A sleeper QB we can win with

Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff said. "You can take a quarterback in this draft and put him in the right situation with the right approach, and you can win a lot of games.


Walter Football

Height: 6-foot-2 Weight: 227 lbs. 241-for-366 for 3,207 yards, 34 touchdowns, 10 interceptions

Strengths: Solid size and adequate bulk ... Impressive statistical production ... Extremely fluid athlete ... Outstanding mobility ... Great pocket awareness and knows how to step up into and around the pocket to get the ball off ... Has the sixth sense for the pass rush ... Strong arm and can make all the NFL throws, but it isn't elite ... Very solid, consistent accuracy ... Fluid footwork ... Very quick release ... Nice touch on the football ... Throws a sweet deep ball ... Looks like a natural in the pocket and throwing the ball on the run .... Highly intelligent ... familiar with a traditional West Coast playbook ... Field general ... Reportedly great work ethic ... Extremely high upside.

Weaknesses: Started out hot, but had inconsistent accuracy during the middle of the season ... Needs a little more work on reading defenses ... Could put on a few more pounds of muscle ... Major durability concerns ... Will likely need a year with a clipboard before he is ready to start.

Summary: Talent-wise, I absolutely love him. He has it all when you talk about a franchise quarterback, and a good work ethic. The team that drafts him might have to be a little patient.

Player Comparison: Aaron Rodgers. When I saw Rodgers play at Cal, I saw a natural at quarterback with the ability to improvise outside the pocket. This quarterback has the same level of athleticism, and both are proficient passers.



Positives: Ascending talent whose intangibles for the position are just as impressive as his physical tools. Cerebral player. Reads defenses well and rarely throws into coverage. Goes through his progressions quickly and takes what the defense gives him. Recognizes the blitz very well for a player of his experience and often targets the weak link on defense when blitzed. Good setup and a smooth over-the-top delivery. Legitimate NFL arm strength. Capable of making every NFL throw, including the deep ball. Rather than relying on pure arm strength he combines good velocity with rare anticipation, especially for a player of his limited experience. Consistently releases his passes before his receivers have made a break, giving the defense little time to react. Distributes the ball all over the field. Good short, medium, and long-range accuracy. Consistently places his passes where only his receiver can get it and throws a very catchable ball. When healthy, showed very surprising mobility for his size. Can evade the pass rush and will scramble if the defense gives free yards. Rare accuracy on the rollout. Squares his shoulders and can fire the ball with consistency and accuracy. Team captain. Blue-collar work ethic.

Negatives: Undeniable tools, but isn't yet a finished product. Runs a bit hot and cold and has a tendency to score touchdowns in bunches. Characterized by those close to the program as a very cerebral player who makes the right read, but many of his touchdown passes went to receivers with five or more yards of separation between the next closest defender, opening up some questions if his team's aggressive play-calling helped inflate his stock.


Football's Future


He has an impressive array of skills for a pocket passer. He has decent size and the toughness to sit in the pocket, along with the arm. He can make all the throws and is an efficient and accurate passer all over the field. What separates Him from most guys that sit in the pocket is his athleticism and mobility. He will not win any races, but he has excellent feet and has the agility to elude the rush and can pick up some yardage on the ground. He is also very tough and will remain in the pocket as long as possible, and will try to pick up the extra yard when he tucks the ball away. He is also very intelligent and picked up a pro style offense quickly.


He is a work in progress, as he only has one year of starting experience. There is no substitue for game experience, and he is lacking a bit. That lack of experience has led to some weak spots in his game. He can get emotional, and get too pumped up at times, which can make his throws sail to his receivers. His toughness can also work against him at times. There have been too many occasions where he will put his shoulder down to pick up extra yards when running the football. He will need to protect himself more in the NFL and learn to get down or out of bounds.


His blend of skills give him the potential to carry the franchise quarterback label. He can pick apart a defense from the pocket or get out and make things happen on the move. He will need time to develop his skills. He didn’t set his workout on fire, but he performed well and impressed some teams with his competitiveness. Wherever he goes, he has all the tools and the make up to be a star in the NFL, and he will make some team very happy if they pulled the trigger.


By now from his pre-draft profiles you may know the QB I am speaking of is Mark Sanchez. He was a WC QB in college and I believe that under a new OC, who unlike his previous OC's, utilizes a WC offense he will be a success. If you look at his pre-draft profile it is certainly better then any in this year's QB class. This year he may finally be in the right situation with the right approach, and he can win a lot of games. We should not waste a high draft pick this year on a QB.


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