Love Izzy but, why not kick the tire's ? and then some.

Izzy has been doin a bang up job with the limited resources he has yet; I have looked over the FA list and with all the holes the Jets have why not kick the tire's on ?

1. Titus Young: at 23 years old can still be turned around. With a friend in Kyle Wilson whom has remained teachable and has improved every year. The Jets are very thin at WR and getting him on the cheap would help. Titus, Holmes and Hill would be a real nice trio.

2. Eben Britton: 25 years old and a hometown boy from Brooklyn. This is another area of the Jets that has holes and needs good depth. Eben is no world beater yet he has playing experience and may push Howard.

3. Lawrence Jackson: 27, 6'4" 271 could be OLB/DE type of guy kind of like a Suggs. I do think he might be a little expensive I really don't know.

4.Willie Young: 27, 6'4" 251 yes another Detroit product but a cheaper way than Jackson.

5.Gary Guyton: 27, 6'2" 245 this dude just flies around in 08' at the combine he ran a 4.47 40 with a 1.46 10yrd split now that's fast and as we all know Harris is getting slow. Guyton could play in or out which could give Rex some flexibility with fronts.

6.Dante Rosario: 28, We all know how bad the TE position is right now, now don't get me wrong I love Jeff and I kind of like Konrad. Rosario could be a nice cheap pick up and push Jeff as well as Konrad.

The next list are more stop gap kind of players that could help fill some holes. They are older and may cost a little more.

1. Trevor Scott would be a nice addition for the OLB depth and would probably come on the cheap.

2. Chris GoCong another good depth ILB or OLB a real good locker room guy and just a solid player.

3. Karlos Dansby great field general and leader very intense player which the Jets need on the D side of the ball.

4. Tavares Gooden another solid player and good tackler.

I also have two players that I don't know what is going on with the first one is Sergio Kindle I do know the Ravens cut him early last season thats it after that I have no idea. The other is Jarvis Moss the only reason I think of him is that if the Jets were to draft Dion Jordan at 6'6" and Moss at 6'7" on the other side the height and arm length the QB would have no passing lanes.

With a few signings from this list or maybe some other's and a draft that I have the Jets could be a surprise .

1. Jordan DE/OLB 1. Jordan DE/OLB

2. Hopkins WR 1. Austin ATH

3. Kelcie TE 2. Bailey OG

4. Williams OT 3. Kelce TE

5. Faulk OT 3. Williams SS

6. Davis FS 4.Williams OT

7. Wolf SS 5. Faulk OT

6. Davis FS

7. T.J.Barnes DE/DT/NT 6'6" 369 35" arms 10.75 hands

UDFA'S: Arby Jones, Quinton Dial, Baker Steinkuhler, Gerald Rivers, Shane McCardell, Stansly Maponga, Jeremiah Green,Nick Moody, Nathan Williams, Armonty Bryant, Rod Sweeting, Kayvon Webster, C.J. Wilson, Ray Polk, Mark Watley, C.J. Jones, Alonzo Tweedy, Cooper Taylor, Dexter McCoil. Miguel Maysonet and if he doesn't get drafted Kniles Davis.

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