Bernard Pollard signs 1 year deal to Titans

Terms of the deal are unknown, but Pollard, 28, is now officially off the market for the Jets. The former Raven was an enforcer in run support and well known for his booming hits over the middle. Still his coverage skills are suspect and, provided he signed for more than $1.5 million, missing out on him isn't too big of a blow for the Jets. In an extremely crowded FA Safety class, a few quality players are still around to be signed and will be for the foreseeable future. Most of them are vets, many of them are coming off injury, but some are young scrappers that rose through special teams contribution. Lucky for the Jet's the Safety market allows opportunity for Idzik to continue his mantra of low risk high reward signings.

A few of these remaining options include:

Quintin Mikell (FS), 33:

Mikell was cut this offseason by the St. Louis Rams saving them around $6million in cap space. A smart move, but one that puts Mikell up for grabs in an all ready crowded market. PFF actually rated Mikell 3rd in FA safeties behind Jairus Byrd (Franchised) and Kerry Rhodes (No Thank You). With a PFF of +15.3, after being one of the top five of FA's in snaps played (1049), Quintin Mikell scaled higher the PFF rating system than Dashon Goldson. Now the system is far from bulletproof, but that definitely says something. Mikell is getting up in years, and might command a contract beyond what we can afford, but don't underestimate the depth of this FA class.

Gerald Sensabaugh (FS), 30:

Sensabaugh played for Dallas, where he excelled in coverage. He was a curious cut for the Cowboys, so its worth looking into if they know something we don't. Sensabaugh is getting older, but could be a good mentor for Allen, Bush, and the potential 2013 rookie. Sensabaugh recorded a PFF rating of -4.3 in 8 games last season (minor injury), making it possible we could snag him for very cheap.

Michael Huff (FS), 30:

Huff, a cap casualty of the Raiders, is versatile enough to play Corner and Safety. A quality special teams contributer, he could be a nice pick up. I actually would take him over Sensabaugh, who has motor and consistency issues. Huff is a quality ball hawk that would benefit having a thumper complementing him at the SS position.

Corey Lynch, 28:

Lynch is a beast of a special teamer and a hard worker that has earned every minute of his playing time. And when called upon to start he has done pretty well, earning a +2.3 on the PFF scale. Lynch should be cheap and a quality pick up for anyone who snags him, I personally hope that we do: a 3 year, incentive laced deal sounds about right.

Idzik has been wise to not jump the gun on the Safety market. By waiting it out, he will be able to make a selection of quality players, at a much cheaper price then they would of commanded at the beginning of the offseason. Safety is arguably our biggest need at this point. We lost both starters, patchwork as they were. Look for Idzik to address in the coming weeks and in the draft. I feel confident about it, its a nice market that allows due diligence.

Can't wait to see who we bring in. Our new GM seems to know his stuff.

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