New York Jets Mock Offseason

I am tired of people blaming Mark Sanchez for all the Jets problems. Its not all his fault. Yes he could of done better, but look at the talent that surrounded him. Beside Holmes who got hurt and was out for the remainder off the season there was nobody to throw to with the exception of Jeremy Kerley. Hill was inconsistent and Keller barely played. John Idzik should make it his goal to provide Mark Sanchez and Marty Mourninwig with the talent needed to be successful. And here is how it could get done with there salary cap issues.

Free Agency:

  • Fred Davis: Before his injury he was a up and coming tight end in this league. He could be the prize of the Jets off-season for a cheap cost.
  • Victor Butler: A good pass rusher who can help out the jets getting to the quarterback as a rotation guy or a potential starter.
  • Charles Woodson: Jets need to put together a secondary and they could start with Charles Woodson

Maybe the jets can free up some cap space by restructuring David Harris and D'Brickashaw Ferguson's contracts.


  • The Jets trade Revis to the Buccaneers for a 2013 1st and 3rd round picks and a 2014 5th round pick.
  • Then the Jets trade down from the Buccaneers 13 overall pick and receive a later pick in the first round and a pick in the 2013 2nd round.

Mock Draft:

  • Round 1: Dion Jordan. A outside linebacker from Oregon. Has extraordinary standing at 6'6(some have him measured at 6'7) and weighing about 240. Has great speed coming from the linebacker Position. And a great ability to get after the quarterback. (Alternate Pick: Jarvis Jones)
  • Round 1: Chance Warmack. A guard from Alabama. He is the best guard in the draft and could be a pro bowl caliber guard for years to come.(Alternate Pick: Kenny Vaccaro)
  • Round 2: Matt Elam. A Safety from Florida. A extremely hard hitter. He could put fear in wide receivers coming up the middle and to me his coverage skills are underrated. (Alternate Pick: Kawann Short )
  • Round 2: Robert Woods. A spectacular catch waiting to happen coming out the wide receiver position from USC.
  • Round 3: Christine Micheal. I really like Christine Micheal, he is a tough runner who can break runs down the field unlike Shonn Greene. He runs low to the ground to pick up tough yardage and the Jets could have a nice one two punch with him and Mike Goodson a former Aggie.
  • Round 3: Jamar Taylor. A corner from Boise State this guy to me has a lot of potential to be good corner outside and inside.
  • Round 4:Joseph Fauria. I am not sold on Jeff Cumberland but I am impressed with Joseph measurable's and Red Zone presence. He could be a reliable 2 string tight end for the jets and expect Mark Sanchez to look for him near the end zone.
  • Round 5: Marqise Goodwin was the fastest wide receiver in the combine. He would serve as a rotational receiver for the Jets and can help work the wildcat along in special teams.
  • Round 6: Lonnie Pryor is a switch army knife at the fullback position. He could run,block and catch out the back field. He would be a starter over Lex Hillard.
  • Round 7: Dustin Hopkins. He will provide a strong leg to win a game and to repeatably hit touch backs during kickoffs.

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