Last minute late rounder, Jayson Dimanche, OLB, Southern Illinois


235 pounds


4.24/20 yard shuttle

7.9/L Drill

11ft/ Broad Jump

38 in/ Vertical Drill

24x/ Bench Press

49 tackles, 15 for a loss, 8 sacks in 2012

Every year there is always one late round player I want the Jets to take a look at, and this year it's definitely Jayson Dimanche. There hasn't been much buzz about him in the scouting sphere (he didn't receive a combine invite), but ten teams attended his pro day, one of them being the New York Jets. I could see him going anywhere from the 5th round to being an UFA and think some team could be getting a steal, or at the very least, a solid contributor. Granted, it's hard for me to give a decent scouting report on him since the only thing I have to go by is highlight tape, so take this for what it's worth. But that tape alone show's why he deserve some serious consideration.

Experienced in playing in a 3-5 rushing from both sides, Dimanche is a fluid athlete and seemingly has good instincts. The man certainly has the athleticism and quick twitch aspect to his game you look and it pops right off the screen. Has a good speed rush and flashes a quick jump off the line. He looks like some kind of crazed, coked up chimpanzee during mating season lusting after his lady primate friend the way he closes on the QB. Also appears as if he is a good run defender, and I think he has the raw ability to turn into a good coverage backer. At 235, he obviously is gong to have to bulk up some for the pros, but he has the frame to do so without losing too much speed. With the added bulk, this should allow him to develop a bull rush also.

No off the field issue to speak off, was a team captain in 2012 and plays the game with intensity.

Here's a couple of excerpts from an interview

SD: What do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses (things you may need to work on)?

JD: I think my strengths would be my athleticism; my explosion; burst. I get to the ball, jump well, and open up my hips and explode to the ball. In today’s NFL I think it’s very important to have aerial aspect to your game, as far as being to get off the ground and tip passes, and I know I can do that. I feel I am as athletic as any linebacker in this draft class.

SD: What message would you like to send to NFL teams about Jayson Dimanche?

JD: I’m ready right now. I’m a smart player, and I’m a better football player than athlete. I’m very athletic, and once someone watches me, they realize that I’m as good an athlete as anyone in the draft. I’m always getting better. My improvement won’t stop. It’s not stagnant, it keeps going up.

Full interview :

Like I said earlier, this all based of highlight tape, so you probably just wasted your time reading this. But either way, with a couple of years of development and some good coaching, I think Dimanche can be a quality player in this league. I could also see him being a good ST player early on. Personally, I would be pretty excited to see be a part of the Jets when it's all said in done

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