John Idzik: "It's an open competition"

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Competition breeds excellence, and that is the mantra of the New York Jets

I popped onto the ESPN Jets blog earlier and there were no fewer than 7 different Tebow based articles in the last 24 hours, overkill much?

John Idzik has been talking about the Jets released Tebow, and explaining that this competition is truly open and anyone can win, not just at the quarterback position but at every single position on the football field.

"It's an open competition," Idzik said on ESPN radio's Mike & Mike show on Tuesday. "It's an open competition not only at quarterback, but at all positions on our roster. That will hold not only throughout the entire year, but hold as long as I'm here. Mark's in the competition. We fully expect that it will help him get better. It will help David get better…. It will help Greg. It will help Matt Simms. It will certainly help Geno. I think the more quality, depth and competition you can bring in at the position, it makes everybody better. That certainly incudes Mark."

I don't think this is anything that we did not expect, but we have heard about open competitions before, but you really got the feeling that you knew who was going to be starting from the get go.

In many ways this is one of my favorite times of year, we largely know who is going to be on the roster but there is so many unknowns with draft picks, free agent signings and UDFA's, you could be better than expected and you could be worse.

I fully expect either Garrard or Geno to be starting day one, but if Sanchez comes in and excels in Marty's offence, well then play him. Right now I think it's time to clean the slate at all positions and just tell everyone, whoever performs will be playing.

We'll have competition all across the board, at the QB position, at the RB and WR position. We'll have some competition at RT with Howard and Oday Aboushi. At RG and LG with Peterman, Vlad, Winters and perhaps Campbell too. We'll have some competition at CB between Kyle Wilson and Dee Milliner, some at safety with Bush and Allen and perhaps a UDFA surprise competing. Lets not even start on the talent we have on the defensive line.

Don't listen to the media and all their circus talk, be excited about all the possibilities and all the little battles we are going to see through the summer, and through pre-season. I know I am.

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