Draft grades and UDFA grades

This draft was punctuated by the facts that the Jets are a middle of the pack team. Having traded away their best player for a high pick put them in a position to get impact players to rebuild with. The biggest need was and is the offense. One of the worst last season it only got worse with free agent loses and no free agent acquisition that can help the team get better.

That said, this is my take on the draft. Take into consideration that I rank the pick not just the player.

At #9 overall Dee Milliner: A

Explosive player with amazing skills, he will be an instant upgrade over Wilson. He can help the safeties cover Tight Ends and has the speed to keep up with anyone. Only knock on him is that he has butter hands. As long as he keeps the ball away from the other team it really does not matter if he catches it. Revis had few interceptions also, it is not coming away with the ball the matters in the defense, it is giving it back to your offense and keeping the opposing team from scoring.

At #13 overall Sheldon Richardson: A++

I don't agree with taking two defensive players in the first round. I would have rather traded one of those picks for at least a first and a third. So much talent deed in this draft. Richardson was however the best player available and a monster. A very solid player to complement a very good defense. A solid front seven is deadly important whether you are playing against the run or the pass. With this move the Jets can give more 4-3 looks, even move Coples to LB now and then. He could be the difference maker now that the Jets decided to forgo the linebacker position. I can almost see the Jets playing Dime every other snap.

At #39 overall Geno Smith: A

An A grade? Yep. Getting this kind of talent and upside for a second round pick is good, very good. Smith is incredibly capable and skilled. The main concern here is not his inconsistency, it is the Jets coaching. Smith's problem in college can be attributed to coaching. That staff had all this talent and kept trying to blow people away. Instead of allowing the players to get good at making certain plays they kept expanding the playbook. Reminds me of Scothemheimer or whatever was his name. If Morhingweg can keep him grounded and learning Geno can become a player like Steve Young. Yes that is who I am comparing him to.

At #72 overall Brian Winters: A+

Great selection here, a steal in any other draft. A huge need was covered with a huge player. 6'5" 310lbs. Played tackle, projected to play a very important position for a running team,guard. He is athletic despite his size, may be a little slow. When I saw Warford was taken a few picks ahead I became a rowdy fan, but the Jets certainly did what they had failed to do for a whole year, made me cheer. Very good pick.

In the Fourth round Chris Ivory: B-

I like the guy. He is worth a third round pick. The problem is can the Jets really use him? We need a player that can keep the defense honest. Ivory is inconsistent, he can pound it one game and the next all he tries to do is go to the edge. I can see a rotation, some third downs we'll see him but probably use him as a two down guy. Few RBs in this draft can be expected to provide the kind of production we have seen from Ivory, and that is why the Jets get a B- here.

At #141 overall Oday Aboushi: C

Who? I don't care, an Offensive Lineman. He looks like he needs to learn good technique. He stands to much and starts slapping opposing players, like that is going to stop them. Where there better players still available? Yes, yes there were. But here is when you start making selections of players you believe you can work with. Not just the best available player. I know some people are going to say that you take what talent you can find. But the later rounds are where you can gamble, low risk. Gave them a C for filling a huge need, but I think this player could have gone on the next round.

At #178 overall William Campbell: F

A gamble for sure. Big guy, athletic. Strong and fast enough to play offensive tackle. That bodes well for his future as a guard. But why take him here? Are the Jets forgetting Safety, Linebaker, TE, WR? Three players for the OL is good. But one of them is a complete project. Some good players fell out of the draft. This guy could have been had later or even as UDFA.

At #215 overall Tommy Bohanon: F---

Chase thomas still there. Maybe there is something horribly wrong with him. This is third FB drafted by Rex? Maybe he should stop. I don't know anything about this kid. Watched some tape, saw nothing there. One of my favorite players to watch last season was Jordan Poyer from Oregon State. Loved watching him against Stanford. He was still available. A CB that Rex let pass. Not sure if he knows CBs. He likes them and know when he sees a great one but lets this guy pass. Dysert was still there, I know that we already have six QBs but what is one more, specially one like that in the seventh. It seems that the Jets look at the seventh round as a lost cause, throw a dart and pick a player. It should be where you take a guy you don't want anyone else to have as a UDFA. Wonder how many players they wanted they let go because of this pick.

I give the Jets draft a C- in strategy and sense. A A- in the quality of players they took. Overall a solid B. I hope that it turns out that the players really do turn out worthwhile, ignoring needs like the Jets did could hurt badly. But as some people have said 'make your strength stronger', which is what they did here. Most reviews I have seen are giving the Jets a B grade and praising them.


I am not going to list the players. Not one is of course worth talking about too much, most I can not even find some highlights from, much less game tape. Spencer Nealy and Mike Shanahan are the only two players that look like they can stay with the practice squad. Unfortunately Shanahan will most likely be in the roster given the how bad the position is for the Jets. Zach Rogers is a player to watch. Don't think he is going to stay though, even if he does well.

So far I will give the UDFA a C+ grade, because the Jets still refuse to get linebackers and safeties. I know Rex has a good eye for them, so why didn't they go for any?

Feel free to blast me for this. I am cautiously hopeful but still pessimistic.

Edit: Some grammar corrections.

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