Why the New York Jet FanBase is Borderline delusional and why there is no such thing as rebuilding

I posted an earlier post a few weeks ago on why I believe the new york jets can sneak into the play offs as a wild card contender. I admit I was overly-optimistic, but I stand by my believe jets go no lower than 7-9. Problem is, the jets, unlike real organizations, are being effectively run as a joke. The media is right; woody johnson has no idea what he's doing and I believe we have entered the beginning of a 5-10 year phase as a team mixed somewhere between the jaguars and the Raiders.

Now I'm not trying to be overly emotional, yet simply stating that by trading the best player in franchise history for penny's on the dollar, to "rebuild" is insane. The 13th overall draft pick has about a 30% chance of becoming a starter based on history, let alone being anything great. We traded a sure thing in Revis, the best at his position, potential fully maximized to historical levels, a man that made our defense tick, for a first round draft pick. Don't say and a third, we'd get that third as compensation regardless. Not only that, but the Bucs managed to sign him to an extremely team friendly deal. If he doesn't play like the best corner in Football, they cut him.

Now to address the notion he was injured and old. A) he wasn't old, he was turning 28 this year. Great corners play well into their thirty's because of their extreme knowledge of game. Corners like Deon, Charles Woodson, Champ Bailey, etc. Even if revis played at a high level for 5 more years, he'd only be 32 years old; same age woodson won a DPOY award. We traded Revis because Johnson wanted to show him who had the bigger nuts, and how its his team and no one player, no matter how great, will suggest to the almighty Woody Johnson, he the spoiled brat who was given life on a silver spoon after recieving his Father's business empire. That's the only reason he was traded. Otherwise you don't trade Revis for a mid teen pick. The vikings for crying out loud got better compensation for harvin, who is debatable at even being a top ten wr. As for Cromartie, I think he's a great player and all but A) he uses his athletic abilities more than his brain, so he got like 2-3 years left of being prime, and B) his contract was set up to cut him next year. Kyle wilson just hasn't developed into a good corner, and we all know it.

Now as to the whole "You can't pay 16 million to a cb argument!". True, most times you shouldn't. But, we have no one else to pay, nothing else to do with our money next year. As the "rebuilding" process continues and we most likely cut sanchez, D.Harriss, Cromartie, and Tone, we got about 60 mil in cap room. To spend on who?? We are most likely getting our pass rusher this year and have to develop him for a few years, so we'll have him on the cheap. We are most likely drafting a QB this or next year so we got him on the cheap for 4-5 years. I mean we can resign wilkerson and kerley, I guess, but then what? We simply run out of talent on the roster after that. We got mangold and d-brickshaw at 30 years old, wasting them in the prime of their careers, no CB's, a rookie safety and dawan landry, a once again depleted wide out core, maybe one of our four rb's develop and we resign him. But the simple fact of the matter is, we are going to need to spend that cap room. But instead of spending it on a premier home grown talent, the best player in franchise history, we are going to spend it on overpaid mercenaries willing to play for an expansion team. Players with no chemistry and no loyalty, aka aaron ross when he signed with the jaguars "to take a one yearvacation on the beach man".

Now to the whole "BUT WE'RE REBUILDING MAN, REBUILDDDDDDDDDDDDING" notion. Theres no such thing as rebuilding. Shit teams like to stay in the abyss and hoard their top ten picks. Good teams stay mediocre when they need to, retaining their Great talent, and always giving themselves a shot to win.

See the thing is people often bring up how you need a franchise QB to win it all. But I want to argue that when flacco, Eli, Big Ben, Brady, won their SB's they weren't top five, maybe top ten QB's. If a top QB wins it all, then Rodgers, brady, manning, or brees would win it every year. They don't. Brees won when he had a oppurtunistic turn-over defense, and manning also won with a defense that in that year sealed the deal against mr. Tom brady by picking him off on a two minute drive. Eli, in no way, wins that first SB without the elite talent the Giants had at RB and D-Line, and only beats rodgers in that SB win 2 years ago because his D absolutely abused the league mvp that day. The bears, despite not having won a SB yet, have made it to the big dance with Sexy Rexy- Not a top ten QB. Even so they didn't win, they had a fighters chance and if the cards fell more in their favor they could of won. The vikings made the play offs last year on the simple fact AP is one of the greatest RB's of all time, and had they had a healthy ponder might of gone on a run just like the Ravens. The ravens, you must remember were not favored by ANYONE to win it. And put Russel Wilson or Capernick on the jags or lions or raiders and they ain't making no play offs.

What I'm getting at, good teams maintain their talent and wait for better days. The joy of a fan is not to win the sb every year, but to know that your team has a chance to win every game, and that once you get to the big dance anything can happen. The steeleers and ravens didn't get rid of their great defensive players for penny's on the dollars because they didn't have QB's and were consistently mediocre in the early 2000's. Neither did the bears, or packers. You gotta remember rodgers had a rough start to his career, but they didn't blow the whole thing up when favre left. They reloaded. Same with the steelers, Ravens, bears, Colts, Chargers, cowboys, eagles (until the dream team), Giants, and recently Texans. They might not win or make play offs every year, they might not have won a SB, but they're interesting to watch. They got a fighters chance every year. Their fans have hope. A jags fan has absolutely no hope. These teams don't give up and strip their roster of talent if they miss the play offs or have a few down seasons. They don't fire their coaches on a yearly basis. They focus on establlishing tradition, a winning culture, and giving their team a chance every year.

Organizations like the raiders, bills, browns, dolphins, chiefs, lions, rams, and bengals don't. They might of at one point in their organizations history, but they have been basement dwellers for most of the decade consistently picking top ten and going no where with it because only over paid talent wants to come play for them, and they have an inbred culture of losing. The jets are turning into one of those teams. Don't tell me the bengals are a team on the rise btw; they haven't won a play off game in 23 years. How do you like the sound of a 23 year rebuilding period? Exciting right?

What I'm getting at is that we were developing a good thing with Rex Ryan. You knew with him as HC your defense will most likely be top ten every year. So we hit and missed on Sanchez. It happens. He still gave us two great AFC championship runs and helped the jets become relevant again. But this new notion of stripping the roster of all talent for vague words like "cap flexibility" and to "rebuild" and high draft picks is just a recipe for disaster, and a recipe for hopelessness. Someone has to be the laughing stock of the NFL after all, and I feel like we are taking strides in that direction.And I disagree with the notion you just follow "the team". I could care less for Woody Johnson. I followed the story arc and character development our players have established. Losing season after losing season is not very interesting, and if we are hell bent on getting rid of every player that contributed to excitement and success to this team, there is no longer a logical reason for me to keep up my fanhood. I know, I know, no one cares. I'm just saying the obsession with the "corporation" and not with any of the real people associated with the team itself is a little unsettling for me.

Any Who, I expect the team to fire Rex Ryan after the season unless he makes the play offs, and the full blown basement dwelling to begin. Sigh, this team has really given me alot of good memories in the eight years I've been a fan, and it sad that it coming to the point where I'm realizing they're becoming a team not worth following.

I have no suggestion on how to fix this at this point, maybe just making more intelligent personnel decisions with keeping home grown talent in the future and keeping up consistency, but I feel like today was a foreshadowenment of the jets being irrelvant/ and or a laughing stock for the rest of the decade. I hope I'm wrong and we have a miracle season and the 9 and 13th pick turn into stars to build around, but history and probability suggest otherwise.

Anyways, I feel better, and am excited to watch this season as potentially saying good bye to an old friend, or an old cast of characters to be specific.

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