Rational Thoughts on why this draft was a miserable bust and why the Jets are doomed

Now, I previously made a post on why the jets will make the play offs in 2013, but that was under the assumption the draft would not go as this. Just a recap, the jets drafted a CB, who might realistically one day pan out to be good or great. Then a dt who is bad at playing NT, when the most depth we already have is on the d-line, with k.ellis, wilkerson, coples, and harrison are all 25 and younger. Then we went og for three straight picks, picked up the saints fourth round rb for a fourth rounder, and finally drafted a fb. I know, its the seventh round, but don't you still make an effort to draft someone with potential and not a fb? Oh and Geno smith... who I'm not a fan of, but might develop into a pro-bowler given that he is given time to develop and has weapons to throw to. I can argue that our te/wr situation as it stands is worse than what Geno had in college, and Geno will be facing defenses much more powerful than syrcause, texas tech, and ehrm baylor. But sure, we needed a QB, a QB fell in our lap when every team in the league past on him once, and every qb needy team passed on him twice, and he might develop into a reasonably good QB 3-5 years down the line.

First of all, I'd like to point out in a draft that was ridiculously deep with linebackers, safeties, and tight ends we took none, not one. When that was clearly huge positions of need...So lets asses the roster as it stands.

QB: Geno, sanchez, garrard, tebow, etc.: As it stands, if we cut sanchez before training camp A)I'll be happy he has a chance to revive his career on a real offense and B) we are risking destroying geno before he gets a chance. Garrard is too injury prone to be considered viable for sixteen games, and no one believes Geno is ready to start from day one. In personal opinion he needs two years on the bench,otherwise defenses will destroy this kids psyche before he has a chance to learn a seven step drop. Undeniably, it is, and was prior to the draft, a bottom ten ranking based on the rest of the league.

RB: Woo. Chris Ivory. So we have Ivory, Goodson, Powell, mcknight, and two full backs. One of our deeper positions, yet, seemingly average. There are reasons no one else wanted to trade for ivory and he has been a FOURTH stringer for 3 years now. Also reason why goodson has never really developed. While I have hope for all of them, compared to the rest of the league, as it stands right now, I don't know if Rb can be considered a top 20 rankings. Ivory and Goodson have just as much potential as any other unproven rb on any other roster in the league. We just got to hope one of them was a home run pick-up, or within the next 2-3 years we'll be addressing RB again.

WR/TE: Kerley, Tone, Hill, Cumberland, the Aussie, etc. Arguably bottom ten in the league seeing as no position was improved what so ever. Hill, Kerley, Cumberland, and the Aussie should improve with another year of starting but really... are they even better than what Geno had at WVU? Not only that, but this again a huge need next off season. Tone will most likely be cut to save cash, cumberland will be gone (unless he proves he's a viable top 20 TE), and erhm you got kerley and hill with not much depth and no players at TE at all. This unit can possibly gel, but looking at realistically, its not gonna be great next year, and doubtful to be that great next two years seeing as next years free agency, when we got that 50 mil in cap room, doesn't have too many great TE's or WR's. So... probably another bottom twenty position. And by not drafting a TE or WR, we have nooone to develop for future years. I love kerley, but simply due to his size and athletic limitation, I doubt he'll ever be great. Just unlikely.

O-Line: We added five new guards with colon, peterman, and the three draft picks. I guess we are building in the trenches but... Even if two guards pan out, I don't see any pro-bowl potential in who we selected. Just my honest opinion. We had on elite talent at Warmack, a great prospect, and we passed on him to pick up 5 far lesser prospects. And you have to remember mangold and brick are 29. Within 3-5 years we will need a new LT and C, and within 3 years if these gaurds don't pan out we might be have a bottom tier O-line. With Warmack, we more or less gaurantee a good, if not elite oline for 3-5 years... now we are shooting for an average, good o-line, possibly falling into complete dissarray because our building blocks aren't elite.

