Draft Grades and Holes Still To Fill?


  • RD:1 The New York Jets selected Dee Milliner
  • Grade: A-
  • Reason: Has Revis type qualities like man to man and zone coverage also has great ball tracking skills, but can't catch as well as other corners. Has great speed and acceleration skills to keep up with opponents and has great fluid hips. And Dee is also a great tackler who is does not shy away from contact.
  • Weaknesses: Does Not have great hands and will often drop catchable passes.

  • RD:1 The New York Jets select Sheldon Richardson.
  • Grade:A+
  • Reason: Has great speed and acceleration to cause disruption in the back field. Will be plugged right in the middle of Quinton Coples and Mo Wilkerson. Richardson will have to switch into a 3-4 defense rather than a 4-3. This move will only help the jets pass rush because with Richardsons pass rushing abilities and speed up the middle will cause him to get double teamed sometimes. Freeing up Quinton Coples and Mo Wilkerson, who can possibly have there first double digit sack seasons.(Which is the reason why I gave him a A+)
  • Weaknesses: Needs to put on some muscle and weight, weighing in at only in at 294(Nothing the Jets weight room facility cant fix) to get off of double teams better.

  • RD2: The New York Jets select Geno Smith
  • Grade: B+
  • Reason: A great decision maker, has the ability to make any throw in the NFL. Geno has a very quick release also has the ability to run when a play breaks down. I think he will fit great in Marty Mornhinweg's system. Expect the read option in the Jets offense.
  • Weakness: While his time at WVU Geno was rarely under center so he doesn't have elite quarterback footwork. Needs to work on getting his feet set to avoid bad passes. To me these are correctable things and if they are corrected the Jets have found a "FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK" since Joe Namath

  • RD3: The New York Jets select Brian Winters.
  • Grade: C+
  • Reason: I gave the Jets a C+ on this pick because I felt like there was a lot more value and a better option in Keenan Allen, the WR from California. But they went with Brian Winters and got a great finishing guard who can run and pass block and has the chance to start.
  • Weaknesses: Has leverage issues that are coachable and occasionally gets pushed back.

  • The New York Jets select Oday Aboushi.
  • Grade: C+
  • Reason: A solid selection who will push for the starting right tackle position. Can pass and run block well.
  • Weaknesses: Does not have elite athleticism and will sometimes light faster ends run right past him, often stays high.

  • The New York Jets select William Campbell.
  • Grade:F-
  • Reason: The jets will most likely use him as a guard. But he played Defensive Tackle in college.
  • Weaknesses: Not really sure what his weakness is due to the fact that he didn't play the position (Guard) he is drafted to play in college.

  • The New York Jets select Tommy Bohanon.
  • Grade: F
  • Reason: I like the position selection but the player is horrible. The Jets passed on fellow fullbacks Zach Line and my personal favorite swiss army knife Lonnie Pryor. Bad pick by the jets period.

Draft Overall Grade: B
Free Agency To The Rescue:
The Jets will have to turn to free agency to fill the needs this offseason.
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