In the 2013 Draft (2.0), the Jets Should Select…

In the 2013 Draft (2.0), the Jets Should Select…

nfldraftSince the scenario I proposed in my previous post hasn’t come to fruition (Revis for a 1st, 3rd and 5th round pick in this draft), I have amended my picks. While I was disappointed that we only got two picks for Revis, I am glad that the deal is done and we now have two early picks in this year’s draft. This post reexamines the draft in the Jets’ current scenario, with just one additional trade.

I’d like to see the Jets make a few more moves in free agency. I would make signing Safety Charles Woodson and WR Braylon Edwards a priority.

I know the thought of having a 36 year old defensive back sounds borderline laughable but age is, after-all, just a number. Woodson has played at a very high level for many years. I believe that the main reason the Jets pass defense was so stout last year despite losing Revis was the much improved play at Safety. We’ve now lost both our starting Safeties from last season to free agency. While I like the pick-up of Dawan Landry and am looking forward to seeing Josh Bush continue to develop, I think Woodson could add a lot to the secondary even if its just for one year.

Despite not being helped by competent QB play last season, our wide receivers are in need of significant improvement. Hill was the only WR who consistently got open but he dropped way too many passes to be trusted. I think our WR’s need to be shuffled around. Santonio Holmes should be moved to the slot. Stephen Hill needs to step up this year. Hopefully he has invested in a jugs machine this offseason and has worn it out. Hill should be the Z Flanker and Braylon could come in as the X Flanker. While I’m not crazy about some of the locker room reports that seem to follow Braylon around the league, he has always been solid for us. It could be argued that he was our best receiver last year despite only being on our roster for three games. I would sign Braylon to a two year deal without a lot of guaranteed money so he could be cut after a year if needed. I have the Jets drafting an X Flanker in the 4th round this year to compete with Braylon. If the rookie doesn’t win the starting job by the end of the season, I would recommend drafting another X Flanker in second round of the 2014 draft (1st round pick should be for a QB). I also see Kerley taking over the slot role in 2014 and cutting Holmes after this season ends. If it were up to me, I would have cut Holmes immediately after the New Year’s Day game in Miami in 2012 when our "captain" was on the sideline when the season hung in the balance. I know it would have been a massive cap hit but sometimes, when team dynamics are in play, you can add through subtraction. I also hope that Jordan White gets some playing time this preseason so he can prove that he deserves a roster spot. I really liked this late round pick from last year but he has been really limited in his opportunities to showcase his skills.

Other free agents we should consider bringing in, based on price, are G Brandon Moore, TE Visanthe Shianco , NT Sione Po’uha and either ILB Carlos Dansby or ILB Larry Grant.

One trade we should still make before the draft, and is rumored to be in the works, is trading our 5th round pick (141st overall) to the Saints for RB Chris Ivory.

After this trade, we’ll have gained RB Chris Ivory and have the following draft picks:

  • Round 1
    • pick 9, 9th overall
    • pick 13, 13th overall (from the Bucs)
  • Round 2
    • pick 7, 39th overall
  • Round 3
    • pick 10, 72nd overall
  • Round 4
    • pick 9, 106th overall
  • Round 5
    • pick 8, 141st overall (traded to the Saints)
  • Round 6
    • pick 10, 178th overall
  • Round 7
    • pick 9, 215th overall

1st Round

  • Barkevious Mingo, OLB from LSU
    • If Dion Jordan, OLB from Oregon happens to is still on the board, as unlikely as that is, Jordan should be drafted instead of Mingo.
  • Chance Warmack, G from Alabama
    • If Warmack off the board, then Jonathan Cooper G from North Carolina should be drafted.

2nd Round

  • D.J. Hayden, CB from Houston
    • It is looking highly unlikely that Ryan Nassib, QB from Syracuse, will be on the board at 39 but if he is, the Jets should draft him instead. If he’s off the board, I think the Jets should wait until next year to draft a QB. However, I wouldn’t be disappointed if the Jets spent this pick on QB EJ Manual from Florida State although he will likely also be off the board by the 39th pick.
    • If Nassib, Manual and Hyden are all off the board, then the Jets should draft Johnathan Banks, CB from Mississippi State.

3rd Round

  • Travis Kelce, TE from Cincinnati

4th Round

  • Aaron Dobson, WR from Marshall

5th Round

  • none (traded to the Saints for RB Chris Ivory)

6th Round

  • Jordan Mills, OT from Louisianan Tech
    • If Mills is off the board, the Jets should draft Josh Boyd, DT from Mississippi State

7th Round

  • Eric Martin, OLB from Nebraska
    • I originally had Michael Buchanan, OLB from Illinois but he has been moving up the draft boards and will likely go in the fourth round.


  • Jordan Kovacs, SS from Michigan
  • Michael Mauti, OLB from Penn State
  • Oscar Johnson, OT from Louisiana Tech
  • Steve Demilio, OT from Gardner Webb
  • Levine Toilolo, TE from Stanford
  • Alec Lemon, WR from Syracuse (only if we draft Nassib)
  • Marcus Davis, WR from Virginia Tech
  • Zach Rogers, WR from Tennessee
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