Have faith Jets fans, it will be alright.

We're not even a day into the trade, and Jets fans are wondering if we'll ever be good again. It is a natural question to ask when trading a HOF player. However, in the long run, things will be fine

1: We now have one more 2013 pick than we had 48 hours ago.

This statement cannot be repeated enough. We have one more chance to get a high impact player through the draft. We can get a high impact pass rusher and a reliable starter in the O-line. OR, we can get a weapon at wide receiver for our quarterback of choice and dominant safety. There is the option of trading down as well. Teams such as San Francisco or Minnesota (who has multiple first round picks) will want to move up. We have one extra pick high in the first round to make that possible. There must be thousands upon thousands of mock drafts out there as well as your own wishes, so I won't go too far into this. In short we gave up leverage in one trade to have leverage in the draft where the core of our team will be built.

2: Believe it or not, we didn't get fleeced.

What did we have to lose in this deal beside our HOF cornerback? Good will with the media? Yeah, because Rich Cimini and Manish Mehta were so nice and caring when it came to the Jets. Not to mention Steve Serby's articles which constantly mention the Buttfumble. Good will with Jets fans? Perhaps. However, more likely than not, 95 percent of the people who are opposed to this will still continue to watch the Jets. Once we start winning a meaningful amount of games, people will consider this trade as the cornerstone of the franchise. We are not expected to do a lot next year, anyway.

Tampa Bay got the greatest burden of the deal. They now have a grossly overpaid CB on their roster. A CB whom good quarterbacks can just not throw to. They now have immense public pressure to make the playoffs this year. If they don't, they pretty much just gave away 2 picks for a great player but with nothing to show for it. The same goes if they cut him or if he gets injured again. Let's not forget about the distinct possibility that he holds out to make sure some of that money is guaranteed. This deal has huge boom or bust potential for Tampa Bay who wants to win now. This deal has little boom to bust potential for the New York Jets, who are trying to rebuild.

3: We're not going to be as bad as many predict.

We play a tough schedule next year, there is no denying that. However, remember last year when we played an 'easy' schedule? How did that go, especially down the stretch? A schedule is only as tough or as easy as fans make it. We had 2-14 QB talent and somehow managed to win 6 games. This is without Revis and with practice squad caliber wide receivers. We literally had one one of the worst offenses in the league, and went 6-10. That is an accomplishment. Jacksonville in comparison went 2-14. Arizona went 4-12. Both had similar offensive woes. It is a testament to Rex Ryan and his defense prowess. There is no reason to suggest that we can't do better with a much better offensive coordinator and an excellent defensive mind. The special teams will most likely improve as well. This is a schedule that, if we go into the bye at around 4-5 wins, we will go 10-6. We just need to win some of the tough games to give our young players confidence. Even 8 wins will give us a lot of hope for the future. Take each win and each loss as one game and not as a referendum of our season.

4: Have faith.

This is just general advice, but things will be fine. We have a general manager who is trying to make the best out of a bad situation our former general manager helped create. There are going to be trades and cuts, a rebuild is not sexy. They never are. We look at Idzik as an idiot catering to our idiot owner, but we forget that we WANTED a team with a lot of young players to be our core. We're going to get it this year, and we most certainly will get it next year. Woody is tired of losing and the circus attention that the Jets have been receiving lately. The stories that seem to come out every week attacking our organization with 'sources in the organization' are gone. That may not mean a lot on the field, but it helps to boost public morale and fan unity. Something a lot of our younger players need. We have a coach with an excellent defensive mind. A coach that has gotten to two AFC Championship games with Mark Sanchez at the helm. A coach with the sort of bravado and confidence that can get our fanbase pumped up and our organization pretty far. We need to have faith in all three of these men to get us where we need to be. Let the media trash us, let the inbred Patriot fans make fun of us. Through solidarity within Jets nation and faith in our organization, we will go places with a young core that will be legendary for years to come.


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