he should be considered.

In the 3rd and 4th Round there is quite a selection of offensive weaponry and therefore not surprising if the Jets decide to go in this direction. Out of many Backs at least one of the following should be ready for drafting: Montee Ball, Christine Micheal, Knile Davis, La'Veon Bell, M. Gillislee. Maybe even Lattimore, who knows. As for Receiver it's hard to know who will be still there, so i just list some and see who's available.


Round Five & Six (#141 and #178)

At this point the Jets should have drafted at least one Linebacker, a Guard, a Safety and one offensive weapon (TE/RB/WR). The other pick might have been a WR/RB or a DL.

In Round Five and Six should mainly be drafted by BPA. It's advisable though to not draft a TE now unless great value (look again in 7th or UDFA), but to go for a running back if not yet drafted, defensive Lineman, another safety or another Linebacker. Only if given great value, draft a ILB or a Cornerback. You might even play the Wolf-card and Draft a Quarterback now.

Possible Targets:

Round Seven (#215 and UDFA)

Everything goes in the seventh. In case the Jets didn't pick a TE, some prospect should be still available. Even drafting a Kicker goes here. Useless to presume which way to go. You either see a player you like or add some depth where needed.

Feel free to destroy my first Mock ever (is this actually consider a Mock draft?). Happy to get some constructive critic from this community.

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