My take on a mock draft

Free agency is wrapped up and its time i posted my thoughts on how the jets should take on the draft.

First the Revis situation: I don't think the Jets should trade revis. Unfortunately it seems tampa is willing to throw 15m a year and that means other teams do too. We just aren't in a position to offer that and with revis coming off an acl its not worth throwing out that kind of money without seeing him comeback to form yet. I really believe CB has gotta be one of the most difficult positions to come back from an acl because unlike a wr or rb you have no idea where your next step is going to be and what your about to react to. Unfortunately i think that would make reinjury the most likely and recovery to his previous greatness still possible but less likely. Because of this i think we trade Revis to the bucs; they realize they need Revis more than we need to trade him and we get a 2013 2nd round pick + 2014 1st and 3rd rounder.

Draft day approaches and i think the top 8 looks like this

1)luke joekel

2)dion jordan

3)geno smith

4)eric fisher

5)dee millner

6)ziggy ansah

7)lane johnson

8)chance warmack

9)with the board falling this way we take advantage of the top DT's sharrif floyd and star loutelelei being on the board and trade down. with tennessee,tampa,and carolina all likely options and still both miami and sandiego possibilities to make a big DT run, the saints give us their 3rd round pick to swap 1st's and get ahead of it.

15) Now with pick 15 the Jets select Jarvis Jones. I dont care about the pro day results hes the best pass rusher in this draft.

39) Larry Warford. without the hype of warmack and cooper, warford is still good enough to be a day 1 starter and quality player. could easily be 1st/2nd rated guard in other years.

43) Deandre Hopkins. We need help on offense badly. Holmes, Kerley, Hill and Hopkins could become a great recieving corps.

72) DJ Swearinger. Smashmouth safety. punishing hits will be welcomed addition to our defense and fills a need

75) Jonathan Franklin. effective at ucla. performed with the best at combine. fits the west coast.

Round 4) Vance Mcdonald. Got to replace Keller. He is athletic and can be a pass catching threat. high potential.

Round 5) Duke Williams. BPA type pick. We double dip on safety because of the talent and we did just lose both our starters.

Round 6) Jasper Collins. WR from mount union. quick and produced a ton. maybe the next garcon

Round 7) Sean Renfree. its the 7th round who knows... id bring him to camp if hes still around.. another guy could be Travis Long OLB. maybe some CB depth here otherwise


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