Mock Draft 2.0 Post Free Agency

First I would like to say I am pleased with what moves we have made with little cap room. I am also very happy we did not sign good football players elite talent, just because they are on the market. Colon, Goodson, and Barnes I think can all add significant value to our football team. Now do I think we are Superbowl Contenders? Probably not but I think we have the potential to be a decent football team with a decent shot in 2014. So here is what I think we should do.

Trades: Revis to the Bucs for their 13th overall pick, 5th round this year and a 4th round pick next year thatcould turn into a 3rd based on contributions and playing time. I would hate to see us let him walk after this year, but I also don't think we should settle for anything less than what Revis is worth.

Round 1 Pick 9: Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia. 6' 3" 245 pounds, 4.75 40 yard dash. This guy has a motor that never quits. 44 tackles for loss and 28 sacks against elite talent. I'm not sure if our whole team had those stats last year. He does have medical questions, but everything I have read seems to point in the right direction. I would prefer Dion Jordan here, but I do not think he will last. Jones provides a day 1 starter opposite of Barnes.

Round 1 pick 13: D.J. Fluker 6' 6" 335 pound OT Alabama. Now this guy is one massive human being. The only reason, in my opinion, this guy odes not go in the top five is because he is a true RT. This is exactly what we need to get back to a true ground and pound mentality. Our line would now look like D' Brick, Colon, Mangold, Vlad, and Fluker. This to me sound like a good solid line. It also gives our sub par QB's a chance to at least produce in an offense.

Round 2: Matt Elam 5' 9" 202 pounds, 4.50 40 S Florida. This guy may be my favorite player in the draft. He has a linebacker mentality and loves to hit. Reminds me a lot of Laundry, which I love those type of players. This guy had 5 ints to go along with 76 tackles. He does show decent range, but can be beat on some deep throws. However, in our system he could become a very very good safety.

Round 3: Landry Jones QB Oklahoma 6' 4" 218 pounds. This guy would have been a top ten pick last year if he would have came out. He under performed last year, so we get him at a steal. He is a true pocket passer with a good arm. Through for 4500 yards, 30 TD's compared to only 11 ints. Not off the board stats, but he could grow into a good backup or possibly a starter. Plus it is a minimal risk.

Round 4: Tyrann Mathieu DB LSU 5' 9" 175 pounds. Probably the best all around football player on the board. A sure fire first round talent if it were not for his off the field issues. He is a little undersized as of now. However, he has true talent as a football player. He could fly all over the field under a Rex Ryan defense. Also gives us a really good special teams returner as well. I would love for us to take a chance with this guy and let him learn under Crom or even revis if he is still there.

Round 5: Joseph Fauria TE UCLA 6' 7" 255 pounds. This guy is very comparable, in measurement, to Gronk. He automatically makes for a tough match up with any defense. I was to upset about losing Keller, because of tight ends like this guy. They are just so big and fast no linebacker can guard these type of players. He had 12 TD's his senior season. Great red zone target, and I just hope this guy lasts til the fifth round.

Round 5 from the Bucs: Kenjon Barner RB Oregon 5' 11" 192 pounds. He had 2000 all purpose yards last year to go along with 22 tds. Granted he played in a very high tempo offense, but he always seemed to be the focal point. He gives us a dual threat out of the backfield and a ton of speed. A great change of pase back to pair with powell and Goodson.

Round 6: Kwame Geathers DT Georgia 6' 6" 355 pounds. This is a huge man, and a true NT ina 3-4 scheme. With the loss of Pouha and Devito, we at least need depth. with 40 tackles, 5 tackles for loss, and 1 sack last season, against elite talent, he is well worth the value.

Round 7: Charles Johnson WR Grand Valley State 6' 2" 215 pounds. This guy ran a 4.38 40 and can flat out fly. One of the best things a team can do with not a lot of offensive weapons is by drafting speed late in the draft. He had 31 TD's his final two years and 2100 yards. Granted he played against sub par talent.

i realize i did not feel all the wholes we need, but I dont think we can do that in one draft. Let me know what you guys think. I appreciate all the comments. GO JETS!!!

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