In conclusion we aren't developing any new talent in the passing game this year, our best assets on the O-line are aging and our whole draft was based on infusing average talent that will need time to develop into the O-line... The RB's are a complete gamble, its not like we picked up any can't miss talent, and Geno is not in a great situation. Seems like a nice guy but... Yeah. Still say we can pull together a top 20 o next year, but the future doesn't look bright. 2014 off season we most likely lose tone and cumberland (who's not that great to begin with), and are rebuilding the reciever core almost from scratch with no potential for great Free Agent pick ups. I get it, we draft next year, but how many years have we been saying that? And even then it'll take those players 2-3 years to develop if they pan out, etc.

Defense: Oh boy.

D-Line: Well congrats, our D-line is stacked. We got young talent, and then younger talent and we can just work our will from the d-line. Nothing else to say. Top ten d-line in the league. But to trade an all-pro corner for a developmental rotational d-lineman? One who barely got into college, and almost lost millions of dollars because he couldn't force himself to attend class and study? Idk Man.

Line backers: ... But if you get past that d-line, you face no opposition in the second level. Unbelievably, we are going into the season with pace, mcyntire, and barnes as our starting olb's. They will all most likely be gone next year, and we will have 2 new olb's we'll most likely have to grab next year. As for MLB, you got demario davis who is a project at this point, and D.Harris. D.Harris is creeping up into his thirties, and had a down year last year, so you might need an ILB next year too, especially if harris is cut (and how his contract is set up, that seems very likely). It is not out of the realm of possibilities that we will need four new linebackers next year. Another area we refuse to address. So, I say we have bottom five line backer situation in the league. I was really expecting, as the rest of us, we'd infuse young talent into the position. Nope. GUARDS!

Secondary: Oh boy. As it stands two out of these three are going to be our starting safeties: Dawan Landry, Josh Bush, Antonio Allen. Two of them, the young two, were told by their DC they are not starting material to the media. I don't see this group stopping any tight ends, period. We went from having our safety position like a 6/10 last year, to a 1/10 last year. Again, bottom five in the league, and I'd just go ahead and say worst in the league. As for corners, serious down grade. We got our alpha corner in Cromartie, but he was no revis and depends on his athletic abilities more than his instincts. He's 29, and his contract is also set up for him to be cut next year. I hope to god they don't and just restructure him. Then you got milliner, that's been injured five times in the last four years, and who if presumably the future, but can't be expected to be above average next year... and kyle wilson, who is average, but is clearly not developing into a pro-bowler... so that is still an area of strength, maybe even a top ten, more likely top fifteen unit in the league, but if Cro is gone next year, CB is a new need next year, along with two new safeties.

In conclusion, I still see Rex putting out a top 10 defense... by magic I guess? I honestly see them getting torched next year over the middle, and milliner and cromartie doing an admirable, but not great job on the outside. As for improving the run d or pass rush... Idk maybe if Rex can pull magic with that D-line. The future bodes well for the D-line, but not for the rest of the defense.

In conclusion... next year we'll have more holes than this year.... and that o-line we drafted for will crumble on its best assets before we have a chance to be competitive. We are only developing two wr's in the mean time, complete crap shoot on the TE's and RB's, as well as on Geno. We got to stop acting idzik is the smartest guy in the room. There's a reason QB needy teams didn't draft Geno in rounds 1 or 2. Same thing happened with jimmy clausen and see how that panned out. As for the defense, Outside of the D-line, d.davis, and Milliner... we haven't added any new prospects to develop which is just absolutely dissapointing. Even if we play 4-3 from now on, our back seven is going to be atrocious next year, and possibly even worse the year after. Again, Good teams don't rebuild, they reload. They don't drop their best assets, and rebuild... its really hard to get out of the muck of being a bottom ten team once you get into it. Just look at the raiders, lions, bucs, rams, bills, dolphins, browns, etc. they have been struggling for years to rebuild because they might be loading up on assets, but they have a losing culture and they don't have too many pro-bowl or all-pro assets. I hope I'm wrong, but after this draft I'm convinced this team is going nowhere fast. Just my humble opinion, you don't need to bash me on this... but Idzik has set it up after this off-season that after this season we probably won't be remotely competetive for the next 3-4 years... Yeah miracles happen like the skins landing on RG3, but.... its a miracle for a reason.


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